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I'm Shelby, I'm a Purdue student (third year!) in speech and hearing sciences and I've always been interested in the paranormal. I'm always willing to discuss it. I've had many different types of experiences. If anyone wishes to talk please email me!
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Demon In The Basement And A Phantom Car on 2012-08-20

April 2012 Vincennes, IN In April 2012, I went down to Vincennes University to visit my friends, Nicki, Moho, Dani and a few others, as well as my boyfriend, Zach. We had all gone to a concert, Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert (some of my favorites:) ) the night before and were just hanging ou...

Deb's Home on 2012-08-13

May & July 2012 In December 2011 my stepmom died. So this past summer I have visited my dad several times at their home in North Carolina. He's dealt alright with it, and now has a new girlfriend and is adjusting. However, my stepmom has made a few visits to us. Dad told me the day he got back f...

My Own Ouija Board Experience on 2012-08-13

My Own Ouija Board Experience May 2012 I've told you experiences from my stepdad's Ouija. Here's one of my own. In December 2011 my stepmom died. She basically went to sleep and never woke up. Doctors later confirmed it was a brain aneurism and no one could have done anything to save her. She wa...

Conversations With A Deceased Classmate on 2012-08-08

October 2011 This is an update on Dylan (D) dreams, again. At this point (Fall 2011) he had now been dead for more than a year and it has been more than 5 months since I'd had a dream about Dylan. I now feel comfortable using his first name online as a few people in my hometown now know ...

Room 358 on 2012-08-07

Earhart Dorm Room 358 Experiences 
 Fall 2011- Spring 2012

 Dani (my stepsister) and I started researching paranormal things online. Anything really, out of pure interest and my past experiences. Found some creepy pictures and videos, really had a good time with it but nothin...

Spring Break Discussion on 2011-03-28

If you have not read my previous story My House Experiences since Childhood, you need to do so before reading this as it is an extension/update. I went home for spring break (exciting I know) about two weeks ago. I prefer to stay at my boyfriend's house instead of my parents', so I didn't see them ...

My Brother's House on 2011-03-01

My brother, Jeremy, used to live in a house near the center of my hometown, which is quite small. He lived there with a roommate, who we all called Goat because he would eat anything. Jeremy and his baby mamma (now his wife as of a year ago) weren't together at this point; she was living with her fa...

Haunted Barn on 2011-02-01

My Aunt is one of those people that always manages to live in a haunted house. This time, not only her house but her barn is haunted as well. The barn is a really old fashioned style barn with two levels. The ground level is where some of their cows stay, as it has doors that lead to the pasture. It...

A Guardian? on 2011-01-25

I have told you my story of a friend, D, that died in a car wreck and came to visit me in dreams, this is an update. Last week I had another dream with D in it. I would like to say at this point (as I'm pretty sure I've said before) that I do not have reoccurring dreams, I do not have dreams wit...

An Accident And A Message on 2011-01-13

I know this site isn't about dream interpretation but I don't feel like these are just dreams. There are real people involved. A little background information before I begin: In August two boys from my graduating class were killed in a drunk driving accident. The driver of their car was drunk a...

Ghost Baby on 2011-01-12

A little backstory before I begin: This is a story my grandma used to tell me often. It was always a treat for my brother and I to hear, as well as some of my friends. This story takes place when my uncle was a baby, he's now upper 40s. It was my grandma and grandpa's first home (they live in Ohi...

My House Experiences Since Childhood on 2010-11-29

II have told you most of my Dad's stories, and now I will tell you my own from the house that I've lived in my whole life. My house isn't that old, and my bedroom and the living room are the newest additions to the house, added more than 20 years ago, before my parents bought it. I've always ha...

A Strange Experience While Sick on 2010-11-16

About two and a half years ago, I returned from a trip and had gotten very sick. I fainted twice, had a high fever, my family took me to a hospital and they ran tests that proved inconclusive. Nights were the worst for me and it became difficult for me to breathe. My mother decided to put me in my s...

The Little Girl In Dad's Old House on 2010-11-10

Once again, this is a story about my step-dad and this is another of his favorite stories to tell. I am unclear which house he was living in at the time of this story, but he has lived in the same area all his life. He has seen a lot of things, leading me to believe that he is sensitive, but I don't...

Dad's Ouija on 2010-11-08

My step-dad, who I call dad, loves to tell this story. This took place right after he married his second wife, my step-sister's mother, my mom is third wife. He also has a son (my step-brother, with his first wife. Confusing, I know). My Dad had an Ouija Board, I'm not sure when he came to own i...

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Date: 2012-09-04
This story is very frightening! My biggest fear is to see something crawling across the room at me, there is just something so unnatural about any person other than a toddler crawling. Theres just something super creepy about this... I'm curious if anything has happened in the house, maybe your local library will have something, other than just researching online. Best of luck! I'm looking forward to your other stories.

Your son is not mental. The only mental disorder that delusions and hallucinations (like a birdie or a scary girl or even aliens, whatever) would be schizophrenia, which is genetic but keep in mind that it does not show itself until the teenage years. If someone tells you that it is because of autism, I'm quite certain they'd be wrong as well because his language development would be way off and he probably wouldn't be speaking at the age of two. He would be missing other important milestones as well.

You mentioned that so many people in your family have this gift, that's more likely. And its nothing to worry about! He will learn and adjust as he gets older. And if he doesn't have the gift, young children are really susceptible to the paranormal. My nephew did the same thing when they lived in their old house (which was haunted, you can read about that in my story, My Brother's House if you're curious) but Jay, my nephew, grew out of it. He doesn't even mention the paranormal anymore. Sometimes they do have a gift and sometimes its simply because they're innocent.

Everything will be okay:] There is a whole community here with tons of knowledge backed by personal experience.

She spoke to it just because. We knew whatever was there was listening so she said it anyway.

It wasn't Waverly Hills. I'm not sure it even has a name to be honest and if it does none of the girls I was with knew it. Its around Vincennes Indiana, right of the Vincennes University campus. Literally right off of it, not even five minutes.

I'll look up some info on the phantom car... But as far as I know there hasn't been anything or any other reports of the same phenomena in that location.
Date: 2012-08-19
Well his girlfriend doesn't say much about it. She called him scared one night, while he was up north in Indiana visiting my brother and I. But later said it was just the wind. Deb I don't think would be jealous, I think its more an asserting of "I'm still here" as opposed to trying to scare her off. They aren't scary encounters by any means for anyone
I don't know. She owns one and keeps it in the house... She had said she always argues with it every time she touches the board. But whenever a cross is placed near the board it jerks to goodbye.
Welcome to the wonderful world of the paranormal!:] But in all seriousness, don't use an Ouija board, especially alone and especially since you're so new to the paranormal. I have heard way too many negative experiences, even though mine was an overall positive one, you can't predict what's going to happen and it might just make things worse.

And this is for sure not residual energy like Lakota suggested because its been trying to interact by you and followed you to your boyfriend's house. Residual would just be repeating an action over and over, like walking through the house, without reacting to any current objects, like your shirts.
Date: 2012-08-16
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Deb was a very loved member of the family and its really great to know she's still around watching out for us!
Date: 2012-08-16
I really enjoyed this story! Thank you so much for sharing. It's wonderful to read stories that have good endings. I really liked the bit about leaving the doll and candy for little Ann!
Date: 2012-08-16
Geetha, I've tried to do some research on the house and couldn't find anything. And no online records of the child... I'm not sure where else to look. But that's really interesting about the being buried away from the rest of the family, I'd never heard that before! I love learning new things! It will be hard to get any information out of my brother anymore because he's had a falling out with the entire family. But I'd really love to talk to you if you could email me! My email is on my profile!
Date: 2012-08-16
The dreams do not bother me as badly, there was one I had after an experience with an Ouija board and hopefully it will be up soon. But I don't fear them when Dylan is in them. I know he's just trying to talk with me, tell me about things and sometimes show me the future. If my dreams are frightening, its usually because its an entity I don't know.
Like I said before, I wasn't close with Dylan and our families were friends when we were very young. I know that most of Dustin and Dylan's mutual friends are very forgiving and do a lot of things with Dustin now that he's out of jail. As for the family... I don't know. I know Dylan's father has struggled with this. Even though its a small town, people are hush hush about personal things... If I knew, I'd be more than willing to share. However, I do not know how Dustin feels and if he's changed any of his old ways.
Date: 2012-08-15
Alright... I can't say Ouija Boards are entirely evil. I've had a semi good experience with one. It wasn't the best, but I did find out that my recently deceased step mother was okay. HOWEVER, spirits LIE. They can lie about who they are, anything really because they are just deceased people and people lie. So please use a little logic and take what it says with a grain of salt.

I also do not believe the part of the planchette flying into the wall. A session I have had with the Ouija we spoke to a demon that attached itself to my boyfriend's mom and nothing crazy happened. Please if you're going to tell a story tell the whole truth. Don't make things up for the site or for people to read, save fiction for elsewhere. However if it is true, then you weren't messing with an ordinary spirit. And you also need to realize with an ending like yours, it just makes the whole story seem fake. Please remember that for next time! Thank you!
Date: 2012-08-15
It traveled on its own for sure! There was no question about that. Now I don;t know for sure if it was the same board my step-brother played with. But I'm sure he wouldn't have been able to go out and buy one as he was really young at the time, maybe 10 or so. And his mother and my stepsister's mother both were terrified of the things. But there is no way for me to find out as I'm unfortunately not in speaking terms with either of them.
[at] geetha I appreciate all your comments! Nothing has happened in my house for awhile, besides nightmares. My current boyfriend, he's mentioned in a few of my new stories that I don't think are posted yet, thought he saw something once. But after we've remodeled the house and everyone switched bedrooms, nothing has happened. Its been... Relieving to say the least! I look forward to your comments on my newer stories!
Date: 2012-08-14
Someone is watching out for you! I think its the right amount of eventful, and its nice to read a story where the teller isn't afraid of what they've experienced. How are you wanting to communicate with a spirit? Because there are dangerous ways and you need to be very careful!
I do think Dylan was telling me about Dustin's release. But I think he's sort of become a warning sign for me as opposed to being really stuck here... He isn't in my dreams nightly... Believe me I have plenty worse ones.

Thats really about the only word I can think to describe this story. It's very intense, and very well told! I really wish you knew more, its just interesting all the way around and I can only come up with more and more questions!

Thanks for sharing
Okay, first of all, do not be afraid. Ask to see some pictures of Lola, to see if the ghost and the person match up and if your girlfriend can give a description of her Lola's ghost, even better. Personally, in my mom's house, we always thought that the ghost could be my mom's grandma because it liked to pull small pranks and was always childlike. While it did freak us out a little bit, we were never actually afraid of that particular entity. We always knew when it was her and when it was something different.

Basically, talk to her calmly about it in a location outside of the apartment, that way there isn't any tension of just being there.
Date: 2012-08-13

You are for sure not alone! I'm a young adult with these gifts too. I've had a deceased classmate I wasn't close to contact me many, many times. But please clarify what you need help with. There are so many wonderful people on this site with real paranormal issues, stories and gifts. My email is on my profile if you'd like to chat!
Date: 2012-08-13
The dorm building is fairly new. One of the newest on campus. It's at Purdue University, if anyone is Alum. Since none of the other girls had anything happen to them I think it's attached to me/my step sister or something of that nature. It also never tried to directly contact her, like I got sleep paralysis where as she just had the one dream and that was it. I really appreciate the feedback though!