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Fire Spirit In Fire Pit on 2016-12-05

I was invited to my Wife's cousin Pat cottage located in on a small island in Honey Harbor, ON. The small island has two cottages, the other one belonged to Pat's father Bill. It was a week's vacation there in the last weekend of August 2012. It was beautifully hot, and humid. You can jog around the...

The Haunted Guelph Town House on 2015-05-05

It was July 1, 2012. My family and I were looking for a townhouse to rent. I found one and surprisingly it was really cheap. We started to move in on this date. It was a three bedroom townhouse, two bathrooms, a small lobby, a good sized kitchen, and a dinette, living room, and a 2nd floor balcony t...

Haunting At Guildwood Inn on 2015-04-02

This is my Ghost Story; It was on the cusp of the new millennium, while I and my girlfriend decided to stay the night together in a hotel. To celebrate our 1 year anniversary and New Years, it was hard to find a good romantic hotel that was not full or had a waiting list. I wanted one in the City...

Haunted Escalator In Central on 2010-09-28

I was fortunate enough to go visit Hong Kong twice in a row. My first time being with my family in 1994, and then by myself in 1995. My story happened in July 1995 after going out with some friends, and was on the way back to my uncle's flat. I am not too familiar with Hong Kong, so please forgiv...

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Date: 2017-03-05
Thank you for your comments. To be honest, we did not throw any marsh mellows in to the fire, to my knowledge as the fire just got started, and it took a while to get to that point. Making me believe no accelerates or gas used on the wooden logs. I do however remember showing off on how to start a fire in the pit with one match and dry shrubs though. As I was a boyscout in my youth. We started the fire early but as I mentioned in the story it took time for the fire to get good enough to roast marsh mellows.

I hope that info is helpful. The firewood I recalled was dry, as they kept that way as they used their cottage year round. We never threw garbage in the fire,

I think its Pats decision, as they do have garbage and recycling bins which picked up by a service. Its a strange though, you have to hang a flag or hoist it with a garbage symbol and they will come get it, if you do that, you have no garbage service. This was how it was explained to me, but never saw it happen.

I see the visitation as a blessing, as a year after, my wife was able to finally get a job she liked, and I am in a position, I am happy in. My son is blessed with the skills of scootering, and my daughter graduated from University and has a job before graduating.

As I see this as a blessing, it has opened my eyes and heart more, to be more giving of those in need if I can help. By either monetary, material, or simple spiritual assistance.
To readers since I have moved back to Markham, nothing has happened since. I am thankful for this as I believed I am blessed.
For those who have read the story. I was not able to contact Jake to confirm if he has attempted to bless or cleansed this place.
I don't think he has had the housed cleansed or blessed. I will ask.
Hi Meiji, this story of the escalator has been posted to another site, but edited to protect the information. However if I can remember since it has be about 22 years ago. I think the street was called Robinson Rd, or a street near it. My uncle still lives on Conduit Rd.
I can only remember enter the escalators at Central, near Ice House street. The cafe was never then I returned, but all I found was a driveway entrance to another building. And on the corner of the entrance was one of those ancestral worship memorial of some kind.
I asked my uncle if there was a restaurant or some kind of cafe there. As he has lived at his apartment since it was built.
I was informed none as if he could recall.
However when I told my parents about it that many years ago, both my uncle and my mom, confirmed it could be a angel protecting me in someway. As they both informed me that I was blessed as a god child of chinese deity by my late grandmother. Sorry I don't know which one.
Thank you Hecate0, life is always a lesson. Lesson learned and schooled.
Hi Miracles51031 and Hecate0, thanks for the info.
If I only knew, or they should it add it in the submitting guidelines. Where if you have previously posted a story before in other web sites, we should inform the readers. Moving forward any other personal experiences that I do share here, that already has a posting on a different site, I will inform and provide a link.

It is not my intention to misinform just following the guidelines that have been laid down.
Sorry BadJuuJuu, that last post was not directed for you, in general it is not but to others. I just feel frustrated when you decide to post a real life experience, and then it gets nit picked for the authenticity of it? Where I decided to tell the truth up to a certain point meaning protecting peoples identity. Is that wrong?
Telling the story with the Truth to the certain point, as I have followed the guidelines, as I omitted the real names, genders. So how is this breaking the rules? In addition I have no time for haters, or trollers. I have work to do, and a life to live, sorry. If I decided to change the name of people to protect their identity, or change the sexual orientation of them. But I know this, is that I have followed the rules of the land before I submitted my story. If you have problems with that. Then why are you here?!
Here is the Big Answer you have all been waiting for.

It is my story, I have posted to several sites when I was younger, before I have posted it here. I have made some changes to it, some additions and subtractions to try to make flow. But in the end it is true personal experience.

About the Guild Inn, I have lived in the area and went to school (Sir Wilfred Laurier high school. You will find my History Teacher picture there named Mr. Reid as a former staff. In the area, and it is a Hotel at that time, you would have to dig to find. Its not located on tourist trips, or hotel strips. I can assure you what I have written is true to a certain point. The Hotel Block that I had stayed in is demolished, the main building that served as the main entrance is in shambles, and needs shoring up.

The site must of copied my entry that I made to the Pararesearchers, and also to a facebook group as well.
Hi elnoraemily;

No offense taken ever.

To the fact, I did try to adjust the thermostat all it did was give a hissing sound, and the temperature remained the same on the indicator. We were able to see our breaths in the room, but not the washroom. It seems that washroom was room temperature according to the thermostat. But there was only one thermostat I can recall.

It could be because it was old building, but we were staying in the modern area. The Hotel Block that was attached to the original Inn in 1965. But we were on the 3rd floor.

-She screamed at what I saw when I woke her up, Yes she was sleeping through the screams. She is deep sleeper, unless you shook her hard.

She the ghost/spirit or whatever it was, had long hair.

-We were on the 3rd floor.
Sceptic-Ari, I can understand it sounds like a Hollywood script. At present I am trying to find the Guest Book for this Hotel. I hope it is preserved. As it will indicate that I and my girlfriend did indeed stay there. This story is not made up, it is the real deal.
Unfortunately real ghost stories don't make sense. So I can see why you remain across the fence.😊
This is for Lifeofbrian. You are correct the escalators are not supposed to be running at that time. But they were. Sorry its not a ghost story, its a true event, as inaccurate you may think it is. Thats fine, because what I tell is true, and what happened was how I felt it.