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Spirits Can Become Members Of Your Family on 2010-11-09

To start my story I must give you some background information. I am a divorced mom of four children, three girls and one boy. After my second marriage me and my children moved in my new husband's home in a small rural area in Texas. His home was a new build over a creek bed on an old stagecoach trai...

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[at] roseinbloom,

I did not feel your comments were negative at all, I want my little one to be with his real Momma but unfortunately I do not know how to get him there. This is the first time in my life that I have experienced anything like this. For all who commented that it is sad that he cries, I know it hurts me too but until he is ready, my hands are tied. I talk to him on a daily basis and will continue to let him know he should go and it is totally okay with me. He has an attachment to our family not only me, maybe he had no siblings in his past life, who knows? Take care!
[at] roseinbloom

I have tried to tell him to cross over and that his Mom is waiting for him but he remains. I feel bad for him when he cries but I do not know what else to do. I will try to pray for him again and will keep you all posted. Thank you for your comments.
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My son was 8 years old when we moved in, he is now 20, my middle daughter was 11, now 23 and my baby daughter was 3, she is now 15. When things first started happening they were scared but I told them that spirits are just people and they soon adjusted. We have strong Christian values and we always tell our children that death is not goodbye but a see you later. We now all laugh at his pranks! Thank you for your comments!
[at] snowhite,
I have told him that he should move on if he wants to see his Momma soon after I actually saw him but he is still here. I also told him that he can talk to me but all I ever hear is the crying and calling to his Mom in the night which is not very frequent.
Thank you for your kind words and my husband never experienced any activity until after I found the rocks and brought them in my home. How will he let me know he wants to move on? I would miss him and his antics but I would help him if he wanted to.
Date: 2010-11-08
I do not think this is demonic because our family experiences the same thing. My husband and daughters' necklaces are removed during the night too, two cross necklaces and a heart necklace. Their whole necklaces are removed sometimes and sometimes just the crosses. We know we have a spirit of a small boy and we believe that he does it for attention and a typical boy prank. I would just ask them to stop, this works for me. He has been known to try and get into bed with my daughters and I have to tell him to stop. I am not crazy, I have seen this young boy and he is in all white like he is wearing a white t-shirt and pants just as you describe. Just ask your spirit to stop and tell them that it bothers you. I hope this helps you!