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Spirit Attachment Is Incubi And Sucubi on 2010-11-03

What I have written is about what I have experienced and learnt about... I struggled for years to find a definition for it as I believed my health problems were all unconnected. I did not make a connection between some of my afflictions and my attachment or that they were spiritually induced e.g. P...

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Hi, What I meant to say was that having recuring wet dreams may and may be indicative of having an attachment but that in itself is not enough to diagnosis one as having one.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. They are well appreciated.

Date: 2011-04-25
Hello all

SucubussesSuck wanted me to let you all know that these demons are DANGEROUS and he had me promise to write you all telling you this.

Presently he is at hospital and sounds desperate.


Here is what a "Doctor" has to say about Spirit attachments.

I do not think I should give your post the benefit of the treatment I give other posts, however I would say that I too can read between the lines and I know that when one mentions 'sex' and the 'Church' they do not go. People switch off and even get ANGRY.

People tend to think people who subscribe to the faith are religious nuts who blame all their problems on demons/devil and can't see straight.

All I will choose to say is, you are very wrong here.

If you have not read the story to the end, how can you come out to criticize it?

You wrote "...I do also wonder whether you aren't trying to blame your explicit dreams on a separate "evil" entity because your "CHURCH" has told you that sexual dreams are a sin perhaps?

I think we are going over old ground here. Please read the story or even the previous posts. I or my Church DO NOT believe sexual dreams are a sin. We do believe its continuous recurrence coupled with other symptoms such as I had given, MAY be indicative of having a spirit attachment.

Otherwise thanks for writing.

Cephas66 ❤
Hello Rook

I really cannot remember exactly how old I was at the time but I believe somewhere between 6 and 11 years old.

We may use the word - hex, curse or attachment spell, (seems like we are playing with interchangeable words) as long as the essence of the message is conveyed and you get my meaning that is really in my opinion what matters.

The story of how I believe I may have been 'jinned' is as good as I previously wrote. I do not think I can add more details to the story.

I attend church as regularly as I can and yes I am a born Christian and included that detail in my story.

Kind regards

Hello again Rook,

You wrote "The way you use the term Jin and 'created' the word Jinned sounds to me like you may be referring to being Hexed/Cursed"

I particularly singled out the word Jin due to the specifics of the experience I had when I was much younger. Briefly putting it, I had been sent to buy something one late evening when a stranger comes up to me with the request of if, I could give her directions. She then proceed to produce a crumbled piece of paper which she handed to me and then she quickly redrew from it.

I remember looking at the piece of paper and losing focus (of my sight), the content of the letter then came in focus and the writings were all in what looked like Arabic. I remember hurriedly handing the paper back to her and running back home.

This is what I meant when I said..." I had an experience early on in life that lead me to believe I may have had a Jin invoked on me." It is not included in my story and is the 1st supernatural encountered I ever experienced.

I suppose I may said someone hexed/cursed me on that occasion but I chose to use Jin as the origin and activities of this spirit in my life fit the definition as previously researched.

I hope my answers satisfy you. Thanks for writing again like I said before, feel free write.
Hello rookdygin

Thanks for writing and in the same tone I would try to answer your comments.

You wrote -...You are healthy, that the doctors can find nothing wrong with you yet within your tale you say you have...

Tinnitus - is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound.

This is a medical condition and in and of itself could (may) explain some of the 'sounds/voices' you may be hearing...

My answer to that is what I tried to say was that the cause of it could not be found in other words the cause of the problems I have been experiencing could not be found. They were only able to diagnose and give a medically tag/label to what I was experiencing.

You wrote "...You also refer to being 'Jinned' in one of your comments... Could you please explain that as all I can find in reference to that term is in the 'urban dictonary' and it's a game term meaning "To be beaten in a sound fashion, in a violent way. Stems from the game character Jin Kazama who is the cheapest character in Tekken 4. (got Jinned) "

I am sorry if I mislead you or anyone to think that the term "jinned" is grammatically correct. The truth is that it was a term I made up and used freely to express what happened to me. By that I meant the origin and source of my problems.

I agree with you," - is a middle eastern spirit..." what I meant to say was that I had an experience early on in life that lead me to believe I may have had a Jin invoked on me. So please forgive the colloquialism as I made up the term - JINNED.

I hope these answers satisfy you. If you need further clarification or answer s to any questions you may have, please feel free to write me.
Hello all
I have been away but would like to try reply all your posts.

DCinAZ, sorry I am no literary genius but the 'monologue' no 'soliloquy' has all the raw elements of what an experience with an entity attachment can be like. I will however try to embrace the art of 'brevity.'

Zzsgranny, I am sorry you found the story too long. You wrote 'Your symptoms: fatigue, listlessness, erectile dysfunction, dizziness, insomnia, pressure on the top of your head, tinnitis, illness, a general feeling of illness, aches and pains... All are symptoms of high blood pressure and/or diabetes...'

I have had my system checked and rechecked by taking a series of blood tests and over a period of time. And I can assure you I do not have high blood pressure and or diabetes.

Badjuujuu, I have been medically examined time and time again and by different Doctors all to no avail. The diagnosis is always the same, nothing can be found wrong with me.

And as anyone who has experienced these things would tell you, it all fails to show its causes under medical examination.

Rasidah, I believe the above is as good an answer to your post.

LF2582, Hello Linda, it would seem there are two types of readers, those that have experienced what a spirit attachment can do or those that have a passing interest in the subject.

I do not expect empathy from any one that just has a passing interest in the subject. I say this knowing how easy it is to dismiss the subject as all medically induced as against spiritual. Sadly I know it takes having the experience to be able to relate with the possibility of being spiritually oppressed.

I would write to let you how am getting on in trying to rid myself of this attachment. Thanks again.
Hello ZiShu

I am open to all suggestions and willing to hear from you.
KimSouthO, you wrote "...I would like to know- how were you introduced to the theory that your physical issues may have a paranormal source?"

To that I will counter by saying It left me in no doubt it was responsible for my plight. I had 'voices' that boasted of what they could do to me and backed up their threats with 'action.' Action of what I listed in my story.

You wrote -" If you are aware, why do you not rid your self of all of these afflictions by ridding your self of the demons?"

Getting rid of an attachment/demon is easier said than done. And I said as much in my story. You will find there is much talk about what can be done but little effective solutions to the problem.

There are few routes I have not plied in trying to get rid of this spirit/demon.
I do not want to labour the point but...

I really think there is a lot to learn about the subject and I suggest you read/google spirit attachments.

That should tell you what spirit attachments are capable of. This would save us time arguing what they can do and how they can influence/affect one.

Redphx - I appreciate that you are taking time to write. I had an experience when I was young and I believe I may have been JINNED. That is the way these things work.

Rashidah - You said, a Doctor would never tell me what I have been experiencing was not of medical but of spiritual causes. Well I believe I finally met one who was willing to confide in me off the record.

You said " entity that you are not even sure if it is attached to you or not."
I cannot count the number of times I stressed that I was in no doubt that I had an attachment. And it was this attachment that has caused me the problems I have.

Otherwise please check the tone/attitude.
Hello Redphx

You said - Most of the time multiple spirits won't attach themselves and the demon can't change its sex.

My Answer - This statement tells me you know little about spirit attachments. A spirit is a being without a body. It does not have a body nor is constrained by our corporeal nature. And I wrote it may be one pretending to be many spirits.

You said - I do believe in God but your church has given you very bad advice when it comes to sex. Sex is a healthy, natural, and needed thing. Humans are animals. Sex is to be embraced not regarded as being sinful.

My Answer - Where did I write that sex is sinful? And I do not believe I wrote about my Church's advice regarding the matter.

You wrote - What I think is that you have a medical condition that needs to be handled by a professional doctor. If you are already going to a doctor go find a different one. Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition and is usually caused by emotional problems. Once you get your emotional problems handled your ED should start to get better.

My Answer - I have plied the medical route several times and with different people and have gotten no solutions. And was infact advised by a Doctor that I have a spiritual problem and not a medical problem.

Again I wish to state that the nature of my problem or should I say the season in which I was severally afflicted by this entity left me in no doubt as to what I was dealing with.

Thanks but I presently have no problem sleeping.

And I know I have a Spirit attachment problem. There has been too much that has transpired for me not to know the difference between having one and a mere haunting dream.
Hello carolyn3319

Thanks for the offer of us discussing.

I will read your stories and take up the offer to write you.

Bye for now
Hi Rashidah,

U say I have an unhealthy view of sex. You do not know me and nothing of what I have written talks about sex per se.

U say a being must have a motive for threatening one. You seem to think there is a rule book these spirits follow. This statement alone tells me you know next to nothing about Spirit attachments and what they can do.

Everyone knows a Spirit attachment can cause nearly all symptoms of physical, mental and emotional ill health.

I wrote all I know about spirit attachment to educate people like you who just think its all one big joke. Or worse still feel its all harmless fun about getting your kicks.

I never wrote that sexual dreams are evil what I wrote was that they may be indicative of having a spirit.

Again I stress that I wrote out of my experience which left me in no doubt at all about the nature of this being or its capability.
Hello Hestia

Just writing to let you know I sympathise with you as one who is a fellow sufferer.

I believe and have been told prayer and fasting could help rid one of this spirit.

I have my story too and I hope it would be made public by this board in a few days time.

Pray to Jesus and continue to pray to him.

I am Nigerian as well and have submitted my article to be read. It has all you need to know about Incubi/succubi spirit. I believe it would be uploaded in a few days time.

I think you have a spirit and I think you will need to be steadfast in your prayer and fasting sessions to be rid of it. Please do not expect it to go easily as they can be difficult to be rid of.

I am a born again Christian myself and so know the problem involved in getting help to deal with this spirit.

I think I should also tell you that the Spirit operates from within. In other words it is likely be to be in you as against following you around.

As you are Nigerian, I would advise you go see a deliverance Pastor of Mountain and Fire ministry. They are based in Lagos and have a retreat called Prayer city at the outskirts of Lagos.

Tell them you have a spirit husband or are experiencing 'strangers in your body' this is a term they are farmilar with.

I have to warn you that seeing a deliverance pastor doesn't not mean your problems have ended. You will have to see this as a journey. As most deliverance ministers/pastors do not have real experience of this spirit. They are nearly always trained to think that at the mention of Jesus the spirit will flee.

As one who has suffered seriously at the hand of this spirit. I will advise you, do not expect a quick resolution to the problem. But be patient and perserve.

You may write me