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My Ex Was A Satanist on 2010-10-19

I originally submitted my story at your psychic experience not knowing about this site. I believe my story is more appropriate over here than there. Here is my story: I keep having spiritual attacks almost every night since October 4, 2010. My ex was a Satanist. He had allowed himself to be possess...

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Date: 2010-10-21
Thank you all who commented. I have contacted a man named Jim who contacted another person about my story. She has helped me so much. I had a hex for my ex twice and from another woman. I have doing what she has been suggesting and things are getting much better. I know that there are some people who think that talking to a counselor was the way to help but honestly that wouldn't have helped much at this point. I sense something around me but I just ignore it. But things are getting better. Thank you again for your input and advice. God Bless