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Life With Joyce My Incubus on 2010-09-20

To introduce the story I have to tell you some things about myself and where I am. Female, aged 16, location is irrelevant but I will not go into detail as I have been though a lot in the last 3 years. This is a true story, I know because I am still living it. A little personal background to start; ...

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OK so I don't look in on this place for a few days and a religious war begins which I really didn't want. Religion is a subject fit for other people. I have a strong belief and I don't want to buy into yours. OK?

Archangelaramis you said "Would you have sex with some sort of animal because it feels good and you "kind of like it"

No of course not that's disgusting. DO I CHOOSE TO HAVE SEX WITH JOYCE? NO I was given NO choice If you really want to know she raped me for over a year and I still haven't forgiven her for this. Do I fight against her every day, in some ways yes I do I still do. She is however part of my life and I have accepted that. She is a changed being as far as a lot of things go. She has shown for a long time now that she cares for me and protects me and yes loves me. She is the only voice I hear.

You also said "And to answer your question you posed in your story: Yes, my God would cause awful indescribable pain to a deaf girl who said her prayers every night. Maybe not for being gay but whatever. Believe it or not worse things have happened to people that are even worse off than you. If you have a question as mocking as that then I guess you never had the faith in the first place.

OK this I suppose is the reason why I deny your god. I deny it's existence with all of my belief. If your god would do this it is not a beneficial god with any morals or right to exist and in many ways would be described as an evil creature if it existed. To question what faith I had before all of this? What creature would do this? Certainly Jesus or the person I believed in would never have questioned my belief, he would have wanted to help comfort and support not condemn. I have to assume you are not christian?

Oh and one more thing Matt 7:2-5 "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye. You hypocrite!" If you are christian your own bible tells you to back off. GET IT?

"A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions." (Proverbs 18:2) please stop airing these views...

Anyone else want to trade further nonesense from the bible? Because I'm sorry but I don't believe in your god, repeatedly belittling me and what I have the right to believe in is just showing yourselves up to be foolish. Condemning me for what I HAD NO CHOICE OVER would be just as right as condemning jewish people for being jewish and killing them like the Nazi's did during the second world war. If I had a choice id rather be dead than have to have lived through it.

Archangelaramis, until you have lived through what I have until you have walked a mile in my shoes don't condemn me, you say I have a choice? You have no idea and I hope you never will.
biblefreeme, mmm sorry but no I don't think so. I have voices in my head, my other trains of thought that I think with. I understand about multiple personality syndrome and I know I don't have the symptoms. Actually my psychiatrist says I have bipolar personality with depressive tendencies and delusional behaviour. Since Joyce stopped doing the hateful repetition of when I was raped I have been stronger, less prone to any manic or depressive extremes and I'm not experiencing any delusional episodes, according to her notes I tend to read upside down:P Thing is, do internal personalities warn you about something you cannot see and if you could hear you would hear it? I'm deaf I cannot hear anything and yet on 3 seperate times joyce has warned me by making a sound in my mind or by saying "watch out" in my mind. All 3 times I looked around in time to avoid being hurt. Perhaps it is just instinct or I felt the vibrations from the car but how far fetched do you have to go to disprove this. Belief is a personal thing. If I chose to recognise joyce as an entity because she proves to me she is real how can that be wrong? Note I do not believe in the christian god nor do I believe in the juwish/christian satan therefor I do not believe in demons. What is good is good what is evil is obvious.

IGoRawrX3 I kind of do understand, I do believe and I think that you have been strong to share this. Joyce is part of my life like my girlfriend is part of my life also. I could not imagine being without either of them:)
Date: 2010-10-27
Heya, umm not sure if I should comment on someone's story but here goes.
Ok I assume what you say is true, it sounds very familiar to me and my own story is on this, comment if you want:) id love to hear it. Your story is a lot more positive than mine, its turned out well but she still scares the sh*ts out of me sometimes. Maybe we can share experiences, I dunno. I don't want to give out my addy here too many creeps.
The last guy creeped me out and a few others.
Thing is, if you are experiencing this then it sounds very real and very scary but also so exciting. Move slowly and be careful. My spirit attached itself to me at your age and it made me well crazy for over a year. Neways hope your okies.
One thing, Succubussed didn't say but he runs a forum but I looked in the bit I could see and it doesn't look scary but a place to share anonymously. I'm still debating whether to join but it looks safeish.
Hope things work for you
Ty Succubussed and Pjod I was unsure of the reaction I would get. Hearing people are easier to judge when you can read their body as well as their mouth.

Joyce, I have never seen joyce. As a dream, reality I dunnu but as it was it was the man that did it to me that I always saw. I relived the asault with him.

With Joyce I never have seen her. She is invisible. I feel her. I dunnu if she is in my dreams, I dream a lot of my girlfriend:) and other women but no one that I could say was her. I 'hear' her in my mind. She sometimes sings to me nad has made crackling banging noises in my head to warn or to alert or something. Sometimes I just think she does it to remind me she is there as if I couldn't feel her. She is bossy and she thinks she is my mistress but actually she is usualy just my friend. She tries.

As I said in my story she 'created' herself whle we talked after the 14days, it was june I think a year ago. She says it was actually july but I think june because I'm sure it was before my girlfriend's birthday. Please understand I don't remember so many things I did to people and times before joyce created herself probably because of the pils I had to take. Since she stopped I remember most of it. I have an eidetic memory for visual stuff so I tend to be right.

Sometimes I think joyce is like a spider, she has too many hands for a human. I dunnu what more I can say about her she is just here, she says she loves me far too much to be real. I still swear at her so much for what she does but we get along. I don't talk to my girlfriend about her anymore and that's pretty much the only way we roll along. I don't hide things I just don't tell because it causes arguments. I think sometimes she forgets Joyce is around. I just don't realy have anyone to talk to about her.

Succubussed, sorry I am not sure I can go into your site, joyce is unsure and she doesn't trust it. Just as I didn't trust this place. Maybe we will compromise.

Hey sorry I read your post wrong, sorry. Umm I will wait for your question. I am being too reactive to things sorry.
rookdygin - How could I what?

If you mean how could I post this story for all to read? Joyce wanted me to. I trust her. I have had her in my life talking to me long enough 2 know when I can believe what she says and what she lies about. I trust she will keep me safe. She has demonstrated 2 me how she will keep me safe.


Ok there is no way in a million lifetimes I would contact you in anyway whatsoever even if my life depended on it. If you knew me you would never have said what you said. I DO NOT ENJOY SEX IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. I tolerate it I tolerate Joyce doing it because I feel I am more in control than she is but she initiates every time. If you knew the months of trial and error we went through to get to the point where I can tolerate and not throw up after

I am trying not to SWEAR.

Radisha you said"I do not think it is right for you to be in two relationships at the same time." I think TOUGH is an apt word. I did not choose to be with Joyce, I cannot stop her if she wants to do what she desires. I can only negotiate control. I love my girlfriend. She is my life. I love her more than anything else in the world and without her I am nothing. I have known her since I was born, I have grown up with her at my side she signs and she understands me she is hearing but I don't hold that against her. Is this wrong that I chose to be with one human?
Ok, I have a psychiatrist and a counsellor. I have told them nothing about Joyce as they think I'm crazy enough. 2 b honest I have still a lot of probs and I sorta hate all men. Maybe scared of is more apt.
Look I'm not sure y I posted it anyways. Joyce said 2 so I did it. I am the happiest iv been since I was 5. I dunnu if I want 2 post much on this but I want 2 say, its not about god, Religion is just for other people, Joyce says there are no gods only powerful spirits who tell truths or lies about what they want us 2 believe. I just want people 2 C no matter how bad things do get beter, do fade. When evrything is bleakest there will be a dawn and a sunrise and another day and things change.