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The Haunted Pub on 2012-11-06

I haven't written a story in a while but I have a corker for you! This story goes back to when I was 18; I had my 18th birthday a few days before. Anyway, I used to be a painter and decorator and I used to work for my dad. I usually painted houses, private work but on the odd occasion, we would get ...

Someone Walking Into My Home on 2012-01-31

This story goes back to when I was 14 years old. I was going through a time in my life where I was being bullied. I am not sure if what I'm about to tell you is correct but, it seems to be very coincidental. I'll explain as the story unfolds. Throughout my life, I have had warnings. Okay, this wi...

A Demonic Figure? on 2012-01-31

This story goes back many years! I was probably 5 at the time and I am 25 now... 20 years ago, Eeeek! Anyway, this story is about me seeing something that looked like a dog standing up. The day was normal, from what I can remember. I had been into town with my father, buying some shopping, I thin...

The Ouija Board Experience on 2012-01-30

This is another story, my third in fact. This story goes back to October the 2nd, 2008. I am a support worker and our goal is to help the people I support. One of our goals was to get as many people we support to France. We decided to make up a sponsor form and get people to sign. The agreement for ...

Maybe A Succubus? on 2012-01-24

This is the second story I have written for this website. This story is about me when I was 14. I have had experiences in the past regarding the spiritual realm, never had anything so significant though. On a daily basis, my sister used to always bring my dog into bed with me (she doesn't like it wh...

The Woman Who Called My Name on 2012-01-16

This is the first story I've ever written on here so, I'm very rusty! Anyway, I'll crack on. Now, this is a story that happened to me when I was 11 or 12. The house that I live in is approximately 120 years old, so ghosts or spirits are about. I say this, only because of my experiences. I had fin...

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Date: 2016-02-01
Hey, I really like your story and I know exactly where you mean. I live in Birkenhead and I've had some spooky experiences. I have a few stories, check 'em out if you like. My spelling isn't great, as I posted my stories years ago. Anyway, I would love to hear some more of your eerie experiences.
Date: 2012-11-07
I noticed that too. If someone takes a photo of me, the red of my eyes can sometimes seem like my eye balls have turned demonic! Hehe! 😜 Oh, the cheese and onion sandwiches where the shizzle! Especially because the butter I used was so soft and buttery! Mmmmm then the cheese & onion mixed in...I'll tell you what, Gordon Ramsey hasn't got a chance! Haha! 😁
Date: 2012-11-07
Awww I'm glad you like the story. Unfortunately not, I haven't seen that photo for years. I think the last I seen that picture was 5 or 6 years ago. I'm from the Wirral, just outside Liverpool. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name the pub. Anyway, if you can get into the Wirral and want to see the pub, I will tell you where the pub is and what it's called. A very spooky pub though:P
Awww thank you Lakota73 I really appreciate that 😊 I think the best way to put up with a horrible situation is to laugh 😁 laughter is the best medicine 😊 I have another story to come. I'm just waiting for the posting part of the website to become available. Cheers Lokata xx
Date: 2012-10-25
[at] TheLurkingUnknown do me a favour and don't leave comments regarding my ability to tell a story. You've posted 19 comments and one story...,Erm, your opinion is irrelevant. Okay...BYE!
Thank you for informing me Javelina. See, I'm not that clued up when it comes to residual energy and intelligent energy. I believe I'm susceptible though, maybe not as susceptible as you. I was wondering if I could ask you a question. Now, this may sound bizarre but, I am genuinely curious. I have had something talk to me once, it's in one of my stories. Anyway, this woman asked me to help her and it obviously frightened me A LOT! I have had something else speak to me, well it was more of a noise than anything. The point I'm trying to get through is, can spirits or demons communicate with people via a telephone? A landline or cell phone? I'm only asking because I know someone who had a phone call on a different landline, then the same person rang again 3 months later on a different land line. Whatever this thing is, it's frightening my friend. Anyway, thank you for your comments before 😁 hopefully I'll speak to you again soon x
Date: 2012-02-03
Hmmm, you have a good point there Nysa 😁 if I'm honest, I think about it a lot. I even remember what toy I was playing with. I had an action man, what a dude he was! I guess at that time, I was just really aware of what was going on. It's funny though because, if someone asks me to do the dishes, I forget! Hmmmm, I've been told I've got selective memory! 😜
Date: 2012-02-02
I sure did JBarum 😁 and it was sooooo delicious! I've always been a fan of Tuna, especially Tuna sandwiches 😆
Thank you for your comments 😁 I am made up so many people can relate to me, regarding spirits and the bullies. Obviously I don't get bullied now, I am 25 but thank you for your concerns 😊
Oh, I'm sorry Venky, I didn't realise you are the Oracle! See, the stories I have posted are real. What's with the 5 stories and 12 posts thing? What does that have to do with anything? You can't say anything, you have 1 story and 25 posts! It's as simple as this Venky. If you believe that my stories are fake then don't read them. It does state when you post a story, if yourghoststories (website) find it childish or unbelievable, they will not post it. So like I said, please don't leave negative comments because no one really cares about what you think or have to say. Oh, by the way, your story is utterly ridiculous! Just so you know 😁 and I have humour in my stories because unlike you, I'm a positive person. Okay, bye bye Venky the Oracle. You take care now.
Date: 2012-02-01
Well, I've had things pulling on my arm, I've also felt something tap my head. I haven't had anything climb into my bed since though, well I hope not, my Mrs wouldn't be very happy! 😜 So yeah, it's pretty strange! Hmmmm, weird.
Date: 2012-02-01
Hey princesslotus! In all honesty, I can't remember. I was probably watching TV but I don't know what I was watching. Oh, I understand you asking questions, some things can be resolved with a simple explanation but, I really couldn't explain what happened or what it was. Really strange, we live in one dimension and they live in another 😐
Hey MissiB. I am glad you like my story 😁 I don't really understand why you find it hard to believe. I did state in the beginning of the story that the warnings maybe be a coincidence. Why didn't the movie make any sense? I thought I made myself clear when writing the story. I heard a voice, that night someone wanted to give me a pasting. Like I said in the beginning, I get a feeling or some sort of vibe and something happens, not always. Ah well, I have some more stories if you would like to read them 😁
Hey Cosmogal926. Thank you:) to be honest, I'm not sure. See, I have also heard a woman call my name too, that's another story I have here. I really wouldn't know if this demonic dog man thing is following me, I just hope not. I'm glad you like my story:)
Dear SDS,

Thank you for your concern, I really appreciate it. In all honesty, I would never in a million years ever touch the Ouija board. I personally believe that it's evil, in fact I know it is. See, when I used it back in 2008, a medium told me that the Ouija board was perfectly safe as long as you opened the board correctly, and closed it correctly. I was unaware that this medium didn't know his elbow from his backside! I think, he believed be was susceptible because of him using the Ouija board too. Now, I know that when I used the Ouija board, I become very susceptible, to a point where it really frightened me. I was quiet unlucky though, my Ouija board experience wasn't exactly friendly, whereas the medium, he believed that being susceptible via Ouija board was okay. I think eventually, he was stung, I think he had a bad experience. So yeah, I would run a thousand mile if someone come at me with a Ouija board. Thank you for your concern though 😁
Hey Stuss217 I'm glad you like my story 😊 I've just posted another story, it'll be available to read in a few days. See, personally I would never use a Ouija board again because of my Expeirence. I remember seeing red orbs, blue orbs, white orbs... All sorts of orbs really 😐 plus the voices and the shadows, eventually I had to be blessed. See, the way I see it, even though someone you love is talking to you via the Ouija board, you can't be 100% sure that he or she is really there. I believe that the Ouija bored is very dangerous. Sorry, I don't want to come across as a "know it all" but I would run a mile if someone had a Ouija board!
Of course I have. I am from a place called Birkenhead but I visit Liverpool quite often. There is a story about Bold St, something to do with a time slip or time travel. It's a very interesting story, I really liked it. If you google Liverpool Bold St time travel, it'll give you a link to the story. Buy a Tom Slemen book, they're good too 😊 all about Liverpool and the Wirral.
Thank you for your comments:) I've just posted another story about an Expeirence, hopefully you'll like it.
That is pretty freaky! I have had a few spiritual experiences but nothing has ever hurt me. My family are quite susceptible when it comes to the spiritual realm. About 2 years ago, a woman called Nancy blessed me, she was a medium and she told me that my spiritual side comes from my mothers part of the family.

My niece has an imaginary friend called Chloe. Apparently, Chloe has brown hair and wears a purple dress! My sister is petrified, she isn't worries so much, it's just what she doesn't understand, frightens her. My sister also mentioned to me that my niece woke up screaming. When my sister ran to my nieces room, my niece had said that she had seen an old man with a hunch back walking towards her bed.