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Paige <3
I'm 14. Yes I'm Canadian:P My name's Paige

I like researching: Paranormal, Ufos, Greek Mythology, Egypt, China, Etc...

My favorite food: Tacos, Sushi, Candy, Fish, Moose, Etc...

My Favorite Colours: Black (I'm Emo), Purple, Red

Interesting Fact: I've first seen a ghost when I was around 5. I'll publish a story on that:)

Hm...What else? Lets Talk about spirits maybe, Leave a comment on my first story:D

All True my friend, Even though Awkward o.o
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Pregnant Ghost? on 2010-10-25

Alright, this story is my first ghostly encounter. I was 5 if I remember. I'm 14 now. My sis was around 3. Julia (Little Sis) would always beat me to my mom's bedroom at night. So I thought this one time I could win. I had not a clue what time it was but it was late. My dad had not yet left for w...

I'm Married To A Ghost? on 2010-10-25

To let you know, I'm 14. Luckily I'm old enough to publish this story. I'm in love with this ghost and you'll see why... My little incubus "Friend". I say friend because it follows me everywhere, talks to me in my mind, touches me and sexually touches me as well. This started last year. I was str...

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Very nice story. Yes its kind of like mine. I hope we can talk about this sometime. I'm really glad you understand.
Date: 2010-10-30
I said I needed help with this experience. Not for you to be putting things like I need help. I know I do. Thats what I came here for. Succubussed, I will say yes it is overshadowing me. It is scaring me too. But I've told it to go away, It has litsened.

One thing, Twilight is not something I would watch. I find it horrible. Vampires? Wow, They pushed it too far. And in no way I posted a fake story.

This site is for reacarch, not a story book. Yes, this site can get innaproprite but this is what people are experiencing.

Pjod, I'm going to have to say I'm confused. Yes I posted that, but me and my sister of 16 uses this account too. We never felt sure weither we should have used both emails so we used mine. Hope that clears something up!

Pinkyispink, Thank you. You are very caring in my situation. All other commenters are saying stuff about how this is fake. But you are nice enough to help me with this. Thanks again!

I will not post anymore stories on this topic because apparently none of you understand. The reason for the title is in my dream he proposed. But I should have picked a better title. Sorry for the confusion.

Please read my other story posted my older sister, Julianna. She is 16. She knows about my experience. She has helped me as she is very involed in this.

Actually, I am involed in a lot of sports. I'm a soccer and tennis player. I do have a part time job.

Thank you to all commenters, Although your comment may be deleted. Thank you Pjod, Pinkyispink and redphx.
True, How would a three year old know what a shawl is? I never knew what it was until I was ten! Maybe talking to your daughter in a fun way like "So what did you like to do in that house?" Maybe you could get good information. Try talking to the owner of that house to get info.

She has a past life for sure. Try to write down what she has told you and when she is older show her what she said. It could useful.

Have a nice day! ❤
I haven't read the other comments so I'm sure if anybody else said what I'm going to say.

Perhaps it was the game you were playing? I know sometimes I scare my self with my video games (Left 4 Dead, lol). I do the same with music.

A video camera that can detect spirits may help. I has been proven. Spells or anicent ingrediants maybe. Please do tell if all goes well now. Its still October writing this so maybe not yet.

Search up a few spells or whatever to ward of the...noises.

I'm sure I thought of something like this. A dream maybe? But for sure the barking I heard before.

Please have a wonderful day ❤
You know what? My house is an apartment. One house upstairs and one down stairs. I've lived here a long time and the prople downstairs make it hard to sleep (Teenagers who party all night). Before they moved here the apartment was empty but I always heard noises at night. No, it wasn't my dad's snoring. But the ruffling of paper. Maybe the sound of someone looking through floders? Do you know what I mean? I was young so I would creep in with my parents. I would also hear footsteps, creaks, the computer going on. What stop all that was a piece of grass dipped in Holy water and stuck to a picture of me and my sister. It hangs above my head at night. Even when the noisy neighbors have gone to sleep, nothing is to be heard.

I agree with Jim also.
Date: 2010-10-25
Maybe, And I'm just saying, Maybe God/Your angel wants you to be religous. Google it to see what comes up. Whitebuffalo's theroy could very well be correct, too.

To everybody with or without the mark, You are blessed ❤
I agree with Aussiedaz. The Angel could be letting you know that shes there for you. When me and my ex boyfriend broke up I was deppressed and well, I had a visitor 😉

I doubt it was a succubus, They would give you a NIGHTLY visit xD.