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Growling... Belial? on 2010-10-20

I've been reading the stories on this site for quite some time and I finally decided to submit one of mine. I've always been interested in the paranormal, but started to truly believe after my mom's death, seven years ago but that's a different story. The particular occurrence that happened this yea...

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Date: 2011-06-30
I've had some experience with these ugly guys. Fortunately, their attacks only strenghthened my faith in God. A demonologist told me to have a Bible near my bed, sprinkle Holy Water on it every night before going to sleep and ask Jesus, Mary and St. Michael the Archangel for protection.
I took his advice and it worked!Moreover, I got myself a rosary ring, got it blessed by a priest and I never take it off! Since then I haven't had any paranormal experience, let alone demon attacks.
I'm not really an expert in this matter but it has worked for me!
If I may add something on your doubts about religion... It is my personal view (I don't want to offend anyone nor any belief system) that God is beyond the limits of religion. For me, every religion is the right one! They are different perspectives of the same reality: GOD. So no religion is "superior" to any other.
The important thing is to be aware that God (or whatever you want to call him) loves us all equally, no matter the skin color, language or religion.
BTW I'm christian orthodox 😁 and I truly hope that you will get rid of the demons (or whatever it is that's bugging you) and will find your path to God and the awareness of his infinite love for his children (all of us).
Date: 2010-10-23
Hi Jim!
I was afraid you would say so (beginning of an infestation) 😕 Every night before I go to sleep I say the Lord's Prayer, and I ask Jesus, Mary and Michael the Archangel to protect me. Hope it works!
I forgot to mention this very important fact: after that nightmare I sprinkled some holy water all around the apartment. I never heard growlings again but I did have another nightmare involving demons 😭 I'm terrorized of them.
I've had some close encounters with what I believe to be a demonic entity/ies in my house in my home country (I'm not italian, but I live in Italy). I will write my next story on this. Thanks a lot for your comment.
God bless you all guys! ❤
Date: 2010-10-22
thanks swordman and superHBK (I can't wait to read your story)! I never even considered these things.
It never happened again after those two times. And, yes swordsman, the growling was veeery long but not "unearthly" and then stopped abruptly.However, it was so clear that there is no way it could have come out of the plumbings or such. It was as if there was a dog present in the room (bathroom,kitchen).

Date: 2010-10-22
Hi again!
PrincessLotus I absolutely agree with you. I have "played" with home made ouija when I was very young (WROOONG!), but years later I got baptized and became a fervent believer in God.
Can someone enlighten me about ghost dogs?I've never come across this kind of information, so I would like to know something more about them.
And I do agree with the people who said that my dream was about my mind telling me "how to handle evil situations".
I'm just trying to figure things out here and I'm really grateful for all the different points of view I'm receiving.
Date: 2010-10-21
Hi everyone!
Thanks for your insights. I initially didn't want to participate in the discussion but I feel that I have to give some more info since that provided in the story appears to be insufficient.

Rashidah: I used wikipedia as a source of who belial is
And NO I wasn't asleep when I heard the growling, I clearly stated when I was so.

DCin: I appreciate your rationality! And trust me, I considered all those things before even thinking of posting this experience:
1.I don't have a dog, the apartment below mine is empty and the one above is occupied by an 80 (and more) year old guy who is on a wheelchair and his son who takes care of him doesn't own one. The only neighbor who has a dog is the one living in front of me (but I wouldn't hear it in my bathroom)
2.bathroom tiles=good acoustics (true), but I have no tiles in the kitchen and the intensity of the sound was the same (I stated that too).
3.Only the morning after was in daylight hours (9am in the kitchen)
I personally ADORE dogs and I wish it had been one!

BadJuuJuu: I absolutely agree with you. I would say that to someone else too! The thing is that, yes the first time I heard it I was kind of disoriented, but the second time I got scared. I know,however, what kind of fear you intend (I have experienced it and I keep that material for the next story) and I must say that NO, this time I didn't feel terror, just fear. I must add that I have felt that I was being watched in that bathroom but I always thought it was the spirit of the previous owner who died here.
I hope I was clear enough
Good night to you all and thanks again!