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Black Smoke Filled My Room on 2010-10-06

A long time ago when I was in college, I got home late... Sometime around midnight, I went through my usual routine, brushed my teeth, washed up and went to bed. It was a full moon that night, so when I turned off the lights, a few seconds later the light from the moon slowly crept inside and dimly ...

Angry White Lady Hitched A Ride on 2010-10-05

Have you ever seen a white lady? I've always only seen one in horror movies like the ring. I never thought I'd actually see one in person... Much yet have the white lady hitch a ride. I've always been able to feel spirits or other entities, a few times see them but not to this extent. This happe...

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merlin - hmmm...that's a nice theory... Does that make you see black smoke slowly filling up your room? If it does, I'd much rather welcome that theory rather than the thought of an entity being in my room. 😨
Cosmogal926 - I hope you never have to encounter the same thing I did...I'll pray that it doesn't happen to you.

Trix - my ex-gf doesn't believe in ghosts so when I told her she just shrugged it off.

SuperHBK - now that's scary. I wouldn't want to be there... I don't think I can handle a ghost hitch hiker twice. Lolz!

Merlin - that did cross my mind when the entity went out and opened the door. But I was too scared to really think and stop to talk with the ghost. Lolz. We already sold the van, for the buyer's sake I hope the ghost already left. Although that was the last time I saw of the ghost.
😊 😊
Wow! To be able to kick a ghost is something...i've never been able to touch a ghost... But a ghost has been able to sort of strangle me as well. You must have some sort of special ability to be able to kick them. I'm glad to hear though that everyone is ok.

Thanks for sharing your story! 😁
Wow! That was scary... I definitely wouldn't want to be in the curtains. I agree though, Baguio has a lot of ghosts as well... Whenever we pass by teachers camp there's a house there that we think is haunter...we'd always get the chills. You might know what I'm talking about. Hehe...

Thanks for sharing your story... Now I have something to share to my cousins when we go to Baguio this December...lolz! 😆
How I wish my grandfather would communicate with me. I miss him so much.

Anyway, yeah... It could very well be your grandfather... Fashionista777 has a good point. Try asking your dad if he ever played loud music during his younger years and if his dad (your grandfather) didn't like it.

Thanks for sharing your story...i'm green with envy but happy nonetheless. 😁
Thanks philly03. About the brave part...hehe...well...I was afraid to go back and ask around. Lolz. Kidding aside... I think that would have been a good idea. But honestly, each time I remember her face, I get goosebumps all over. So I think I will just pray for her soul. 😨
Stay safe everyone! I'll share more when I have the time to write.
Thanks Vikstal and reneespring. At first I did consider that but the light from the moon had already adjusted after I turned off the lights. So there was already light in my room coming from the moon. I can't remember if it was cloudy though, but if it was clouds, there should still be a faint outline of the surrounding in my room. The thing is there wasn't any. It was pitch black dark with smoke.

Rashidah - I'm glad to know it wasn't anything dangerous... I thought the black smoke was going to engulf me. Thanks. That's a scary aura though... 😨
Thanks seregirl and KimSouthO for your comments. I also thought "White Ladies" were myths/urban legends until this happened to me.

God Bless!
lolz! Thanks snowhite. For the longest time it seemed that my 3rd eye closed and I didn't see nor feel anything.

But just last week something did bother me, I woke up late at night (maybe after midnight) and saw a figure (which resembles the grim reaper - black tattered cloak, no face, just a skull) floating over me and my fiance. I tried to vanquish it the same way I did one of the ghosts I saw in my office but it didn't work and I just kept praying until it left... But it took quite awhile though. I asked around and my friend said it didn't feel like the grim reaper but more like a mist geist. I haven't slept in my room for the past 5 days now. Hehe...
Date: 2010-10-07
I'm no expert at this, but it could very well possibly be a ghost that has not fully manifested itself which is why it looked like a shadow or dark figure...we've had a few of those in my house and one in my room. Demons... Or at least the one I encountered, regularly whispers in my ear calling my name and in one instance showed himself to me (now that was scary). If it was just running/dashing through the hallways and not really bothering anyone... It most likely is a ghost/spirit that has not moved on.
It's really scary facing a demon. "TheGirlInWhite" is right... Just to be sure... Get your friend over and check if she still feels the presence.

My advice though...Don't look at the mirror by yourself... You might find yourself in another dimension alone with the demon. I once had a face to face encounter with one and it was the scariest thing ever. Time seemed to stop and everyone in the office disappeared and I was alone with the demon right in front of me calling my name.

Not sure what your religion is... But whatever it is, your Faith in your God will be your strongest shield/weapon.