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Baby And Indians on 2010-12-06

Hey Folks, ever since my last story so many things have happened, one in taking some amazing photos and two personally. I have noticed at my place in Pittsburgh NH I had cut the trees down on top of my Mountain and then bulldozed the grade. By doing this I realized there are old Indian Carvings in t...

Orbs To Fog on 2010-11-08

I have been interested in seeking out what Orbs are and what a certain cemetery has for spiritual power if any? I am a believer of ghost yet a smart skeptic at the same time. I know for a fact, when I get this very intense chill down my spine, and I mean intense, not made up or created by our own FE...

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Date: 2011-02-01
Hello nice little story I like it. My question is at that time had any relatives or someone close pass away? Since you cannot hear them that was 1 way of that person To prove to you that they are there to help you. Or be by your side. Let me know if you can remember anyone close at 8 passed away. M
Date: 2010-12-12
Thanks for the comments guys! I have found out that I am Native American blood. My Great Great Grandmother was a full blooded Indian, but of what tribe I do nor know yet. I talked to a specialist and said the baby is myself and the Indian sign is something that I need to find and the Indians will give of my Need!? Interesting, so I will persue this and try to understand all my Indian sign pictures. Thanks for the Advice!
Date: 2010-12-07
Thanks everyone for making a comment, it was an experience. I have been back many times and many different things. Like I took 8 photo's in the span of about 25 seconds as my friends hand was being shook and the ectoplasm or ghost is in front of him, but on my time with my camera on 3 seconds past. That means I to 25 seconds worht of photo's in 3 seconds. My camera does not do that and never has. So some kind of time thing this one must of caused. COOL! Thanks everybody!