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Hello, I live in the lovely state of Washington and have experienced unexplained supernatural situations most of my life. Some I attribute to religious/celestial beings and those are so full of hope and happiness. Then there are those that have been frightening, although the fact that I'm a devout Roman Catholic has helped me in these situations. I am highly intuitive and have the gift of discernment of Spirits. I usually know on the spot if I can trust someone. I've had prolific dreams and visions. I can see auras around people with out even trying, and I can always sense if a building/home is haunted by something. I have the ability to feel deep pain and emotions of others to the point that it feels like it is my own pain. I have a strong liking to old homes. I live in a home that was built in 1889 and love it. I also lived in another home that was also built in 1889. I have never encountered anything out of the ordinary in these homes. I have, however experienced odd occurances in homes that are newer. I know that first and foremost God always protects me and that I can call on my faith when I'm faced with the unexplained. Anyway, I hope to share my experiences with all of you.
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Ghosts In My Classroom on 2011-11-14

Not long ago I submitted an account of some odd happenings at the school I teach at. I mentioned that I saw shadow people in the hallways and that the school is in a really bad area which has had lots of shootings and murders. This is an update of some other things that have happened since. I co...

Haunted School And Neighborhood on 2011-09-26

I am working at a new school this year. It's a building that was once an elementary school, then a high school and now is an all kindergarten school. It was fully remodeled when it became a high school. It is located in a very bad part of town that is known for gangs, drugs, and shootings. On many...

Health Club Zumba Ghost In Mirror on 2011-05-16

This happened to me about two weeks ago at the gym and I still can't truly comprehend what I saw. I have been faithfully going to a Zumba class at my gym since January. For the most part the same people go, especially the Wednesday night class. I go to other classes but this incident happened on thi...

Cold Spots, Shadow & Paralysis on 2011-01-05

I just got back home from a trip to Wisconsin to see my family. My mom still lives in the house I grew up in. As I mentioned in my previous post my sister and I did the dumb mistake of doing a séance in our basement when I was kid which freaked us out. I still think my basement is creepy. For the mo...

Was It Really The Cat? on 2010-12-16

Since I was a child, I have always been sensitive to either paranormal energy, spiritual energy, and very intuitive about things and emotions of others. I've even had dreams that have come true. Slowly I'm sharing a lot of my present and past experience... And future too, once they happen. Here is o...

Paranormal Attack On Family Members on 2010-12-13

This happened to some family members of mine recently while they were visiting my aunt and uncle in Mexico. I might've mentioned that my dad passed away this past spring and while he died in the U.S. He was buried in Mexico, his home country. At my aunt's home he had his own bedroom where he or our ...

Ghost Student 2 on 2010-11-30

A few weeks ago I wrote about an experience I had while teaching music at a school I was at. (See my post: Ghost Student) A child in one of my classes had seen someone walking in the music room whom I did not see and later I saw a child, which I later realized was a ghost standing by the light switc...

College Apartment Ghost on 2010-11-23

When I was in college my friends and I decided to move to an off campus apartment not too far from the university (Wisconsin). We found a nice complex and the rent was decent. Weird things started happening pretty much from the moment we moved in. First of all we got an infestation of roaches-wh...

Apparitions In My Grandparents Apartment on 2010-11-22

My family is originally from Mexico. This all happened in my paternal grandparents apartment in the early to mid 1970's. When I was about 1 or 2 my parents moved in with my grandparents temporarily. They had put my crib in my grandparent's bedroom and my parents stayed in a smaller room. While I don...

Ghost In My Dad's Assisted Living Home on 2010-11-09

My dad (who passed away this past spring) suffered from renal disease and was on dialysis for years awaiting a kidney transplant. During one of his dialysis treatments he had a heart attack and while he survived the doctors told us he couldn't live on his own anymore (My parents were divorced) Not w...

The Haunted Convent on 2010-11-08

Since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a nun, so when I was in my 20's I decided to give up a career that I loved and follow my heart to serve God as a sister. I entered an order of religious sisters in Washington State. When I first moved in, I was surprised that the convent was actually a...

Ghost Student on 2010-11-03

I know I just submitted an incident that happened to me at a Seattle school a few years ago, but this happened to me today so I wanted to share it. Ironically this incident had to do with music too. This occurred in Spokane, WA where I currently teach/live. This morning I was asked to fill in for...

A Music Loving Ghost In The Classroom on 2010-11-01

My first year of teaching, I got a job as a third grade teacher at an elementary school near Seattle, WA. When I first entered my classroom to set it up for the first day of school, I got a strong unsettling feeling and while I'm highly intuitive and have experienced odd occurrences in the past, ign...

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Date: 2011-11-16
I know that other teachers have had odd things happen... Like the other day I was in a classroom talking to another teacher and the closet door just flew open. I was like, what was that? And she said the ghost. She said things like that happen all the time. Others say they hear things sometimes like gun shots really close by but when they look around nothing is there. The school is also unusually cold even when the heater is on. The area has a lot of Native American history and the school was named after an explorer. I haven't done a crime check of the area yet... Mostly because I've been swamped but I would be curious to know how many murders and shootings have happened in the area. It's a creepy neighborhood.
Date: 2011-10-20
I would talk to those students and or teachers to see why they gave such a negative reaction when you mentioned the dorm. Is there a residence hall adviser? You can talk to them and tell them what is going on to see if other students are experiencing similar happenings. Don't assume you are alone in this. Others may be going through the same thing. I lived in a haunted apartment during college too... It was really creepy but my roomate and I did not move out. We just ignored it. I did say once... If you don't bother me, I won't bother you and we can all live together peacefully ok? I said it nice but assertive. That could be risky of course, and this was before I knew that you aren't supposed to talk to ghosts but it did work and only on a few occasions did some small things happen, but nothing major. Good luck and keep on praying... If you are religious than you know that the power of God is stronger than any ghost out there.
Date: 2011-10-06
Wow, Lakewood, CA... That is where my aunt lives... And my cousin and her husband just bought a house with a pool there... I have never liked their house... It just has a cold feeling. I visit them at least once a year. I highly doubt it would be your old house... That would be a creepy coincedence... (They live on Bomberry... That isn't your old street by any chance is it?). So sorry to hear about your ordeal... Glad you don't live there but sad about what happened to the puppy and mom's friend. I'd keep looking for information as the others suggested... Now I'm curious too since I know the area.
Yes, this school is an all kindergarten school... It houses 550 kinder students. Our district is bursting at the seams and they built a new high school and turned the remodeled building for all kinder. (they took out kinder from a few elementary schools and put them here). I have in the past experience odd experiences in other schools. This school though is just different because of the location. It's a very bad neighborhood... There is a very negative vibe. We were in the staff room and out of no where a pencil holder with pencils flew off the shelf with no explanation. There were four teachers in there including myself at the time. We were like, what on earth happened? It was squared so it didn't roll off. One of the teachers said "It was the ghost." I don't know if anyone has died in the building, but there have been murders and shootings nearby. It's just a creepy place to work.
Date: 2011-05-30
Wow this story gave me chills. I always get freaked out with haunted stories regarding dolls. There is something attached to the doll like others have mentioned. Maybe you can talk to a minister or spiritual adviser and have a rest in peace ritual so that the spirit can cross over. I'm glad you did at least take some flowers and apologize. I think this needs to be taken care of with care and respect.
I went to my Wednesday night Zumba class yesterday... No sign of the ghost... Maybe it was a wandering spirit. There are some old dilapidated abandoned barns and a creepy old abandoned house across the street from the gym. (I hate parking in front of it if the gym lot is full-I get shivers just thinking about this house) So you never know. I don't know if anyone else noticed her in the mirror. All I know is that the ladies standing by her didn't see her. I have never liked mirrors... They always creep me out. In this studio setting I never minded it too much but now I'm all paranoid! The other day the instructor's son was sitting in the back I kept wondering... Is he real or a ghost? Lol... But then he went to give his mom a CD so I knew he was real. Still no sign of this ghost which is fine by me. It is odd though.
Thank you for sharing your story. I couldn't help but think of me when I was young. According to my parents I would scream and point to something that I called "La Chacha". It would freak them out. It could be your daughter has a gift and although this may not be of a comfort to you know that your protection and love can shield her from any harm. I think you are doing the right thing in saying prayers. Also ask for St. Michael's intersession. He's protected me many times. You can also talk to your priest or minister for spiritual guidance or counseling.
Say a prayer before you go to sleep. Don't give this thing power. You need your sleep now more than ever. And sorry about what your boyfriend did to you. My ex did the same thing to his first girlfriend, and 30 years later has very very little contact with his son. Not cool. Hope yours comes around. Take care and hope you don't see this thing again!
I've had experiences with ghost cars before. But mine was scary. It's possible it was a guardian angel looking after your family. Thanks for sharing.
The funny thing is that since I came home to Washington I haven't felt anything out of the ordinary. If it was a ghost cat or animal maybe it got scared by the airplane and crazy airports. So it must be tied to the house in Wisconsin. If it does appear I will talk to someone about it. I did have a cat growing up, I loved her very much but she passed away in 2002. She was 18 years old. Long life for a cat.
There was a story on the Haunted on Animal Planet where a woman in Saranac, NY opened a door and saw just a hand coming out towards her. So anything is possible. Pretty creepy though.
Date: 2010-12-30
Hi...I haven't been around... Been on holiday with the family! Anyway thanks for the responses... Yes I admit what we did was dumb but we didn't know any better. Really taught us a lesson. We had cracks everywhere in that basement including were I saw the shadow. My mom's gotten it fix since and as of now they have not returned. I'm actually in the house right now and have not experienced anything except the temperature gage goes up and down on it's own but that might be an electrical thing. Thanks again.
I did wonder if maybe my dad was trying to warn my aunt. My dad suffered for a long time-kidney failure and diabetes and he died peacefully, so I hope he is in a better place. My aunt and uncle do run a little paper supply store which is attached to the house. The home is in shape of a square with a courtyard in the middle. So on the street side is the store, on the side is my dad's old room, there is small space for the laundry then the main home-opposite the store, and then a brick fence with a climbing wall opposite my dad's room. So they have a lot of traffic in and out. So it would be easy for a wandering spirit to come in especially if my dad's room was the closest to the store and the street. They used to say the lot across the street from their home was haunted but now there are many homes built on that land. I really hope it was a wandering spirit. My aunt is still freaked out.
This ghost that you saw probably has been there a while and sounds like it's fairly quiet and just going with the flow of things. I had something like that happened to me once except the ghost of an old man was right next to me when I woke up-also really late at night. I remember screaming... And then it went away. I never saw it again. Sometimes they are just curious and want to take a peak. Sounds creepy I know. If it is not bothering you or being aggressive I wouldn't worry about it. If you start noticing things happening more or seeing any form of aggression or physical harm then I would try and talk to someone about it or do some research on the house. In my case, I slept with the lights on the rest of the night and since I am a religious person, prayed and said my rosary. My roommate who was actually up late studying didn't even notice my scream. I'm like thanks a lot! The following night I was so paranoid to sleep in my room but I did and nothing happened. Don't show it fear.
Date: 2010-12-15
I do see the orb around his bangs... And a streak of light behind him. Anyway, children can see things we can't. I know I did as a child. And old homes have so much history. My home is over 100 years old. I love it and haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary-except it shakes when the train passes by... Or is it really the train?😲
Anyway I would find out the history just out of curiosity. Thanks for the story.
Date: 2010-12-07
Thanks for sharing. Mirrors always scare me... Especially decorative ones. I don't know why since I've never had creepy experiences with them. Has anything else happened in that house to your dad or step mom since you moved out? Maybe she should get rid of that mirror.
Date: 2010-12-06
Well I'm heading to this school this afternoon to teach some classes... I'll let you all know if anything out of the ordinary happens...
Thank you for your story. I once saw Our Lady of Guadalupe standing at the foot of my bed one night, and have had several encounters with guardian angels-one actually saved me from what could of been a horrible situation. I think stories like this give us hope in goodness and in peace. As someone who has experienced both frightening paranormal experiences and peaceful spiritual experiences I know that the there is good out there and there is evil. It is when I pray during the frightening experiences that I know that God is protecting me because the scary encounters go away. Thank you for sharing your story and I'm glad she helped you find peace.
Date: 2010-12-02
Thanks for the insights... Still trying to dig out from a nasty snow storm that later turned to rain... And now is a horrible scary slushy mess! Anyway what I find interesting is that the first "ghost" I saw was a little boy, probably around 1st grade or so. This second one was a little girl, my guess about the same age or just a bit older. So I wonder if it's two different ghosts. It's the only school I've been to in this city where I have seen or felt paranormal activity. I was at a completely different school today which is in a really old building and with the exception of stories of kids saying they've seen an "elf" in the coat closet, I haven't experienced anything. I'll keep you posted.
Date: 2010-12-01
If I had more time I would of investigated in the bathroom but the bell had rung and I had students waiting for me. I can just imagine explaining to the principal why I was late back to I was also taken back by the whole thing so I just kept walking back to the classroom.