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I'm In Love With A Ghost And We Had Sex on 2010-10-19

My name is Tatiana and I'm in love with a ghost. Well, he wasn't a ghost before. Let me go back to the beginning. About 3 and half years ago (in 2007) I went to my hometown in Haiti and met this wonderful guy that I fell in love with. We had a long distance relationship since he lived in Haiti and ...

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Thanks Puppeteer13 that makes sense...I'm pretty sure its him because there's something he used to do when he was alive that he still does. He would sneek from behind me a grab my boobs; sometimes that was his way of saying hi. Sometimes I feel something behind me and then a hand on my boobs. Also he used to kiss me on the cheeks a lot and he still does. Sometimes I smell him and always wondered why. Now it makes sense to me.
Thank you all for your comments. I am aware that I have to let him go, but he has unfinished business. To cross over he would have to get even with the person who did this to him.

Some of you have mentioned that this is probably not his ghost. I'm pretty sure it is but I want to be sure. How can I know for sure if it its him or not?