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My Name Is Vedana And I Am 13 Years Old, And I Am Very Interested In The Paranormal! Xxx
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The Little Boy That Roams Leguan on 2010-11-08

I am about to tell you a scary experience that my Dad experienced. It happened when my Dad was just 17 years old, in Leguan A very small island of Guyana. Let me tell you a little about Leguan, as it is very small it is divided into two bits. Back part and front part. Front part is at the front of t...

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Midnight_Mist, thank you very very much, it means a lot to me! And my dad!
Date: 2010-12-19
What A Beautiful Story!
Me And My Friend Chloe Were Reading This Story And We Just Wanna Say How Lucky You Are To Be Visited By Your Loved One!
Much Love,
Vedana ❤
Date: 2010-11-20
What a Beautiful Story!
I am really and truly sorry about what happened in school where the kids bullied you. But I guess Rebecca lovingly protected you and made them all sick. Thank you soo much for posting this story, I must say it is one of my favourites posted on this site. Xxx
Date: 2010-11-09
Hello themiss,

I am very sorry to hear about the loss. I guess it must have been very scary and confusing for your grand-mother at the time, and it was VERY scary to see her niece wearing the same pink dress in her coffin as she saw her that night before/after she died. If it is possible, How did your grandmother's niece die? It is said that birds are a way of telling you things, some say they are sent from heaven.

Thank you for posting this story,
Vedana xxx
Date: 2010-11-09
Hello shamby,

That is a very scary story, but very interesting! I have never played with an ouija board in my life, and don't intend on doing so. I wonder how the board itself moved from the old house to the new house...Weird! I guess the board itself is just haunted.

Oh and one last thing... Never Use A Ouija Board!

Thanks for the nice story 😊 xxx

Thank You All For Believing My Story (Well My Dad's Actually!).
Mini, Legaun Is In Guyana And Could You Please Ask Your Neighbour What Country Your Neighbour Comes From? Thank You xxx