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The Ouija And Zozo on 2010-11-17

This is another story from my past. A friend of mine named John had a birthday party and invited myself, a friend named Jesse, a friend also named John, and a friend named Derek. We were doing the usual guy stuff, video games, wrestling etc. Eventually his mom had to go out to the mall to buy some t...

Dark Entity Of My Past on 2010-11-09

Let me start off this story by saying that my mother's side of the family has always had a bit of a psychic gift, including her and myself. We have both had several encounters of different natures but none will compare to the one we had together. My mother was married to her then husband for a v...

Incubus Won't Go on 2010-11-08

Ladies and gentlemen this is not a story about the past event but as a present one, I desperately need help and have searched everywhere for it. My girlfriend has been having encounters with an incubus demon for almost a month now, however they were neither asked for nor are they enjoyed, at firs...

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Date: 2010-11-24
Pjod, I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that there were guidelines to what a real experience could and could not be.
Date: 2010-11-24
Loganz_sis, to tell you the truth no offense is taken. To be perfectly honest the dark entity I spoke of in another of my stories, I had seen on a tv show called "A Haunting" It's a show that uses actors to re-enact actual events. The only issue with this, is that I saw this tv show about 2 months after we had already gotten out of the house that this entity was tormenting us in. The entity on the show looked identical to the one from the house. So no offense is taken, I suppose these sound like movies because, well, demons aren't stupid, they know what scares people, so do directors and producers I guess it's only natural for these to seem like they are coming from movies, thanks for reading though. I always love feedback.

To my knowledge John doesn't have the board anymore, I wasn't the one antagonizing it though that was Jesse. According to Coza the evil entity was gone, but like I said, John still hears creaks and footsteps now and then.

ZorForler, you confuse me, you say you don't know Zozo but then you say that Coza is sworn enemy of Zozo. Your statement does not match up my friend
Date: 2010-11-22
Shinigami thank you for letting me know how to properly close a Quija now. We would attempt to reclose the board but, the thing is he doesn't have it anymore. Good thing is though, that the most actvity in the house now is footsteps and wall noises.

Rashidah, I haven't read the other story but I've read many online, I will check out Darren's story to see his experience with Zozo.
I'm 100% positive that your house was not built on a burial ground. The spirits would be much more aggressive towards the family inside. Thers not much more anyone can say on here except what Darkness has already said, to bless the house, there's always the option of calling the police to take care of the Satanists in the graveyard. It can be classified as disturbing the peace, if it's after 10pm, and also MAYBE loitering, don't quote me though.
I don't think the dog was a hell hound. As they have only been known for attack and protection. Now it is possible that someone who knows you, called forth the hell hound to protect you but other than that I could not tell you. This story is very peculiar since it is a new house and no deaths have occured there. It definately has something to do with the farmland. How old is your brother? Does the woman in green only look into his room or others as well? Also, how often do these occurances still happen? If at all?
Date: 2010-11-18
Thanks to everyone who posted (= I understand some of you had disagreed with this, but this event along with the one that Amaris decided to cause, are both finished. I was thinking of taking this story down but it's people like you who show me that there are still people out there who are considerate. Also thank you for the compliments on my girlfriend, they are much appreciated. DC, make that another hi 5 for me as well. Thanks again guys.
Date: 2010-11-17
As for my grammer, writing in Japanese all the time tends to do that to a person. Try learning another language that uses only symbols my friend. Goodbye
Date: 2010-11-17
And yet you continue to comment. Amaris you may have said you were stopping the argument but as I said, I'd appreciate it if you still no longer commented on anything of mine, including after I post this comment. Maybe you should forget your pride and just leave this as the last comment. Please do not comment on anything of mine, or communicate with me on anything I may post on other stories. That would be best for the both of us. Thanks again, please don't comment
Date: 2010-11-17
And now I'm going to be the better person and cease this argument. Please take your best interest and stop commenting on my stories Amaris, I took your first thoughts into accounting but now you are just being rude and inconsiderate when there is no reason to be. So please do stop associating with me, and if you see my comments on another page, do not associate with me their either. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
Amaris I refuse to communicate with you anymore. Alice trust me when I say if you are going to sage the house you have to be stern, and absolutely do not be alone. Things get worse when you are stern because it does not want you to have power over it. Imagine it as a bully, you keep being passive and letting things happen... They will keep happnening. But keep standing up to it, and with the help of others and epecially since you are going to a holy official, things can take a turn for the brighter side.
Date: 2010-11-17
I didn't say she had people after her, I said she had one. And now your crossing the line, is it really necessary to start insulting her? Maybe you should have a few more personal experiences before you start to judge on some that you do not understand. I've had many personal experiences and if you find my stories to be fake, then stop commenting on them, and leave room for the people who matter. I notice your not really the popular character with many people, you like to bash people and insult their intelligence quite a bit. Maybe you should take a look at yourself before you read anymore of these stories and figure out what your about and why your on this website.
ArchAngel with all due respect, and this also has nothing to do with your posts on my story. But I am telling her this out of self experience, being timid will do nothing but show this entity that you are weak for the moment being, and if you are not stern with sage, it will have little to no effect. Sage in fact will not even get rid of an entity but will make activity stop for a while. I know you say being stern does not help Alice but you have to trust me when I say to not let it do things to you in your bed. That is where you are most vulnerable and if you let it get away with what it's doing, it's basically telling it that your ok with that.
Date: 2010-11-17
Why are you even apart of this website if you do not believe that people can see shadows and other things without being mentally unstable?
Date: 2010-11-17
I'm really sick of people like you. I got the help that I needed, and I'm also very empathetic, which means I can feel things from other people. The thing is gone now, and I would love to hear your explanation about how I too, had an encounter with the thing in my sleep. The only one that is mentally unstable is Kyle, and that knife has saved her life already more than once. I also don't think that some pictures of bruises she sent me were self inflicted, and I've looked at the situation logically, maybe it's time for you to have an open mind, stop being a difficult person, and actually believe something for once.
Date: 2010-11-17
With all due respect, I'd really appreciate it if you didn't call my girlfriend crazy. The shadows aren't the only thing that happened. More stuff had happened, it was just after the fact that I had posted this story. She had seen the thing in the mirror of her bathroom, where it proceeded to throw her against the wall. She's had red marks on her body. She would NOT make up some shiat like this. I've been with her for six months before my leave to Japan and she is NOT mentally unstable. Her mother knows about the pepper spray but not the knife. Again... With all due respect don't call her crazy again. I have looked at this situation logically but you people are also not believing half the things I say, such as the demon visiting me in my sleep telling me to back off. I may not be looking at things logically anymore, but you people aren't looking at them being true either.
I believe this story has been categorized in the correct section. Definately use the sage and amber that others have mentioned. I understand you fear you may upset it when you move during... What it's doing. But you must know that if you keep letting it get away with it, then it will be harder to stop. You have to show in a stern manner that you don't want it around anymore. A key thing is to not sage alone however, it can be dangerous and often times not give you results. Always have a person with you, and always keep a stern voice. When you feel the pressure on your lower half, try changing sleeping positions to see if that helps. Like I said though, if you want it gone, it's key to not let it do those things to you, in your state of half asleep, half awake.
Date: 2010-11-17
BJJ thank you for all the tips but as of the moment she doesn't even have her permit. Before I left for Japan I gave her my knife and bought her some pepper spray. Unfortunately she's had to use it already but she's come out of situations ok. Since the Kyle thing started she no longer goes out alone, and is always visible or within shouting range of people. Generally she will go with her mom most of the time. Thought there have been a few cases where she takes the bus, which is still very public I thank you for your concern though. I am not sure how I can even figure out who altered the pictures. She was hysteric when she saw them. Kyle is not smart enough to get in the house, and she doesn't have any friends in the area. So I truly don't know.
Date: 2010-11-16
The demon had nothing to do with me threatening Kyle, that was all me. The only time the demon came to me was to tell me to stop meddling around, and it wasn't politely just for the record. I've accepted the fact that the pictures may be fake but still don't know how they would have gotten there. Although I must tell you people that the story is still real, on the account of 3 different eye witnessess one of which being my girlfriend. I for one cannot stand fakes, and would not fight so strongly for this story if it were a mere prank
Date: 2010-11-16
The cleansing had been done when her mother and grandparents were gone so they had no idea that it took place. As far as Kyle goes, the a**hole had actually spoken with me before. He continuously sent me friend requests on facebook and I had no idea who he was. When I heard he was sending harassing emails to my girlfriend I messaged him and that's when I told him that I was going to kill him the second I got back... That not being until June, he decided to stalk her. He's sick, and not right in the head at all. The incubus came to me in a dream because I had sent one of his other demons away and he told me to quit meddling. I can understand why everyone believes the pictures are fake, and to be honest, your guess is as good as mine. What I can tell you is that neither myself nor Amanda had touched them. As far as burning something to keep people asleep? Kyle isn't that smart. There is no changing the minds about these pictures however I can assure you that the story is still real despite the lack of evidence to proof the pictures.
Date: 2010-11-15
I am CURRENTLY living in Japan but I live in the same town as her back in America. I've felt other spirits in her house but nothing that watned to cause harm, merely some that were just passing through. Her attic is believed to be haunted by the whole family but again, nothing that would cause harm. I say again however, that there is no way possible that Kyle could have gotten into the house without alerting someone. The place is always locked down at night. As for John speaking Latin while Amanda was believed to be possessed...I'm not quite sure on this, which is why I didn't include it... Out of an act of desperation I wrote my own spell of protection and had sent my personal gaurdian angel to help out. My theory is that while the demon was possessing my girlfriend when she was beating up Kyle, my angel possessed John, spoke the Latin, and forced the demon out of her. As far as my age, I'm 18 years old but have seen a lot in my life. I cannot say anymore to those who still doubt this story, I've stuck up for just about every detail and tried to answer each question as best I could. My other story was years before this one, as it says, it occured around 2005. I still thank those who believe in the story. The pictures will remain a mystery I suppose. Everyone here believes it to be photoshop, but there is no one who could have gotten in and done that to her flashdrive. As for the police idea, I think they would honestly have locked her in a psych ward. Not to mention, since she is 17 she would of had to have a parent or gaurdian with her, to even do anything. She did not want her family knowing about this as they too would call her crazy. I made her delete the pictures from her computer so she would not have to keep the memory. She knows not that I had posted here.