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The Girl At The Door on 2010-09-21

I used to live in this apartment and it was an apartment I'll never forget. Many things that seemed paranormal happened there, so before I get started I'd like you all to keep an open mind... Here we go. First thing I ever heard about was from my mom (she's as much of a believer as me). I came ho...

The Little Boy Called Casper on 2010-08-25

Recently my mom has told me a story that frightened me. She said it was one of the scariest moments of her life but, I do not remember seeing this boy I hardly recall that day. I'd say I was about six or seven, my mom and I went to the beauty shop to get my bangs cut... Anything after that I don't r...

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wow, that's a really cool story. It probably wasn't cool to you guys but, very interesting. I didn't want to stop reading 😁 I am very glad that you guys have gotten rid of it and don't have problems anymore, because that stuff is honestly scary.

And I did look at your picture (again) very creepy, your lucky you actually caught something, that doesn't happen very often. I think your wife's father should get rid of that ring all together, it doesn't seem safe to have it around.

Take care,
Elvira ❤
Date: 2010-09-25
mementomori, nobody asked her what she wanted... Everyone was too afraid well... Me and my mom haha I guess he didn't see her anymore cause he never mentioned it again.

Zzsgranny, they were all probably just a week apart and he was about seven and we had been living there for about a year or so... Nope nobody ever asked them to leave... They did it on their own.

😊 ❤
Date: 2010-09-23
jadie, is it possible that a ghost can travel like that? I mean I know that they can be attached to certain people and follow them but can they just randomly move? I'm baffled.

Shuster 84, well I wasn't that scared... I was starting to get used to it because of everything else that was happening. I think the only thing that really scared me was that it came in my room... It had never done that before, and it never did it again.

DARKNESS, hmmm I never thought to ask my brother if he saw her again... My brother often slept with me when he got scared and who knows... Maybe she was the reason he was getting scared.

Sarah-sadist, I really hope it was a happy place wrather than a horrifying one.

And zzsgranny, I really liked your comment... And the whole inviting her in thing... Maybe that's what happened but if that were the case then, who did my mom see?

Thank you all for you time and open minds 😊

-Elvira ❤
Date: 2010-09-22
nope, nothing more has happened but we moved out of that apartment a long time ago and we live in a house now which has had experiences but I will share those another time 😊
Date: 2010-09-22
great story I must say. And your right not to worry about other people's opinions, it's really only yours that matters.

I believe you and I think she's just a little girl stuck in your room, if you ever see her again try communicating with her, see who she is, what happened to her... Then do research on her... You might find some interesting facts.

Take care
-Elvira ❤
your very lucky you know, having a spirit look after you... I'd say that's a blessing.

She obviously wanted you to have a chance of life... She never did, so she must have wanted something better for you... She is definitely your angel. My request is that you should pray for her along side of your mother (whether your religious or not) if you are truely greatfull to her for saving you, she'll be greatfull of your thanks.

On the other hand, great story I'd love to know more of your childhood experiences.
Much love

-Elvira ❤
And superHBK again, my apologies for the long wait.

And about your opinion... Wow. I never thought of it that way. She's never said anything about a ghost tormenting her and I hope she was just freightened but that is definitely something to think about.

And about the strong energies... I agree. Thank you so much for sharing that possibility with me.

Once again thank you and I will be posting more as soon as possible.

-Elvira ❤
goldengate and badjuujuu first, let me apologize for the long wait... My internet has been down for weeks.

And both of your opinions are very interesting and something to think about.
I'll have to really look into it

Thank you both 😁 ❤
wow, that story was almost too much to handle haha I don't know how your keeping up with all of this... And that you had sexual intercourse with a spirit is wow... And if it did concieve that baby then wow... This just blows my mind wayyy out of the park. I would like to know more about what your going through.

Also I have a question... So when you have the "first child" will you have the "second child" at the same time or after you give birth to the "first child" will you remain pregnant for a few more weeks? Haha talk about torture.

I do really like this story and appreciate you took the time to share:)