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Extreme Incubus Encounter on 2010-09-27

This happened about 2 months ago at my sister-in-laws new house in Florida. I'd gone to visit her after learning that her and my brother were getting a divorce. My brother was on the other side of the world at the time and I had always been very close to her. When I first arrived at the house I felt...

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At least by touching the gate you gave the guy something to do:) must get boring standing there for a 100 years:P Great story though, I've always held a fascinastion for graveyards and cemeteries, the headstones and epitaphs of the really old graves are spectacular.
Thanks guys for the comments.
I could tell my sister-in-law what 'really happened' but I didn't feel comfortable telling the Doctor. I was completely sure he wouldn't believe me and if I had told him I'm sure he would have contacted psychiatric people or something:P
I feel bad about lying but I told him I was raped, pretty savagely... Which IS what happened I guess...
But yeah, I had the equivalent of a what happens when you get an Episiotomy, so they treated it as they would have one of those.
Ive fully recovered now, but I'm still a bit traumatised. Today I talked with a local Catholic priest and at first he was very shocked (who wouldn't be) but he said he was more than happy to bless the house and help us get rid of it. So I'm planning a date with him.