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Sandbridge Cemetery Trip on 2011-07-06

This submission is the first ghost investigation trip me & a group of my friends did the latter part of last year. We are still trying to get the group up & running, but we most definitely want to go on many more trips. Aug 20, 2010 - Sandbridge Cemetery (Unknown name) Time = roughly 1 am to 2 ...

Strange Kitty And Missing Item on 2010-12-06

Two minor events, but things are "picking" up in the trailer. I thought we had handled the previous spirits, but now I'm beginning to wonder - did we get rid of them? Are there new ones? Allow me to explain two recent events that have made me wonder what is going on in my place. Strange Kitty ...

Sending Toward The Light on 2010-03-09

This occurred last night, March 8th, 2010. If you have read my recent entries about my new trailer, you will understand the background on the place that I have so far. Recently, certain issues have been escalating, including, for a lack of better words, the house seeming to attack us. Yes, I do know...

3rd Place Haunted And Confirmed on 2010-02-09

It seems that either I am drawn to places with paranormal activity or perhaps they are drawn to me, either way it's happened again. I reported in my most recent story about a case of sleep paralysis that I have moved into a recently purchased trailer. Although I fully admit I suffered that episode o...

Sleep Paralysis on 2009-12-08

Last night (Nov 7th, 2009) I think I've had my first case of true sleep paralysis (night hag)... If I'm lucky. But before I go into this, let me state that I have recently moved into a new place (a trailer) in another city so I no longer have to deal with any of the paranormal stuff that had been go...

Minor Revelation Male Apt Ghost on 2009-07-07

Anyone who has read my other stories about the place I currently live at will understand where this chapter comes from. It's an interesting revelation about one of the ghosts that inhabits my current apartment building. For those who have no clue, I'm talking about a male entity, young (20-25 yrs) ...

New Apartment Adventures 2 on 2009-02-17

Just some minor updates on the Norfolk, Virginia apartment building. It has changed owners a lot since I've moved in - 3 times so far. Every time the landlord (s) re-works one of the apartments, small stuff goes haywire. The biggest thing to date is the "someone just came into the living room" feeli...

New Apartment Adventures on 2007-11-21

Now that I got the old apartment out of the way, it's time for the events in my current apartment. Just under 2 years ago, we moved from the old building to another old building less than a mile away (same zip code). My end of town is old as I somewhat explained before; the Oceanview section of Norf...

My Old Appartment Haunting on 2007-11-14

Let me start off by stating that I have lived in what could be considered haunted houses on and off my whole life (currently 31), including both of the apartments I moved into upon leaving my parent's home. I've seen as few things that I can't 100% explain, felt things, and even "know" things that I...

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Date: 2014-07-10
Another crazy cat lady here - most of the others have hit it spot on. Cats are cats - strange furry creatures who do the weirdest stuff for no other purpose than making their people guess. I have a Snowshoe and she can make sounds that will chill the blood of anyone, she runs through the house like her tail is on fire, but is terrified of the parakeets (and her shadow - jumped 3' in the air once). Jaspurr is "new" to you and your home. He's also an adult (or atleast older than kitten), he's just working out his new life. Do you know anything of his background?

The staring out the window, he can see much better than humans in near dark, he might see another cat, raccoon, etc or maybe he was an outdoor kitty and misses roaming free.

If you are seriously worried that he is acting off, take him to the vet for a check-up. Cats hide sickness, so that way you'd be sure.

And as too your upcoming wee-one, some cats are very preojective of babies. My little sister was a premmie - first day home, our cat Patches jumped right up in the crib and watched her all day. Several days later, we heard a horrible scream, thinking it was the baby. It was the cat, my sister had stopped breathing and the cat alerted us to it. Patches did this several times, including once while my sister was in her stroller. We quickly learned if we heard that sound, to check the baby. Sadly, when we moved 2 years later, we couldn't take her and gave her to a friend. She ran away 2 days after we left (out of state). We later wish we kept that cat - turns out my sister had seizures, which were causing her breathing to stop. Patches somehow knew it.

Good luck, hope Jaspurr and the new wee-one do fine.
Date: 2013-03-14
I back BadJuuJuu's thoughts on cats (they are weird freaky skittish animals) - mine will run through the house making this horrible noise only to jump on the bed and go to sleep.

One thing I noticed is you didn't state if they had been acting off BEFORE you had guests. Now that your guests have left, are they more "normal" or are they still acting off and avoiding certain rooms/locations?

They could have been spooked by something simple (like the dreaded bath tub) and won't return to that place. Also, another thing to take note - is it one animal that seems to start acting strange before the others or are you only seeing all of them acting off. Just something to keep an eye on.
Date: 2012-05-07
MizMiMi02: Is this perhaps a Silent Hill reference?

OMG, I nearly fell out of my chair when you said this!

But sorry, I don't have any other helpful suggestions other than: perhaps you might need to see a doctor, make sure there isn't something medicially wrong with you that could be causing sleep parallis (sp) or ultra lucid dreaming. If everything checks out, then you know it's paranormal in nature and can go from there.
*forgive my rant, but I feel this is important to me*


I have read both of your stories & a lot of your posts. As much as you preach, condemn, malign and speak your faith, IMO - you are full of it.

I am not a Christian, but I have studied it (born into a Mormon faimly) and never "put down" anyone else's faith, belief or religion. We all have our beliefs, our ideas of worship & spirituality and so far, but I see you as nothing more than a spitful, resentfull person that is trying to hold yourself at a "higher" level than those around you who do not perscribe to your version of faith & religion.

If you were really this "better" person, would should have more love, acceptance and understanding in your life/ways and should strive not to belittle those around you, but rather teach, guide and help them.

But as to this story, I don't see it's purpose here, other than another "example" of how you are trying to prove that you are better than those around you. Your comments are mean and you should take other people's views & beliefs into consideration before posting remarks that one would think you could construe as hurtful. Everyone is entitled to their opnions and beliefs, but on an open forum like this it is consider polite to think about others and how they may react to your "views".

And... This is MY OPNION only. You are free to ingore, complain and hate me for it.
I read your story and had to laugh, not at you, but the fact your story reminds me so much of how me & my best friend do the same thing to each other. My friend doesn't see them, but can sense them, I see & hear them. She's sometimes calls me up and ask me to think about a name and I start feeding her back info, 3/4'ers of time it matches what she knows about the person. But in relation to your tale, I know how one can feel - not feeding info to the other to test if this is really happening or are you both just feeding off each other. Trying to figure out what and why, is this real or am I nuts? It's a pity it took you so long to figure out what was happening and didn't really have anybody to talk about these happenings with. But I'm glad you have someone to talk with who can share your experiences. Good luck with things in the future.
Date: 2011-12-19
Did anybody else catch that her son was picking things up before the most recent events, he was talking to something in ANOTHER house before they moved into the current place where the scary stuff is occuring. I really wonder if this isn't the same entity all along, now angred because of the move and later the attempt to make it leave.
CMAD Mama, I do hope you have come back and read people's replies to your issue. Rook's cleasning may help until your priest (holy man) comes to do the blessing. BUT... Please take care and keep in mind, whatever this is seems to be power and with no good intenions. Any cleasning & or blessing may only be temp and it may return, either slowly or like a huricane. I hope you and your family stay safe and get rid yourselve of this thing soon.
Date: 2011-11-18
For once Moongrim, I'm in full agressment with you.

There is no dabbling in the occult. There is being a fool and playing with things you don't understand, out of stupidity or ingorance, then there is dealing with it in the correct, causious and respectfull manner that can help you, protect you and so on.

Glad your "demon" didn't follow you, although instead of a real demon, it may have been something else that took it as it's goal to educate you into stop asking for things you can't and/or shouldn't have been messing with.
Date: 2011-11-17
The items you found do not sound Chinese in nature, more western as others stated. Even though you saw the Chinese woman, who says the previous owner was the one to put the items you found there? If that owner only lived there for 6 years, but the house is 80 years old, who knows who may have put those items there. Plus, if they were there, maybe someone else in the house's past put them there, but since the last long term resident was of Chinese descent, maybe he came across something and tried to do his best at "holding it at bay". The woman could be related to him directly, without knowing what she said, you can't tell that maybe instead of cursing or swearing, maybe she was trying to warn you of something. I would highly suggest NOT burning said items, seperating them may "break" the charm's magic but depending on who & how old, it may not. You need to loook more into the history of the house, the past owners and maybe even the land. Something else is going on. Good luck and take care.
Date: 2011-11-08
I love your writing, plain and simple. The flowing eb of thought is excellant. I truely understand and find your explainations of OCD to be both facnating and enlightening; the points of do paranormal events occur to the mentally touched more make sense on many levels. Its so much easier to ingore the ranting of someone, claiming to see shaows and the walls talking to accept that someone beyond the normal is capable of occuring to people who want nothing more than to fit in than stand out.
I didn't find your flow difficult to understand, even the replies of your to others ponderances, although they sometimes take wondering trips, get to the points they seek to make. I hope you'll stay on and continue with your tales, perhaps someday through reflection on thoughts writen or musings of other might lend knowledge of what you are seeking.
Date: 2011-11-02
Very creepy, sorry you end up in there by yourself at times. Hopefully it stays netural in it's intentions. But I bet it's related to what is in the room: evidence of crimes. It's probably something/someone tied to one of the cases or maybe even a spirit of a cop, checking up on things. Maybe start to keep a record of when and what you start seeing/noticing, if nothing else to document what is happening or maybe help isolate something that may help you figure out what is going on. Hopefully things stay calm for you.
Date: 2011-10-24
The one thing I will add to this is that if you did invoke/evoke or even take place/observe such a ritual with another (IE: you didn't do it, but where there) it is not uncommon to experience strange events for a small amount of time afterwards. My husband has in the past, evoked the "assistance" of Goetic enties before. In one such event, I did not partake in the ritual, but was merely an observer and enegry bank for him to draw from. After all was said and done, he expeirenced nothing, but for a week I noticed odd occurances (shadows, footsteps, a voice) and then it stopped. At this time, if I was in one of my normal abodes (IE: old haunted apts) I would have just attributed it to those, but for this week we were out of town and staying at family. The location had never before shown activity and after that week, never again. If you continue to have odd occurances, I suggest you proform a bandishment & cleasing. Hope things settle down for you shortly.
Ok, just a few questions. During all this time when you where experiencing stuff, did you ever tell your parents or some other adult? If you did, what if anything did they say or do. Part of me wants to say that this could be your imagination running wild (trust me, the mind can do some pretty werid things), part of me wonders how much of this could be some type of pyschic connection and perhaps your method of dealing with everything. Since some of this started before you hung around Jess & Mel, not everything can be a influnace from them, but I wonder with they add to it.
It is possible you are more open to spirits and other enties as such, there is a lot of good information out there that can help you either build on what you already have, or if you wish it to stop, help offer assistance to block off these spirits/events. You have to stop and ask yourself what do you want to do? Is this something you want to deal with for your life or not, does it scare you, would it scare you if it gets worse.
I'm sorry I can't offer any direct information to help, just offer ideas and suggestions about what your course of action could take you. Good luck.
Date: 2011-09-23
I'm sorry for your loss. It was probably as several of the others expressed; her spirit wanting to come and say her last good bye to her friend. She was probably worried that she never did get to see you, and because of her worry of her appearance, which is why you saw her as she hoped you would remember her. I would take it as good sign that your friend cared and loved you.
Date: 2011-08-17
Wonderful story. It would be nice to know the true history of the tree, the girl and the farms. I wonder just how they all were tied together. Hopefully changing things will help prevent more accidents.
Date: 2011-07-28
Before jumping straight to paranormal, try to isolate things first. Creaks and bangs can be normal of an older (or not that old but poorly constructed) house. Heating ducts or pipes, water pipes, animals in the wall or the house itself shifting with the change in temp from day to night.
Voices and whispering could be appliances - my fridge sounds like someone is whispering when the compressor kicks on and it can be heard in almost the whole place. If the walls are thin (typical of older homes) maybe you are picking up outside sounds or people.
Doors opening or chimes slightly moving with no wind can be caused by warped wood door frames or flooring. I've watched a door open itself when you stepped on the wooden plank flooring in just the right spot, or doors closing if the wind outside is blowing as houses can get leaks or get "pressurized" making things move with nearly undectible air currents.
Even "creapy" feelings can be contrubuted to high EMF fields or (no joke) an aboundance of mold in the walls. If the house is older, the wiring or power panels can be subpar and "leak".
Shadows could be light effects or possible side effects of high EMF fields as well. In a basement, which is typically dark and cluttered, your shadow or shadows of items around you can look like they are moving, exspecially if you are "on alert".

I'm not discrediting anything you've felt or experienced, sometimes creapy things have logical reasons, sometimes not. Check around and see if you can figure out anything, if not or if things excellate, then you probably do have something paranormal occuring.
Good luck and take care, keep everybody up to date on anything you find out.
The event itself seems scary or atleast alittle disturbing, but did anything else occur afterwards that lead you to believe it was an Incubus?
It could have been several things, including a dream, sleep parallais, or worse... Someone invaded your home.
Date: 2011-07-28
Best I can offer is to try and figure out why you are afraid of them. Did one scare you badly as a young child? Ask yourself why are you afraid of them? Don't settle for a vauge answer like because or they are scary, try to think what about them is causing this fear to override your desire to help them, when that is what you claim they want from you. Try to pin-point why you feel driven to help that which you are afraid.
Plus, if you have a "ghost" friend or even living friends who have experienced this, why not ask them for help confronting them? Strength can come from numbers, perhaps if you deal with them with help, your fears will be soothed and you can now offer them the help you want to.
Take care and good luck. Remember, you are only as afraid of them as you let yourself be.
I do find it so strange that your father basically brushed it off as such, as he is a practioner and should know how minor things can escalate into big problems fast. Without 100% knowing what he or his "followers" did to attempt to bind it, I would suggest Rook's technique as soon as you feel comfortable.
Also... When you moved, did you take anything from the garage or anything anyone had on them with you when you moved? Even if your father's binding worked, it could have connected with something that it knew you would take when you left, effectively escaping the binding. Something strange is going on, what worries me if the response of others (your dad, the priest who refuses to bless the place) to what you may have summoned. I keep thinking why, why wouldn't they help someone, even if you were dabbling as a kid, why are they brushing it off? I'm sorry, this isn't a reflection on your tale, rather an observation on my behalf.
Please be careful and good luck.
Date: 2011-07-27
I'm glad you took the time to write everything out, it paints a good picture of everything you've dealt with, which I must say is alot. I applad you on your strength and focus, many who would have gone through the same may not have had the strength of character to handle everything.
As zzsgran, rook and bacch all pointed out, this thing is drawn to the emotions you "locked away" and haven't dealt with. It is a grand goal to make yourself be the strong one to help others, but one must remember that in order to do such, one must take care of themselves as well. An arch is as only as strong as it's keystone. I think if you address those "discarded" emotions, it will weaken futher. Plus it may also give you peace over that point in your life.
I can understand both wanting to know more about this "shadow" as well as wanting it gone. Humans are creatures of habit, it's been with you a long time and you've had to learn to deal with it's effects. Although it may have come from negative misfortune, it looks like out of necessaity, it has helped you become a better person. I do hope you continue to fight against this "shadow", even if you choose to study or attempt contact, knowledge of it may help dispell/run it off for good/keep it in check.
Good luck and strong wishes.
Date: 2011-07-22
Super detailed realistic dreams, oh the fun. I wish I had some answers, but the best I want to ask is... Your not playing an "horror" video games or watching strange movies, like J-Horror are you? Reason: in both of your dreams I reconize items from various video games and movies. I'm a advid fan of games like Silent Hill & movies like Ringu. When I really get into a good one, I'll have ultra realistic dreams in the same "style" as the game/movie. But this doesn't always explain them as I've had dreams like your as long as I can remember: very realistic and creapy/freaky as heck.
What a few of the others mentioned about certain mediciations is correct: when I took seraguil, that gave me true nightmares unlike I had had since my young childhood.
Hope you can learn something about your dreams, maybe your subconscience (sp) is trying to teach you something, but you have yet to learn it's methods. Good luck and hopefully pleasant dreams.