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Incubus Attacks on 2010-08-31

I have been attacked by what I believe to be an Incubus for about 8yrs now. These attacks happen in dreams or when I am in a semi conscious state. I say semi conscious because I am quite aware of what is happening and am able to control what is going on; although, I am not fully awake. As this has n...

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I have been having Incubus dreams on and off for the last several years or so. Mine always start off in the very attractive form of a man. He seduces me and we proceed to have sex. Usually half way into it I realize that this man is not normal and neither is the dream. When I realize what is happening the "man" turns evil looking, demonic. When I try to stop him he can become forceful. In the past when I have tried to fight him off he has tried to pin me to the bed, won't let me turn on lights in my dream and won't let me out of the dream. Forcing me to go into battle with him. I have said the Lords prayer many times and it will work it seems to decrease their power, just saying Jesus name will decrease their power. Although it won't drive them away completely, They always seem to come back. I have a Celtic Prayer Of Protection that is over 1000 years old, it was given to me by a Shaman. It has been quite effective and got rid of these attacks completely for a few months. I still have these attacks, but last night was the most recent. For some reason I didn't fight him off. I have a desire to know it and find out what it wants from me and what it's purpose is. I have been told they are Demons. Some say they are Fallen Angels. Don't talk to them they will drag you to Hell. Well I don't believe in Hell. I believe we are already there. What could be worse than some of the trials we have to endure on Earth. I believe they are some kind of entity. Not purely evil, I don't believe ANYTHING is purely evil. At least it didn't start out that way. If you want I can send you the Celtic Prayer, just message me if you want it. It worked for me, for a while anyway. I have my own reasons why these entities are likely drawn to me. Yeah, I do agree with some of the postings here, paying it attention WILL only increase the attacks and the Porn is likely not helping either as it seems to feed off sexual energy. I would say ignoring it completely would be your best bet and the prayers or telling it to leave in Jesus name doesn't hurt either.