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Am I Cursed? Blessed? on 2013-01-14

For a while I've been having strange things happen, but I didn't pay attention to them I don't know exactly why but about 18 months ago I began to believe something was bad was happening. I moved with my mother to an apt. Things were fine but on the 3rd day there was a strong smell of paint thinn...

Young Boy In The Closet on 2010-08-24

When I was 7 years old I lived in central part of Chile, just my mom and my sisters. I'm the middle child. My mother would go to work at 7 am; my sisters would leave the house around 8 o'clock... I would get up to watch TV in my mom's room, her room had large windows, French style, and the room was ...

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Date: 2013-01-21
I have thought of maybe I'm getting to into it and because of the different things I've been told that I'm more confuse than before. I never wanted the bird to die. It's easy to say that I'm paranoid but if you were told what I've been told and seen what I seen you would too be paranoid. If I went to the wrong people at the time I didn't know.

Some people have told me I can make my own protection. How? I would never expose myself to danger. That's the kind of protection I know of. From books I have read I've tried the few things I think I understand, but I don't know what is it that I'm skipping. The astral travel I didn't know about until I became a member of this site and found that I was suffering from sleep paralysis. In the beginning I thought that's how people died in their sleep and I couldn't understand why my doctor would tell me everything is alright when I felt as if I was going to die and no one would hear me call for help. I have not used any protection when I'm out. I want to help myself but I don't know how.

I'm still left without answers. If I astral travel can I bring something back with me? Or if you go to "haunted place" or cementary bring something back with you? Some of the things I was asked to do I did them without thinking I had to do other things to prepare. If any of the are possible then what do I should I do?
Date: 2013-01-21
lady-glow that is really disrespectful, in my story I've never mentioned all of it happened within a month. They are experiences that happened and when I had the first reading I was asked if I noticed strange occurences and these were the ones. It's been almost 2 years since I've been searching for help. The psychics I've seen have not been able to remove the shadow. What I meant to say it's hard to find psychics that perform cleansings is because all I find is tarot readings, hand reading, and more readings.

My story was a summary of things that have really happen. It might sound to you that is fake. I always ignored whatever I couldn't find an answer to. If something is really following me I want to get rid of it. I only posted the story to find someone who can help me out. If all of this would have happen to you and you still live your life like it's nothing, it happens to everybody kind of thinking. Then one day something catches your attention and you decide to meet with a psychic to see what he or she has to say. Well that's what I did.

Maybe the title of the story was not the most appropriate but I chose the title because of the light they talk about that I don't know. I always regret not having recorded the first pigeons from the balcony. I know most people can't believe it. I read the story again and if I was a reader I too would of had a hard time believing it. But I would have read and before making an ignorant comment I would look for signs of if the author is just telling a story or searching for help. I'm not looking for believers if that's what you thought I meant, I want help with this, suggestions of what I can do.

So from everything I've been told about it I understand I have to get rid of this. At this point I don't care much where it came from or why I just need to get rid of it. I posted this story a couple of months ago to find at least someone who can help me out. It was posted last week, maybe cause of the pictures I don't know why it took so long. Since then everyday I login to see if someone has suggested "do this, do that, search for these people near you area" or ask me for more information that might be of importance that I don't know about, and I find a disappointing comment that can potentially make a helpul reader bypass my story.

I've been a member of this site for a while, and if I didn't post my story before is because "someone" was helping me but didn't know much about it other then she felt angry. I thought I could find help here that's why I posted my story.
Date: 2013-01-19
I forgot to mention my sister's alcohol level was. 07 and the accident has changed her life for the worse. Out of everything I've been told I know it's a dark entity. Exactly how this spirit got attached to me I don't know the psychics readings have different conclusions, the only thing that matches is that it won't leave me alone, it's a dark entity and that I have to get rid of it asap, that it will be hard to get rid of, but not impossible.

Last week my boyfriend saw something walk infront of my door in my bedroom and asked me if someone had come in and I was like 'no'. I knew what he was talking about because I leave the light on in the livingroom because I can see the shadow too. So he said it could have been the light reflecting from the tv. But kept staring at the area where he saw and said how weird because it did not happen again when it should of since we were watching tv and light was constantly reflecting plus there was nowhere to exit where the shadow was heading.

I have not told him anything about the shadow. The only thing he knows is that I'm interested in dream knowledge and spiritual and psychic protection because he has seen books that I have. He believes in waking up, work, and have a human life and doubts paranormal activity. That's why I have not told him about it. But he saw the shadow too and I can't tell him!

The dreams I believe they had a message, I'm not sure what they meant, but I was not able to get an answer from any of the people. Where I live its hard to find people that perform cleansings. I'm still searching but there are days that I just feel like I'm screwed, I don't know how I can help myself, or who can help me. It's always something after another.

I will try to record the livingroom and post it as soon as I get something. I sleep with the tv on to camuflauge the noises so hopefully I can get more evidence. This experience is a summary of what's been happening to me. I just read my story again and it could be made into a book lol. So many things that I ignored thinking that it would be ignorace to believe it could be paranormal. I made the story 'short' pointing out what made me believe something was wrong and why I'm confused.

Thanks koalagirl, I will try that. I do pray to god like a personal prayer asking for protection, but I don't know any prayers from the bible. Thank you for sharing that with me.
It sounds like SP. This happens when the physical body falls asleep and our mind is still awake. We breathe slower while we're sleeping and that could be the reason why you felt you couldn't breathe. It can be linked to a paranormal phenomena called Out of Body Experience. Everybody has this experience, but to remember is really hard. One of the ways we can remember an OOBE is if we exit through SP. 😊
The same thing happens to me too. If I feel that is not the average SP I leave the light on in my livingroom as well as the tv on to avoid the noises, plus I light up a holy trinity candle which provides a little more light in my room.

Usually SP comes with noises, creatures, ghostly figures, but I don't think it's part of SP if you can see the shadow during the day, there must be something there but I don't know what is it, why it chooses certain people, and what does it want. They like to hide in dark places to avoid people seeing it and don't like it when we talk about them cause they know we're aware of their presence and know we want to get rid of them. When I read this made me wonder about children being afraid of the dark like the closet or underneath the bed because there is a shadow figure is hiding there. This figure could be the same thing you and I see, the bad thing is that there is not much info about them 😨
I also suffer from SP. I have learned that it's a process to OBEE or astral projection. It is a scary experience if you don't know what's going on, some people wished they had it as often like us 'sufferes'. If I'm not scared I'll go ahead and give in to the paralysis to go and fly around:-)

If you're scared while it starts it could be your imagination. Though you were hearing things before going to bed... I don't know much about what is the shadow but I see it too. I blessed my home and my bedroom. Even though my bedroom is in my house I blessed it last and put all my thoughts, emotions, all my energy. The shadow cannot enter my room, though he kicks it everywhere else in my house from what I've noticed. You can bless your place too.

When I feel a numbing sensation and sometimes a wave of heat I go into SP. Those kind of SP scare me because The body sends out a signal that something strange is near. From what I read your signals were the noices. 2 days ago I came across what's called 'shadow people' and is the closest thing to what I'm experiencing.

I'm sorry I can't provide much info, but the 'shadow' is something to consider. From my experience it has not hurt me, but it scares me. If I find anything that can help you I will let you know. In the meantime do a blessing it won't go away but it will make it stop coming near you while you sleep, good luck 😊
I'm sorry that people misunderstood your story. You said in the beginning related, though I think you meant to say narrated then it makes perfect sense how the story was told as if your wife was telling the story. The word relatado in english is narrated, it's similar to related but they do not mean the same thing.

I have heard of people who have abilities like your wife Pamela, and from what I understood from your story was that the ghost became an angel, a spirit. Meaning that the spirit can go into the light, but a ghost cannot because it is stuck in our world. Though I don't think the rest of Pamela's family and friends saw what she saw, not like you said they did. They could of felt the energy like the sadness.

So all of that sounds like channeling where the ghost can communicate through the living. So when the ghost releases the living body during that time Pamela could have seen the transition, the light, and hug the 'lady', because after she saw all that then she came back into her body, right? Like the thing I can relate it to is astral projection, you can leave the body, talk to other astral bodies. If astral projection and channeling are possible then your wife story is legit.

That is how I understood your story when I read it, am I correct?

**In spanish cultures a ghost means that it's stuck in the living world and a spirit (sometimes called angel) is the one who goes to where it belongs heaven, etc.**
Date: 2011-01-12
It could be SP. Some people see things, and not nice things, hear the most horrifying noises, voices, pressure on their bodies, even pain. The SP I've experienced have not been so traumatic. When you stay still to find out what it is, then it'll get worse, and the fear cannot be described with words (I've been there). The most horrifying experience I had was when I felt the sheets move (from my bed) and as it got closer to my head, the ringing in my ears got extremely loud and couldn't move at all.

Your experience makes me wonder what could it be. Do you wake up several times at nigh, like your body knows it's going to go through this episode? I have never heard of SP waking people up as a warning that it's going to take over... I could be wrong, but I think it is something else, something serious. If it didn't wake you up I would say SP. Now since you wake up (like your body is warning you) I'm not so sure that it's SP. But if you wake up and feel the trance before you actually move, then it is SP, the rest are hallucinations. If you can't see what's causing you to feel that way, the brain automatically processes info on what could be there. Fear also causes hallucinations. This also can happen right before you fall asleep.

Try to remember the things you do before it happens, then you'll know if it could be an SP episode. Good luck and let us know how it goes! 😊
Suni some of us are ESL (english as a second language), some are from areas where they express themselves in different ways, use different terms which lead to the same point. Advises are welcome according to the situation like the problem being stated 'the ghost'... But correcting the way the author expresses him/herself are not welcome. This website is to tell your paranormal experiences, and comments like yours could make some authors shy of telling their stories. We all enjoy reading ghost stories and they are from all over the world, so common sense is that there will be mistakes or different expressions, now who's the ignorant?

I hope your IGNORANT comment doesn't have any impact on other authors, and keep posting stories regardless of how they express themselves.
I think it's sleep paralysis, I've been suffering from the same thing since I was 7 years old. It's been 17 years now and the only way I can avoid it is by sleeping on my stomach. There are few times I forget and when I feel it coming I focus on moving my fingers and toes, it may take a couple of seconds and an extreme effort but it goes away. After you have fallen asleep then you will be fine no matter in which position you wake up, the key is the position you fall asleep.

When you feel the sheets getting lighter, or the ringing in your ears loud like you've never heard before it's because you let it get too far. Praying will make you feel more comfortable, but it's not enough (in my opinion) you have to try to move like your lips or fingers cause if you try to move your arms, legs, or head it will be extremely difficult and the fear will get stronger. Don't give up moving your fingers, in some instances it will feel like you have moved your fingers, but if you're still in the trance keep trying it will eventually stop, but that it will go away I don't think so. Also check online about REM and SP, this will help you understand that it's not an evil entity. In my case it's still scary because of the feeling of not being in control of my own body. But I don't feel the fear of something evil anymore.

There are lots of people who have suffered SP sometime in their lives, but few suffer this on a daily basis, last time I slept on my back was 8 years ago, this is my way of avoiding it. I hope that helps you, good luck! 😊
I suffer from SP too since I was 7 years old, though back then they weren't as frequent as now but since I turned 16 (8 years ago) until now I go through these SP. I have noticed that if I fall asleep on my side or stomach I won't get it, if I fall asleep on my back I get it. To avoid it just try to move a finger, or any part of the body that requires light movement cause if you try to get up it's only going to freak you out.

If you google SP there are some very interesting things about SP. I've attempted twice to go with the flow of the SP during daytime and failed. I felt a ringing in my ear and my heart beat faster as I was trying to relax through the trance, but since it was daytime I was distracted by car alarms, kids playing outside etc. I wanted to experience an OBE or lucid dream but that was when I felt brave about it, now I'll just wait until I feel I'm ready again.

Do google Sleep Paralysis, astral projections, and OBE you'll find out your experiences match. Before I found this page (YGS) I thought it was a ghost, a demon, and now I feel I got the right answer, once you come across the REM in detail you'll begin to understand, good luck 😊
Date: 2010-12-20
I've been in that house too! It was the weirdest house, I went there 3 times, 1st time I couldn't walk inside, in fact I couldn't even look at the house cause I was so scared. The 2nd & 3rd time I did go inside but didn't experience anything paranormal.

When I was given directions on how to get to the house my friend told me the house would be on the left (the houses in that part of Herriman were hard to see cause there was no lights on the street, plus late at night most of the houses had their lights off). I didn't know where to find the house, then he told I would not be able to see his car cause it had a private driveway & was not visible from the street, then he said the house would 'glow' & that would be the round house. The glow is hard to explain, but the other houses around it was very hard to see unless they had the lights on, but this house didn't have any lights & yet I could see it clearly.

My friend who had been there an hr before me (who was giving me directions) said he heard voices and felt rocks being thrown inside the house, then he said he thought he saw 2 kids outside & a man wearing something white, he said he wasn't too sure about it because it was really dark, they checked outside to see if it was the neighbors trying to scare them, but there was nobody. Everybody said they heard children, I was with them but I couldn't hear anything, only my heart beat πŸ˜†.

The house is not there anymore, but out of all the scary places that I've been to that house was hard to look at, the design, the 3rd floor had a hole in the middle of the room, there was ropes which were said that the father used to hung himself and blood stain on the walls and floor, which could of been from the animals sacrificed, the rope could have been part of a ritual, some groups went up there to worship the devil, all the writings about death on the walls plus the dead birds inside made it more frightening to me.

Maybe I didn't hear anything cause I wasn't focusing on the ghosts, everybody else felt or heard something. I was more concerned about someone else going into the house while we were in there because I felt my heart not beating normal, like 2 beats way too fast then pause then it would beat normal for about 10 sec. & again. I was worried that a noise was going to be the end for me, I was that terrified. The other thing that I was worried about was the many evil writings, also that a cult could go in there to perform a sacrifice & to their benefit humans (us) to sacrifice 😨.

When I'm scared everything goes through my mind that's why I had all those crazy thoughts of what could happen. Though I want to know what Dan saw, sometimes its better to leave it as it is like it could bring worse things if he tells what he saw kind of like 'if you tell what you saw, something worse will happen' kind of a threat, but if it's okay to tell what happen keep us posted πŸ˜†. Take care
Date: 2010-11-30
Demonic or not it's still scary. We (human) fear the unknown, ghost, demons, even the sound of the wind! If we don't know what it is we feel threatened, that is our nature. Though if it scares you to the point of having to sleep over your dad's house maybe you should seek for help on how to remove the ghost.

As far as you have mentioned it does not sound to be evil, and you do understand that is not there to do harm. But the whole point is that you and your mother feel comfortable and not scared. In the U.K. I don't know much on who you can turn to for help. Though a person who practices pagan rituals I think would be best if you don't think the blessing worked. Good luck 😊
Maybe your grandma wanted just you in the house, and no one else. She wanted you to keep her house pretty too but as far as you mentioned it has been abandoned and does not look in good shape... As for your brother, you could ask him help you with the repairs, fix up the garden so at least you keep your grandma happy, you never know he might change his mind and become a believer...

You are one brave person! If I was in your shoes and my boyfriend was telling me that, I would most likely slap him and ran off! The story was great, don't worry if it's too long I think we all like long detailed stories, yours has a lot of details where I could picture everything, even the color of the built-in book shelves πŸ˜† and now I'm wondering what were the other things that happen in the house that you didn't mention😭

Great story!
Date: 2010-09-22
This story almost made me cry! Pets are the most loyal friends we have, and the fact that your cat cares about you so much to make sure to let you know she's fine, and has not forgotten about you, that's super cute! 😊
Date: 2010-09-22
Maybe a ghost from your old apartment is attached to you. I have read several stories were ghost have followed people to different locations. It seems like several ghost are following you, the witch, the shadow of a man plus the girl crying. Get experinced help, the priest should of hooked you up with another priest of higher knowledge or they will always follow you...

If I was you I would get help ASAP from a medium, native american or priest. You also said about the message that ended in a loud non-human scream. I have never encounter demons but from what I've read they don't sound human, can take different forms (like the 3 ghost could be just 1), and can follow a person, or it could just be ghosts. But have someone help you so that you know what's following you plus to get rid of the haunting so that you and your fiance live in peace😊
That's creepy! I've heard of people who feel unexplained pressure on their back and shoulder that it could be a ghost. Maybe the mom passed away as he was carrying her on his back to bury her 😨
Date: 2010-09-20
I don't know how can you sleep in the room with these dolls! They look scarier than horror movie dolls! Though I would keep them to use them as a anti-theft 'alarm' for my house! πŸ˜† The picture makes the story creepier! No matter how old the dolls are the fact that they understand each other is the scariest crap I've read so far 😨
Date: 2010-09-19
Sad! Poor girl... I've been waiting for this 2nd part of the story. It makes me mad how people moraly bring down women cause of pregnancy, life is the most important thing we have, and our parents are our greatest heroes and imagine feeling rejected by them. Her fear to confront her family about the situation plus the father of the baby not taking responsability have driven her to end her life...
This is such a sad story cause she must of felt so alone and humilliated. The father of the baby and her parents should stay in that room...
Date: 2010-09-09
Awhhh! What happen?! 😭 I want to know! Great story, too bad you didn't finish your studies there... That makes me wonder... What happen? 😨