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First Old Hag Experience on 2014-10-23

I do not consider myself as someone who sees things or goes looking for paranormal activity, I would rather avoid. I has proud to consider myself as non-sensitive but around the age of 16 that changed a little. When I was in high school back in 2004 I had a very strange experience. I heard my mu...

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Date: 2013-05-19
Hi interesting story. The comments are even more interesting! Why do people keep asking were in brazil. Do they not see BRASILIA written in the story lol. Hey talk about children been stolen you make Brazil look bad!
Hi timilicious: I have had similar experiences. I have spoken to total strangers most times drunks or beggars and they have said things that totally shock me. Like how did he/she know that.
One thing that stood out was the fact he said that you had a shadow and someone does not like you. Since finding out who that person is almost impossible I think you shouldn't worry about that. Since we all in africa I think you will understand what witchcraft is all about (sangomas, inyanga, mediums etc). If you ever consulted these people you might have picked up something. If you have never dabbled that I assume someone is busy with you. I think you should pray I do not now how religious you are but that has helped me. Here is a prayer
Good luck dear. Remember not to be afraid
Date: 2013-01-02
There is a similar story with my mum's friend. Apparently his father's family are involved in african occult practices and one of the rooms in the house was reserved for the spirits. His mum had 7 kids the youngest died of a heart complication a month after the eldest committed suicide. Two other sisters also committed suicide in a space of 5 years they all drank caustic soda. One bother got sick and died. Funny that the only two that survived and are living successful lives are the ones that decided enough is enough and went to church and got saved. They believe that if they had not done so they would be dead. So its either the father had some destructive spirits or they had depression in the Genes! Any how I wish you luck. Ps: do not leave baby alone in the room. Long story short new a couple who lived in their grandfathers haunted house one morning they woke up and their daughter was dead her face was red they could see five fingers across her face! Like a smack print. Do not want to scare you Just be careful
Date: 2013-01-01
This sounds so unbelievable like a movie. As an african Christian I do not believe in good and bad spirits. Demons impersonate people we know (the person being impersonated normally had this evil spirit in them and once the person dies the spirit "demon" looks for a new body to inhabit or just sticks around causing problems). You need to find out were this spirit is coming from with out making contact with it. In african belief just like in christian children are dedicated to ancestors or God apparently in the occult communities they dedicate children and grandchildren before they born.
Could you or your Boyfriend have a family member involved in the occult? Have you or him ever been involved in the occult? Questions you need to find answers for.
This spirit can harm your children or stick with them for the rest of their lives. You need to get a priest to bless the house and pray for your family.
Burn lavender its calming, sage, rosemary, are also good. Pray in Jesus name! These are your kid and you need to protect them.
Until you stand up and make known that the spirit "demon" is not welcome in your home it will stay and grow more confident as it feeds of your fear. Do not be afraid.
Hi. I know the feeling of dreaming the same thing over again or even a continuation.
My advise would be not to communicate with it he can change.
1. You need to find out if you are not stressed about something even if it seems small.
2. Find out about the people that lived there before you moved in.
3. Don't try to communicate with any spirit at all.
4. Did any one in your family ever take part in the occult?
5. If you listen to gospel listen in your room before you go sleep.
6. Before going to sleep have a conversation out loud with your self. Tell your self that you are tired and that you want to have a good night sleep. You do not want to dream, say it with out fear.
7. Do not be afraid. Put a bible under your pillow. Tell your self before going to sleep if anything happens a dream or anything you will pray or sing a song. Its funny how we can influence our dreams by just suggesting to ourselves. I'm my dreams when ever I feel a strange overwhelming fear I sing the sunday school song yes Jesus loves me. Works! Ask your parents and friend to pray for you.
Date: 2008-03-19
I totaly believe you. I live in South Africa and we hav our share of ghost. Theres the Indian gal that haunts d viking high way thers the boy on the bycicle and the old chevy that drives in your direction than vanishes
Hi there I also get that a lot but I must stil post my story all I do is pray. I stay in africa so we hav other strang explanations 4 it. But I ting its also related 2 stress en tiedness.
Date: 2007-12-14
Hi you have quiet a story that house is infested with spirits. I tink the people who lived there must have been involved in the oucalt or devil worshp that is why there is lots of movement in the house you need to pray just ask jesus for help he wil see you through