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Old Country House. Others Living There on 2010-11-02

When I was around 12 or 13 years old I had a friend that lived in Choctaw. Choctaw is a town in Oklahoma that is mostly rural and has lots of old houses. My friend lived in a big old house that was very haunted. She lived there with her parents, and her little sister. Her room, a playroom, her siste...

I Fear Somethings Been Following Me. Demon Maybe? on 2010-10-25

My name is Kathryn and I am a 17 year old girl who believes in the paranormal. I've lived in the same house in Oklahoma basically my whole life. It is a two story loft that is about 60-70 years old. My mom told me that in this house on a few occasions when I was a toddler pictures would fall off of ...

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and yes she still lives there. Havent talked to her in a few months though.

And to the person who wants me to email them, I will soon (:
hey guys thanks for the replies! I don't know if its true about the hospital or indian burial ground because there's a chance that the investigator was just bullsh**in! But it IS haunted!
oh and for the record, I'm NOT saying that I WAS posessed, I'm just saying it was a possibility hence the black eyes and the fact it was a strange occurance.
KAPSOIT- how would you know if I am an awful human being or not? I clearly stated in my story that I wouldn't ever want to do that in my right state of mind, nor would I have. I also clearly stated that I have never done something like that and that I AM a good person. Before you leave rude comments make sure you don't sound stupid, because you do. Haha ignorant m****r f***er.

And to everyone else thankyou for your replies they have been helpful
i do not party anymore, although I used to and I have never had an episode from drinking. I haven't ever acted strange while intoxicated either.

I am native american and I heard some indians do not tolerate alcohol well and sometimes tend to go crazy while they are drunk.?
a question: burning sage. Where can I get sage? I know it cleanses the house of negative energy but how does sage do this? Is sage a holy plant?

Holy water: where can I get holy water? I don't attend church and never have (although) I do believe in god obviously since I believe in the devil. I would feel awkward going to a random church and asking for some lol. But whatever it takes!

A question about crosses: crosses help protect you. Do you they only help if you are a faithful and loyal christian?

Seems things get worse around my house and more weird stuff happens when I try to strengthen my relationship with jesus christ, or create one for that matter.