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Zara Crespo
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Hello! My name is Zaranie Crespo. I'm originally from Puerto Rico. Researching information on potergeist I came upon this site. Couldn't resist it so I signed up. Reading, drawing and dancing are amongst my fave. In love with chocolate.

As a young child I experience a lot of paranormal activities that I'm still trying to understand. Gift or curse, all I know is that I no longer try to shut it out completely. I've come to terms with being different.

Hope I can meet people who can relate with me...
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The First Encounter on 2007-11-26

The year, if I'm not mistaken, was 1984. I know because I was getting ready to start kindergarten. I lived in a town called Carolina in Puerto Rico about 30 minutes away from San Juan, the Capital. The house we lived in was shared between my Aunt Mercedes and my Mom. It was left to us by my paternal...

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Date: 2007-11-26
Hello luvparanormal. I wish I could tell you that your son is fibbing to sleep with mommy... But I feel he is not. I experienced a lot things growing up and not having someone to speak to about this is not easy. I agree with the readers above, do your research. If it has a violent past it needs to be healed. In any case, you can do something on your own. Keep your cellphone handy though. On a rare day your home alone, sit on a chair in the middle of the house. Quietly. No tv or radio. Let the house breathe around you and LISTEN. Chances are if they is an entity(ies) they will come forth if you open your senses.

Children are suceptible to everything around them. Girls more often. Your little boy might be getting a distorted view. Good Luck 😊 ❤