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I am happily married, with two terrific sons ages 17 and 22 whom I love dearly. I have had quite a few paranormal experiences since I was a young girl. I am so glad to have found this site to be able tell my stories.
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The Day My Infant Son Was Attacked on 2010-10-12

I have been trying to get my nerve up for some time to write about a horrific experience that happened to my infant son when he was just two months old. This is extremely difficult for me since I don't even like to think about what happened much less write about it. In 1988 I was visiting my mom in ...

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Thank you Pjod. 😊 That's exactly how I feel, this is definitely much more than any revenge. I just don't want that thing to hurt another innocent baby, child or adult for that matter. I've often wondered how many others it has harmed throughout the world, hopefully no one else.
It definitely does take a lot of energy to move a baby. The only reasonable thing I can think of would be an actual demon. It would have to be something extremely evil, to attack an innocent baby. I have contemplated many questions over the years. Why didn't it attack me, or both my mother and myself? Why attack an innocent baby? It could have easily killed my baby if it wanted to, but it didn't. There was a poltergeist/demon episode I went through when I was a child that attempted to hurt me when I was thirteen years old. That's another story which I will post soon. I believe that it was trying to hurt me specifically. And what better way to hurt me, than by hurting my baby whom I love with all my heart and soul. If the attacks are related, then I think it retaliated to hurt me by hurting my child.
Sadly my sons brain lesion was related to this ghost attack. There were no mishaps that would have caused such serious damage. I just thank God that the entity didn't kill my baby boy. There's no worse feeling in the world, than being and feeling helpless when it comes to your child. Honestly, I am still very angry that this happened even after all these years. I've made a vow when I pass over one day to the other side, if it's at all possible, I will find the entity that did this and then God help it! I know I won't rest until I do. Other than God our creator, there is no stronger power than a mother's love for her child.
That you all so much for all your kind words and support. I was afraid at first to post, afraid of being ridiculed. I thank you again. I can understand how unbelievable it all sounds, but it did happened. I've have often wondered why. I still have to many questions, and not enough answers. Do I believe it was a demon in all actuality? Yes I do. At first, I believe I was in denial, I didn't want to talk about it or think about it period. Later on I know I became very angry and wanted to lash out at the entity that did this. I have always felt guilty, thinking I should have jumped up and grabbed my son while he was in mid air before that thing could hurt him further. For all these years, I have never let my guard down, but remain alert to my surroundings to this day and I do a lot of praying. I'm glad I found this site, it helps me to be able to tell my stories and not keep my memories all bottled up inside of me. I will post more of my stories soon. I had discussed what had happened later on with mom after I was able to come to terms with what had happened. The odd things was, there was no signs of an entity present when this happened. There were no odd smells, no cold spots, noises, sounds, there was nothing to alert us. It was such a beautiful day outside, I remember the sun was shining. Mom moved out of the apartment because she was to terrified to stay. She didn't want to live there any longer after what happened to her grandchild. Mom passed away a little over five years ago the day after Mother's Day. R.I.P mom.