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Hi guys - I hope that you all enjoy my first story "Hospital Ghost". I have had many experiences throughout my life and when they happen it just kind of left me thinking "Did that REALLY happen?"
I'm 46 years old and on my third marriage - my second husband past away in 1999 from congested heart failure - I found him the next morning after sleeping by him all night and I have a story that involves him that I will get around to telling.

I have two grown boys who are the apple of my eye.
I also work with the local school system and have lived in Newnan, Georgia for over 30 years.

I enjoy reading and doing crossword puzzles - I am a Christian and go to church - my husband thinks that there are no such things as ghost and believes if you are a christian you should not believe in ghost, well... I have had too many things happen to me and I believe that there are souls out there that just do not know that they are dead yet.
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Hands Off! on 2016-12-13

What is it about trailers? 3 years ago we moved into an older trailer (80's style) and right off I had that feeling that there were more occupants then those mentioned on the lease. About a week into our new home... I was backing out of the driveway (in a hurry to get to work) and I noticed a litt...

Farewell Old House on 2016-12-06

One of my many regrets in my 52 years would be selling my house on 1318 Smokey Road... Even though it was spook central. It has been 15 years since the move and I still dream about the house. I find myself going room to room as if I'm checking on things in my dreams. I really never felt scared l...

My Sister's Gift on 2016-11-29

It's been over five years since my last submitted story and for that I do apologize. That span of time, however, has gain me a few experiences that I must write about... Hope you enjoy. Those of you that have read my stories know about my sister, Kelly. In the last few years it has come to our fam...

The Ghosts At My Sister's House on 2011-10-19

It has been a while since I have posted anything, but a busy life will cause that. The story I'm about to tell took place at my baby sister's house and the events happened in a two year span. When my sister and family first moved in this house there were little things that happened such as cold s...

Goodbye Daddy on 2011-07-04

As I have mentioned in my other stories, I lost my daddy in 1987. The night that my dad died is a night that I will never forget. To anyone out there that has lost a parent knows the heartache that it brings. That night at the hospital we (me, my sister, my mom, my uncles, aunts and grandparents) a...

Is That You Daddy? on 2011-02-16

As I have mentioned in other stories, my father passed away in 1987 at a very young age of 45. I was 22 at the time of my father's death and we were very close - me being his eldest daughter. If it were possible- I went everywhere with my daddy - I even got to participate in "Bring Your Daughter to ...

Rock A - Bye Baby on 2011-02-08

First, I would like to dedicate this story to Miracles. Because of her, I have started to keep a diary of all of my past and present experiences. The following story happened over 20 years ago. Please enjoy. I lost my father to cancer in 1987, he was only 45 years of age, and being his oldest gir...

Bits And Pieces on 2010-11-01

The reason I have named this story: Bits and Pieces is that I have had little events happen to me in all my 46 years of living. They are too small to put into a long story but I feel that they are interesting enough to be told. The earliest event that I can remember was when I was 4. We lived in...

The Black Oak Drive Ghost 2 on 2010-10-26

As I said in my last story it took us awhile to notice things. Several times we heard the pots and pans move in the kitchen. At first it lasted a few seconds (making us think that the pot and pans just knocked over themselves). One evening however, we (my Uncle Ricky, Mom and us four girls) were...

The Black Oak Drive Ghost on 2010-10-20

In 1977 my parents, siblings and I moved from Douglasville Ga. To Newnan Ga. We moved into a split level home - three bedrooms and two baths upstairs, living room w/fireplace; dining area and kitchen on the main level and a partial basement. At first nothing strange happen - then we started to notic...

The Ufo Encounters on 2010-10-19

I know this is not a ghost story - but it is a very weird story and I think you will like it. The year was 1976 I was 11 years old at the time. My sister and I were out for summer vacation and we got to stay up late and watch TV with our Mom (My Dad worked nights). My mother and I were night owl...

1318 Smokey Road on 2010-10-18

Before I get into the ghostly experiences that I had in this house and there were many, let me give you a history of the house. This house had three parts to it - it had a rock covered middle that contained two rooms and two fireplaces and a door going out to the back porch- it was once used as a...

Hospital Ghost on 2010-10-12

This could not have happen at a better time, last year (2009), about a week before Halloween. My sisters and I got a call that our grandmother's health had taken a turn for the worst and that the doctors were calling the family in. My grandmother was in the La-Grange Hospital and we were in Newna...

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Date: 2017-03-14
Great story! You mentioned that the house was new when you moved in and you had no idea why it would be haunted. Ghost do travel... They will follow people and they will explore nearby buildings. Also there may have been an old structure there before the house was built there and ghost tend to hang out long after the building they stayed in has been long gone.
Also you mentioned that you work in an old building... You may have had a ghost become attached to you.
I hope you find more about the ghost and I'll be waiting for more of your experiences. Placing you in my faves.:)
Date: 2016-12-22
Argette...just saw my typeo on your name... Sorry about that 😊
Date: 2016-12-22
Argetta: So sorry about your grandfather and that he took his life. If the trailer park has been built near where he died it is very possible that he may visit that area... My Smokey Road ghost have been hanging around the house that was built about 100 yards from the old homestead... And I only know that cause the occupant of that home has shared some of the haunts his family have experience. It has been known that homes near graveyards have visitors from time to time... So yes it is very likely.

Miracles: yes that makes sense... And as long as the ghost are calm they are welcome to stay whereever they want... My ghost are good... Every now and then I'll see the mist and shadows and if I'm by myself I'll tell them that I know that they are there or I'll say..."I see you". They really don't do anything to upset me except that one time when the girl child would not get off me. Now there was one time when I was unlocking the front door to come in and the door was yanked out of my hand and swung open... But I just took it to mean they missed me and was glad to see me.
I'm glad to be back too...I've missed my YGS friends.
Date: 2016-12-21
LOL...Yes there should be a section on haunted trailers...
Yes...I think it was the little girl... But I think I hurt her feelings (if ghost have feelings... Which I think they do) when I hollered to get off me... Because it did pissed me off...LOL.
AugustaM...You may have something there... Every trailer I've ever been in have had something weird about them... Or could be me... Maybe I'm the weird one...LOL... But... I think Miracles could back me here... I think she has lived in a trailer and has had some weird going ons herself.
Argetta: you may be right... Trailers may be easier for ghost to haunt... That may sound silly... But it could be possible.
Broken Tree: the only place I feel it could be a possible portal would be my husbands hunting closet... But I feel like I have several guest... A boy, a man, the little girl and I think an old woman... She stays in the kitchen area... The man and boy stay in my husbands hunting closet and in master bath and the little girl is all over the place.
Rookdygin: I agree with your thinking.
Paranormal: thank you 😁
Priyankaminon and Ladyglow 😁
Date: 2016-12-19

Lets try this one more time... I had responded to your comment last week and when I checked this site over the weekend I saw where my comment was not printed... So I I said before... Lets try this again.

LOL... I did not leave any paint cans...But, I did not rip down the walls... To this day, I really think Mary may have hid money inside the walls-however the damage I would cause to the house looking for treasure... I just could not take the risk.
I want to tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your grandparents.
WOW! Your grandmother getting in contact with your mom and then to led her to money. You hear of that happening quite a bit... I believe that our love ones send us messages for all sorts of different reasons - so everyone needs to keep a keen eye or they may miss a message. As soon as I get a chance I will read your story. 😁
Date: 2016-12-12
Love this story... Just getting back into reading some... And of course I went straight for yours... Looks like I have quite a bit of reading to do.
It is real easy to freak yourself out... I know, I have done it on several occasions... Sometimes it turned out to be nothing - just my wild imagination and then... Sometimes it would be a visitor and once I saw their shadow or mist... I was good.
This story is going into my faves.
I have heard of cases of people dying so quickly that they have no idea that they are dead. I hate to hear that he was so young when he died... So tragic.
What year did this happen... And have you seen him again?
I wonder since he died so quickly, if his soul has become trapped or that he may not still realize he is dead.
Date: 2016-12-09
Oh I do miss the house... Just one of those regrets I'll have to live with. 😭
Date: 2016-12-07
Thank you all for the great review. I enjoy writing about my experiences... I just submitted one yesterday, so be on the lookout.
Miracles: I spoke to Kelly and no she can not feel the pain but she does sense when someone does not feel good or if something is wrong... Just the other day she had called a friend because she had a strong sense that something was wrong... Her friends dog was just hit by a car and killed about a 1/2 hour beforehand.
Date: 2016-12-05
It is so good to be back... I have missed ya'll.
When Kelly first came back from Mexico... She was so overwhelmed... She stayed sick for most days and she also got very mean, at one time she hurt my feelings to the core that I thought I would never speak to her again... Looking back on it I think she must had had an evil spirit on her. She is now been shielding herself for most of the year and let me tell you it is great to have my old sister back. And as far as I know, Kelly cannot feel pain from the living... She has not indicated if she can, I will ask the next time we speak.
Working on my next story.
Date: 2016-10-07
I love love this story... Wished I felt at ease when I would notice my visitors... They don't really scare me, but they can sit me on edge a little.
Hello my sweet friend... I miss you.
I tried to submit a story a few months back... But it would not go through, then my smarts in computer skills, I somehow ERASED the whole story. I have yet rewrote the story... But when I do... I sure hope it will go through this time... I miss my YGS friends ❤
Date: 2016-03-25
So sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your post... I no longer have a home computer and that makes things a little harder to tell my stories and to reply to post.
From your post... It has been a little over 4 years since your dad has passed. I'm so sorry for your loss. I do understand how you feel.
No, you are not MAD... I hope i'm not too late to tell you... Do not search for your dad... He will come to you when you least expect it and it will not scare you. I know that the times my dad made contact I've been very calm. The reason I've said not to search is because you could open a door to the spirit world and that would be bad. I believe my sister has done this... And her personality has changed so much I don't even know her anymore... More on that later...
Anyway, sweetie I just wanted to let you know I did see your post... And if your dad has yet to make contact...don't worry... He will... It may be years or it may be sooner. But know this... He is looking out for you.

Hi, just saw your post... Thank you for your comment... Here is an update on Me and my son... My son that I mentioned in this story is now 27 years old and is in the Navy as a corpsman. I'm very proud of him and I know his granddad is too.
My youngest son is a sales associate for retail and I'm married to my 3rd husband for 16 year and very happy... We have two grand-boys by my hubby's son.
LIFE IS GOOD... Now just to get another laptop... So I can continue with my stories...LOL
Date: 2015-10-27
Hello my friends...I'm back!
It has been awhile and I do have more stories coming... But first let me comment on Soldier1... The house I lived in has been long gone... I moved out of the house some 14 years ago... The house its self has been torn down for a few years... There is now a two story colonial type house that sits futher back on the land... I work with the person that lives there and he has shared some interesting stories with me and as soon as I get permission, I will be writing and submitting them.
Date: 2012-10-25
What a wonderful story... Years ago I lived in an older home and BOY! Did I have GHOSTS! I was never scared... But there were times I found myself a little creeped out. I would love to hear more about your house and some of the things you have experienced. I wished I had had a paranormal team come into my home when I lived there... I really miss that house and the ghosts in it. 😆

Have you tried to communicate with the ghosts? Please let me know, I would love to hear about your experences.
❤ applerose
Date: 2012-10-22
Loved your story... But I do believe I would have fainted had I heard that "whispered" voice...LOL. Been a while since I have been on here... So I have got to get caught up. Gonna check out your faves and do some reading, if that's ok. 😊
I have no comment on this story... I just wanted to sneak in and say a quick HI to Lou and Miracles... Been out of the loop for a while... Miss ya'll guys... Nothing really interesting has happen thus far... Just a few things here and there...I'll have to combined them all later for a more interesting story... Just wanted ya'll to know that I'm still here... 😆 ❤
[at] Cosmo - Thank you and YES - I think I would be a little freaked out - while saying "What the CRAP!" I have has things happen to me - that would give other chills down their spine - but in that moment - you're like "HUH?!?!?!". Hopefully will have a story out soon - I see things slowing down for me here in the next few weeks - then maybe - just maybe - I'll be on here as a regular. 😁
[at] General - Thought about that - and this is my sister this is happening to - and she has a little girl voice - so I think that the girl ghost could sound enough like Kelly to make her kids think it is her - however, there could be a third ghost yet discovered - but I think if there was - it/she would have been heard from by now.
To all readers: I wanted to add - that my son stayed with his aunt for about 6 months last year - and he confirmed that there were things going on in the house - he told me that one evening as he was falling to sleep he could feel a presence above him - thinking it was his aunt - he just kept his eyes closed - then (what he thought was his aunt) his head was rubbed - he said when he turned his head and opened his eyes - no one was there. - It really freaked him out - but he said at the same time he felt real relaxed - and just drifted off to sleep. - He said he often felt a presence near him - and when he would look to see who was there - there would be noone. I have had this similar thing happen to me - and it will spook you.
[at] Devious - I too would like to know why they are there - I have asked my sis (several times) if she has gotten any history on the house or the surrounding land - but she does not seem to want to know - I guess she thinks she needs to leave well-enough alone.
MY FRIEND MIRACLES: I bet you thought I fell off the edge of the earth 😆 but I tell you, I'm busier then a one-armed paperhanger with a case of the hives.
I'm glad that she (my sis) and I can talk - we often share our experiences with one another - as a matter of fact - she has helped me on several occasions to remember things that happen in our past. I will tell her about you suggesting the DVR - but she really seems to have little interest in pursuing info on them - I on the other hand am very very curious 😆. I may need to nudge her abit huh? LOL

Well, my friend - not going to make any promises on the time frame of my next story - but I will tell you I do have several on the burner and will get them out ASAP.
LOL - I really don't know what's up with the bathroom visits - and I will relay to my sister - to lay down the law - however, I don't think there has been another incident since the last "Bathroon Visit".
[at] Student - the visits vary - some happen every few days then sometimes it will be months before the next encounter.
[at] Taz The kids seem not to mind - the ghost have played in Ariel's room also - but she (ariel) has voiced her dissaproval in that - so it does not happen much - but Diego - does not seem to have a problem - he just goes with it. This has been going on for several years - and even though it sometimes makes the hair stand - my sisters family have gotten use to all the visits ❤
Date: 2011-07-17
Miracles - Wow lady - now that's what I call an experience. I don't know if I could have done what you did (too scary - LOL) I would have freaked out - lol. But, I do want to say this - I'm so glad that there are people with gifts - such as yourself - to send lost ghost to the light. Amazing story - glad I finally got around to read it 😁