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Hi everyone!

My name's Rachel and I'm 18. I've always been interested in anything regarding the paranormal. My mum also believes in ghost/spirits and is into all the tarot cards, angels and psychic expos in our home town. Both of us, aswell as our relatives and friends, have had several paranormal experiences although we have never deliberately searched for or provoked them.

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The Guardian Of The Ramesseum on 2011-02-21

In September last year (2010), I travelled to Egypt on a school trip. There was about 40 students' altogether, 5 teachers and 5 parents. We visited many places such as the Pyramids and Sphinx, the Temple of Philae, The Colossi of Memnon, the Cairo Museum, Aswan High Dam, Al Azar Mosque (Cairo), Karn...

The Lady In The Kitchen on 2011-02-16

AA few years ago I was staying over at my friend's (Nikki) house for the night. We had stayed awake until about 1 am watching movies and had been lying in our beds ready for sleep for about 15 minutes. Nikki's mother had gone to bed hours before, but got up to say good night just before we went to s...

My Best Friend Returns on 2011-02-02

When my family and I lived in our old house (7 years ago) there was a young couple with two children and three cats who lived across the road from us. When their marriage broke down, the woman took the children and 1 of the 3 cats. About six months later the husband abandoned the house and the remai...

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Haha yes we were very lucky to have been able to go. It was the first trip to Egypt the school had organised and it was a great success thanks to all the hard work that staff and parents put in to make it happen. I feel so blessed to have been able to go. I live in a coastal town in South East Queensland.

I was so bummed not to have been able to visit the Ramesseum but it was closed for restoration which was scheduled to start a few weeks after we had left.
Date: 2011-06-22
Just letting you know that "that guy who wrote the comment calling you a looney" is actually called Looney85... Looney is part of the name not a snide comment to 87calais.
Also can you not use that language on this site and, I know you're only young, but please use spellcheck before you write anything.
I thought she had a head scarf on too when I first saw but after zooming in on it time after time I realised it was actually just the edge of the half-wall behind her covered in a shadow

I must admit the head is a little disproportionate to the rest of the body but maybe that's just because it's a fair distance away?

Rachel 😁
Well I did actually reply and send in the image but they haven't posted it with my story...

Egypt is such an amazing country... So rich with culture and history... I am actually planning on taking my dad there one day since he's a lot like me and has always dreamt of visiting Egypt

Does anyone know why they mightn't have posted it?

Date: 2011-02-19

Nikki has often told me she experiences different paranormal events in her home and they have all been from various 'spirits' except for the lady in the kitchen who has often occured many times. Personally, I've only experienced it once. However, I'm not too sure about her mother because we've never actually talked to her about it thoroughly. I must admit, her mother probably wouldn't ever hear anything anyway since the main bedroom is at the other end of the house, furthest from the kitchen.


Thanks for the comments everyone! 😁