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Hello my open minded people. I love this site so much that I check for stories every hour that am awake. I'm 23 and I live in St.Louis, Missouri. My profile name tells it all... I think I've been cursed since birth. I have three succubus in love with me... Three!?... And no I didn't summon them... They let me know this information two years ago... I'll tell you about them and more stuff later in my stories. I want to add that I had a feeling that something was wrong for awhile... I've been deprived of a lot of stuff. But I hope you enjoy my stories. Peace & chicken grease
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My 3 Succubi on 2010-11-03

What's up, my name is Brandon. This is my very first post. I moved back into my Parent's house 2 years ago. They just purchased this house a couple months before my arrival. My 15 year old cousin stayed with them also. It's in a middle class neighborhood in St. Louis with huge trees all over (Forest...

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Date: 2010-11-05
Thanks everybody for your comments. I never told him about that dream. Thats why I believed him. I think they used him because he looks up to me. I never saw the twins. I only had a dream with the mixed 1. I was walking down the hallway in my old high school and this girl in a nice dress passed me and smiled. I was still looking foward, but I wanted to look back at her and that's when I saw her... She was busty alright, but her face was a blur. She stood there like "the ring". I looked away then I double taked, now it was 10 of them, but with different clothes and still no face. I was scared by this point. I looked away again!... Looked back and they bomb rushed me and clawed at me in a playful way (laughing). I woke myself up... It's funny because I just started getting the tingle touch " downstairs " 2 months ago. My feet get really cold at times, if I hang them off a recliner. My ears have been poppin since my cousin got invovled. I saw her face in a mental picture. I was about to fall asleep, until I saw a flash of her sitting on one of my couch chairs (putting her tongue out with a tease look). Her eyes were bright green with a slant... So unearthly. I don't understand it either. Oh yeah, she told my cousin she got rid of the twins...?... That's in the next story, hope it's better (she is going to use my cousin as a messanger alot... I don't know why... This succubi is really different from the other's...)