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South Africa
i am a paranormal researcher and love all tipes of paranormal activities.
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Deceased Wife Visits on 2010-12-08

This story still hurts very much when I think of it but I thought seeing that I had a paranormal experience with this story I might as well share it with all of you. This happened about a month ago when my wife passed away (we were married for 2months). She died in a horrible car accident. What h...

The Thokolosh on 2010-10-26

What I am about to tell you happened in Kroonstad. Most of my experiences happened there. Before I continue with my story let me give you a short description of this creature. The thokolosh is a demon type of creature, it's very small (about the same size as a 9 year old) its body is very round, in ...

Little Boy In Backyard on 2010-10-19

Good Day... Me The story I am about to tell you happened in Welkom in the Free State. My Grandmother lives in Welkom in one of the oldest suburbs in the Free State. It's called Flamingo Park. Never have I thought that I would experience all those things that happened in my Granny's ho...

Kroonstad Hauntings on 2010-10-13

Good Day... The story I am about to tell you happened in one of South Africa's most haunted towns Kroonstad. The town is very popular for its antique buildings which dated back to 1855. During that time the Anglo Boer War was still going on. Now in this town you can experience a lot of hauntings, bu...

Haunted Flat 2 on 2010-10-11

Right if you read the first story you will know what I am talking about. After that night that the person stood at the foot end of my bed everything got worse. Cupboards would open violently; cups would fall on their own. It was as if that person did not want us there... (Sorry to say this but I am ...

Haunted Flat on 2010-10-05

Good day all, before I start my story let me give you a little back ground about myself. I am 23 years old and live in Polokwane South Africa. I am open to paranormal activities for a few things happened in my life that scared the hell out of me. I recently moved into a nice 2 bedroom flat with my f...

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Date: 2010-12-15
pjod, I did reply on that read my post its right before you posted your question about the dates just check it, its there I started the post with "trix"
Date: 2010-12-12
Trix, yes I got confused with the dates, I humbly apologize for the mix in my dates, we got married on the 6th of November, so to speak we wee married for a month. I am really sorry for mixing.
I got the last word na na na na na na 😁 People please do stop this now. Everyone please just agree to disagree
Date: 2010-12-10
I thank all of you who had been posting words of support, me and my daughter appreciate it very much. Trix to add on what you said about the animals on the roads, Bluesman I'm inviting you to come to polokwane and then drive the R37 road towards Burgersford then I want you to count how many donkeys, goats, sheep, cows toy see along side the road. I am not attacking you on this, but just to stress out how the road looks.

To all other posters. I saw her last night again but this time she was standing at the edge of my bed, it was quick then she was gone, this morning when I woke up for work I could smell her perfume all around me, even on her pillow (I took all the linen to the dry cleaning). I know she is there and its very comforting.

Date: 2010-12-10
O yes forgot to say this. Please do read my other stories and then you will see that the only stories that happened this year was haunted flat and haunted flat 2 the rest happened in the past. And I haven't posted them all in the same month yes some of them had been posted in the same month, if there is a problem regarding that then I suggest that the people who has a problem with it must sort out the other posters as well. Many of them had even 6 to 7 stories in one month, but its only me who gets the criticism.
Date: 2010-12-10
Posters... Please do read the story again before you make any remark. We are in the month of December and in the story I said it happened A MONTH AGO which would be November unless I'm mistaken. Further more I said that we were MARRIED FOR 2 MONTHS when she passed away.

Date: 2010-12-09
To all the Posters... Thank you all very much for your comments. Some of the comments that have been posted is irrelevant towards the subject and the others is very thought full. I want to thank each and every one of you for the efforts that you made by reading this story.

Thanks again

Date: 2010-12-08
vulcan... My deceased wife is the biological mother of our daughter. We had her before we got married she is now 2 years old
Date: 2010-12-08
Bilbil... What a beautiful story, it reminded me of my deceased wife. Its strange how the afterlife works. When you lost someone very close to you they always intend to come back just to say either goodbye or just to have a peek at you to see if you are okay. I am glad that you and your brother made peace and your father came back to say well done my boys.

My story will be posted shortly please do read it.

Date: 2010-11-11
Yes I am still staying there, and I must say that after the cleansing some strange occurrences happened but that is not a huge problem, I found out that the flat was build on a old cemetery so it doesn't matter how many times I'm going to clean it it still going to happen. But my wife (Got married this past weekend) is used to it, but yes I'm still planning to move as soon as an place gets open.

Date: 2010-11-10
Trix... I do not have much to say on this topic, I'm very curious to know what happened with that bicycle light... I don't care about he orb or any thing, I would like to know what happened to the rider of that bicycle. Hehehe.

BTW thanks for that prayer I used is Monday Night (08.11.2010) and it seems that it worked, there was an spirit that taunts me every night, so ja I used it, and we'll just have to see if it works.

Date: 2010-11-02
Nordic... I have told the story as I saw the lady, and the husband, the information then following the story came from my uncle and not me, he told me what happened.

Take care

Kathryngaines00... Good day... I am going to open and honest with you, cause this is what this side is all about is it not?

In my opinion you can rule out the fact that you were possessed. I am working with alcoholics every day of my life, and what you said is plain drunkness, you were not possessed.

When a person exceeds his body limit of alcohol the blood cells then tries to fight of the alcohol but when you continue drinking the blood cells stop fighting off.

Alcohol replaces the sugar in your blood stream therefor you will receive a blackout meaning you will not remember what you did. You become sometimes violent, aggressive, bad tempered. And you cannot recall anything that happened, I am sorry to say but your 17 why on earth do you drink? You are still so young?

In my opinion you deserved what came to you, using the paranormal as an excuse for your behavior is just plain bad. You have to think of all the other possibility's when encountering a black out when your drunk. Not only the paranormal.


Date: 2010-10-28
Good Morning... There is a lot of speculation on how the tokolosh looks like, but the one I saw was half goat half man. If you google legends of South Africa you will find our local ghost stories and the you will also read about the tokolosh.

The tokolosh is an evil spirit, its hard to say who and what wants to hurt me or my family but whom ever it is, they can try harder. Thanks for reading my story
Date: 2010-10-22
applerose... Thanks for your story, UFO's also scares me a lot. But I think the closest I will come to a flying saucer is when my wife throws one at me lol... I totally believe you. Watching all those programs on t.v about UFO sightings makes one very alert that we are not alone in this world
Date: 2010-10-22
Orthofro... Hi how are you? Just to give you my point of view... I totally believe you. The reason is that in South Africa we have various creatures, animals, for example the thokolosh... (its a short half man half goat kind of being, some people don't believe in it but it does exist.) then we have the ripper... (ripper is a dog who appears to someone who has practiced demonic things and then he can control the dog. So yes there is dog or animals that can return. Look out for my next story about the thokolosh...
Date: 2010-10-21
Hey all... Thanks for your comments, I have been in touch with my granny lately and she told me that they did some research and I know you won't believe me but they have found the corpse of a child under that orange tree about a month ago.

Ever since the boy didn't appear again. I have a very strong feeling that the boy wanted us to find his body, and they did. My granny and aunt (after the police was finished with the body) buried him in Welkom's cemetery. I think and hope that he found his rest.

Thank you all for reading my stories I still have a few great stories coming like the Mango Tree Man, The Thokolosh, (its a creature that scares the crap out our black population), The snake and the eye... Until then this is HBK signing off...

Date: 2010-10-20
Lovesoljah... I agree 100% with whitebuffalo. Every thing hr saod make sense to me and I would take his advise very seriously. However in My culture being a "BOER" we believe that dreams can be seen from a different perspective in other words, we believe if you dream about death, then someone will get married, and when you dream about a white wedding some in going to die. We always read our dreams in the opposite as what they appear. So don't see your dreams as negativity try to see the positive thing from that dream. What I suggest is (this worked for me) write down your dream on paper and then try to write down positive things of that dream what you think can happen. In other words your beating can mean that now you can become a much stronger person. Or that your faith is growing. There is a lot of positive things that can come from that bad dreams of yours.

Take care...

Date: 2010-10-20
Sorry People just to make a small correction, he was murdered by his mother and not his father... So sorry for the typing error.
Date: 2010-10-19
Applerose... Great story, I enjoyed it very much and the way that you described the house was cool.

Firstly sorry about your late husband... But have you ever thought about it as why he is still stuck in this world? Isn't there any way to find out?

Secondly, it puzzles me about the "guy" who was standing at the door asking you if you were home... Now that's plain creepy. Did he's father build that house? If not it could be some one from the past,

Any way thanks for sharing