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Strange Punches In My Chest on 2010-09-14

First of all I would like to say hi to you all considering that I am new to the site and this is my first story I post here (so bare with me if it turns out I am not a very experienced story teller). I can't say I had any paranormal experiences in the apartment in which I live besides two or thr...

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And I thank you for presenting this possibility to me whitebuffalo:P.
But thanks for the info and I will go have a physical just in case:P.
Hey whitebuffalo. Well my last physical was last year, the chest punch I feel like in the middle of my chest and I went to Austria for pleasure. I actually shared everything there is to share and I didn't know if it was paranormal or not so I tried to find some information here too maybe who knows. You are right about the similarities between what I got and the panic attack but don't know what to tell you according with the fact that when I felt this punches I wasn't afraid of something or worried about something at the intensity that it would make me afraid.
That would freak me out too Lanafairy81 lol but just out of curiosity: was it a window open?
Hey Lanafairy81. Well actually I've visited Vlad's Castle in Bran (the one you are talking about) and it wasn't scary at all (considering that the first time I was there at about 10 years old:D). And about the church bells they usually ring in the morning in here but it would be eerie especially in an old village at midnight:D.
Correction: I meant more like 300-350 meters (sorry about that)
Hey Lanafairy81 and thanks for your advice. I tottaly agree with you about the fact that when death is involved our imagination does seem to grow wild. If it really is a ghost it never actually did anything to harm me or my family (like I said in the story only weird thing besides the punch like sensation was the lights going on in my without me turning them on) so I will lay down the rules just in case and if that doesn't work I'll try the cleasning (btw I always felt safer from evil because in let's say a 200 meters radius from the building in which is my apt. There are 3 churches).
P.S. The pain is not actually phisical like and actual punch. It's more of a sensation of a punch followed by a small burst/explosion of emotions.
I'll try that who knows maybe it works. Thanks for the advice.