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Strange Noises Picked Up On Audio Recording on 2010-11-08

So I play drums in a band called "Becoming The Ghost". We got our name for a VERY specific reason, it's basically as if the house we recorded in, named US... The story begins here... It was June 2010, and my band (Formerly known as "Things Behind The Sun") was recording a demo for solicitation purpo...

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And for those who said they like the name... I asked my landlord the previous tenant's name, he wouldn't tell me, so I went to my local library to look up old newspaper articles, and sure enough, I found it! Her name was "Elsa". We have since named our album: "Dear Elsa, I Never Told You..." by "Becoming The Ghost"
Oh we're most definitely keeping it in the song! That moment was a turning point for the entire band... And yes, I still live in the house. Alot of very strange things happen here, but I never could have imagined we would pick it up in an audio recording?!