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Blue Eyes In The Midst Of Dark Clouds Staring At Me on 2010-11-01

I have written about the ghost voice box experiences, which other people have done. These can be seen on YouTube, with a search on "Radio Shack Hack". After experiences with the paranormal activity after the voice box-and things I should NOT have said-I became aware and seriously concerned of a pair...

My Ghost Voice Box 2 on 2010-10-25

Summary of Part 1: I hacked an AIWA radio to function as a "Frank's Voice Box" to be able to catch EVP in real-time, with answers to regular questions. Unfortunately, I found out that one of my cousins passed on and he screamed to me by my name given to me at birth-it was changed only after I was a ...

My Ghost Voice Box on 2010-10-25

I have read many of your stories and they're very interesting, fascinating and very scary! Well, I come to all of you for help. I had to sign up because I can't tell a couple of my family members; they'd be very upset. What happened is I hacked my AM/FM radio to become a ghost voice box-search: "...

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Date: 2010-11-01
Thanks for reading! I wanted to add-I know that there is a demonologist around-about the pair of blue eyes staring at me, amongst black clouds. Just the eyes staring at me; around the clouds seems like night time.

After the last session, I have seen this image in my head (like it's "above me") for several days; I want to make sure this is off and out for good. I have never seen anything like this.

I want to make sure and absolutely possible that this is gone for good. The closer any of you are to God, the sneakier is the evil one to get to you. And I am not afraid at all. Don't be.

I got into the "ghost voice box" thing because there are dozens of hackings on YouTube videos with discontinued Radio Shack digital radios.

There are a couple of discontinued models and the nick they use for these models are called "Radio Shack Hack". Since I can disassemble laptops and cell phones I liked the challenge, but I worked with what I had.

Yes, I have been given the "medium" tag. I don't talk about that much. I did call one of my brothers and told him about this, because we were closest to him.

When I was a teenager, it really sparked up (therefore my future stories), then I blocked it on purpose. Now I believe I am ready to "see" again with my eyes, because I want to protect my kids as much as I can. As of now I can "see" with my head but with picture images, i.e., St. Michael Archangel, would be the famous artwork.

As an advice from my guides-or a Higher power-I have not performed another session; I have started to pray the Holy Rosary again, the Novena of Divine Mercy and one afternoon I prayed the most excrutiating prayer I have ever done: The 15 Prayers Of St. Bridget Of Sweden and modified it to "lost souls".

I was baptized with my name "Linda", but because my mom was afraid of bullying, she changed it to my current name-as usual, I hate it! 😜 I have caught many orbs with my cameras in that one spot but way before all of this. No ghostly activities as of yet but of course I am concerned about the portal.

Why didn't others on YouTube have experienced serious paranormal activity on their own? That is the question that bugs me. In all sessions I was called by my current name, but after my cousin came out that changed altogether and I kept hollering to the voice box that that is not my name anymore, to not avail. 😕