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Sexual Experience With A Ghost on 2010-10-26

When I was in my early teens, (I am now 30) I did some experimenting with a Ouija board and dabbled in some other spiritual things, shortly after, I began experiencing a strange occurrence at night. After falling asleep, I would be awakened by a throbbing pressure all over my body. It felt orgas...

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Thanks again for all of your comments. I am still wondering why these incubus/succubus beings do what they do? What happens when you "give in" to them vs. Fighting the sexual sensations away? When I did give in, I had an out of body experience- I was able to see myself laying in bed, I was able to see the incubus hovering over my body and I was even able to leave my home, look down, and view my house and other things from the sky... Why did this occur? But when I fought off the sensation, I would hear hissing noises, wake up with scratches on my body, or a feeling of tightness around my neck/throat...also when I would fight the feeling of orgasmic pressure, I felt like my body was being violently thrusted against my bed, kind of like a human sized bouncing basket ball. The orgasmic feeling grew more intense and felt good and painful at the same time. WHY? I just don't understand why? What does the spirit have to gain if I give into it? Why does the spirit seem to become enraged when I try to fight it off? And why do I become paralyzed and unable to utter even the slightest sound? This has happened to me even while I was laying in bed with my (then) husband and I couldn't wake him up, I couldn't move or make a sound. All I could do was open my eyes and see him sleeping soundly as I was being violently molested by this spirit. One night, after this happened and I was able to move again, I woke him up and asked him to stay awake and watch me as I went back to sleep... Because I knew the spirit was not gone and would start on me as soon as I fell asleep... He agreed to sit up and observe, but as soon as I was falling into sleep, it started to happen again and I looked over at my (then) husband and he was fast asleep sitting up in bed! I think the spirit made him fall asleep so it could molest me without anyone seeing what was happening. Why do these spirits have to wait until you're almost asleep before they can launch an attack? Why can't they attack while you're awake? I'm guessing that maybe your mind has a certain guard up when you're awake and that when you're sleeping, you're mind is more vulnerable to attacks for some reason. I just wish I knew more on this subject so I could find a way to better protect myself from this happening (thinking about the name of Jesus Christ does stop these attacks while they're happening, but not without violent resistance from the spirit onto me) and also so I can understand the consequences of "giving in". I'd love to hear what anyone has to say on this subject.
Thank you for your comments. Until I found this web site, I kept these experiences to myself, I felt like I was completely alone and I was ashamed to talk about it. The experiences have dissipated but still happen from time to time. The most disturbing part to me is that the feelings over my body felt soooooo good, but in my heart I knew what I was feeling was not good for me. When I did finally give in to it (I was curious what would happen) I heard a weird hissing noise. After I was able to move my body, and got out of bed, there was a strange gooey, clear fluid on the handles of my dresser. What the heck was that? Anyhow after that I decided to resist it from then on and when it happened again, I recited my favorite prayer in my head (because I couldn't talk, when I would try to speak, all I could do was exhale quietly) the orgasmic pressure would start throbbing, as if something was exerting force and removing force, upon my body and feeling that made it hard for me to think, but I stayed focused and it did eventually go away. Does anyone know why these type of things happen to people? The only thing I can surmise is that women absorb energy through their "area" and maybe the entity was trying to make me absorb it's energy? I don't know, just an idea. Curious to see what anyone might have to say.