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My name is **Secret**. I'm 13 and I'm from
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Corner Of The Room on 2010-10-20

Hey This is my first story here. It's rather brief, but here it goes: Ever since I was a baby I've seen things in the corner of the room. I see things like blotches of white but they turn into faces. They aren't solid figures but blurry. I'm not scared of them though, they make me feel safe. W...

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Can you translate the below? Sorry I'm not very good my neighbour helped me on my post, lol xD
Date: 2010-10-22
Thanks for taking your time to read and comment I really appreciate it 😁 I guess it could be my angle afterall ❤ Sometimes I can't see anything but I ALWAYS have a feeling that someones watching me when I look in the corner... Lol
Thanks again
Mmm xoxox
Date: 2010-10-22
Hmm... Maybe he was a spirt stuck in the between. Do you know if he could have been a relative.
How old is the house? Do you know the history of the house? Whatever it was I hope you don't have to encounter anything like it again, God bless you + Good luck ❤
MMM xo
Date: 2010-10-22
I agree with Trudy44 and JimD and everyone else that commented saying to pray. Keep a small bottle of holy water by your bed side, say your prayers, go to mass and hope ❤
God bless you xox
Date: 2010-10-22
Anybody have any ideas? I'd really like to know... Thanks for reading! 😁 😁 😁
Date: 2010-10-22
Whoah that's scary!
I'm really happy that your life is much better now 😊 Your really really brave! I an't explain what was going on but maybe the mother and daughter just wanted some company... Not sure but great story! ❤
Whoah! That is so cool! I would have legged it when the wheel incident happened 😆 I'm from Cork to by the way. Where in Cork was it? (Appart from the West) I'm very interested! Thanks x
As Gailge:
Date: 2010-10-20
That's such a touching story! The way she saw you as a motherly figuer ❤ I really hope she is happy and with her mother now 😁
Date: 2010-10-20
Hey 😁
First thing I noticed was that 3.00 AM is around the time your phone rings, right? Just like 'butthead' stated that is also the time that spirit come out at. If I were you I'd have a go at keeping my phone on at night but this time put a bottle of holy water next to it, if it is a spirt, that should hopefully prevent it from ringing.
The hotle sounds like it has a lot of ghostly activity but it also sounds like a cool place too, lol 😆 I've never heard of the hotle but it sounds really really nice:)
Good Luck Anyways x