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Unsure What's Going On on 2010-11-16

My husband and I recently moved into a new apartment. A few days after settling in, we started noticing a vibration sound (Like when you have your cell phone on vibrate, and it goes off) but our phones weren't going off. We would hear this sound all over the apartment. My husband would be in the ki...

A Hauting Of A Best Friends Dad on 2010-11-09

To understand my story, you first have to know a little about this family. My best friend "Jess" and her family were devoted Christians. Her father being a minister and her mother a Sunday school teacher. Her and her siblings raised in this strict Pentecostal Christian church in Nebraska. In the ...

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fire fairy it very well can be a demon taking on the precesne of her dad, someone mentioned that in a post. I've heard of it happening. I know there was a calmness when seeing one, and a great fear when I saw the other. It was very odd, after it happened I started to research ghosts, demons angels, whatever I could to try to understand what happened, and how to get it to stop.
Date: 2010-11-26
BadJuuJuu, no its not a dumb question! We looked into that. No one lives below us, there's only 2 apartments per floor, and we both think the apartment on our floor is to far away to have this sound coming from them, and we live on the end of the building, so there really is no one around us.
From the time I posted this until yesterday (about a week) we had no issues with it, I walked into the apartment yesterday hearing it.
Moongrim, I have been woken up by it, I think it bothers me more than my husband. He never hears it if hes home alone now. Have you ever found out why its occurred to you?
A common misconception is the house is haunted. A spirit could of attached itself to you, or any member of your family. A house doesn't have to be "old" to be haunted either. The land it sits on could be haunted.

I know you posted this awhile ago, has this continued?
I would research the land. See whah has happened their in the years past.
This is a rather interesting story. I've never heard of a hell hound before, but I've heard of the Mexican legand of the Cucuy. And it does remind me of it.

Did all this just stop on its own?
This story made me laugh! That little boy really showed your dad!
What happened to this little boy? Did he stick around? Or just prove a point to your dad and disappear?
Date: 2010-11-17
Somebody doesn't have to die for a house to be haunted, I really wish people would stop saying that.
And I wish people would understand that when you play with fire, you will get burned.
Messing around with an ouija board is dangerous.
I agree your father shouldn't of shouted at it. I had a hard time following your story, from what I got from it, it was quite terrifying! You're lucky to have an angel.

I however do not understand why your parents did not believe you, when they witnessed some demonic activity themselves.
Hopefully you have found some peace
the little girl stocking the wood stove and caught fire, did that happen? How horrible!
It seems like this little girl just can't cross over.
Its kind of an endearing story, she's acting out, and childish dumping drinks and pushing a cat.
Iluvanimals8- I was rasied to think the same. Ghosts don't exist, and its jsut a demon masqureating as a dead soul. Which over time I've found not to be true.
I've dealt with demonic spirits, (I posted a story about it) and I've also read a lot of stories about spirits that are friendly and people choose not to "cast them out"
I read your stories and I find them intriguing. However I do agree with most it is difficult to follow your logic. Alot of what I'm getting is you jumping to conclusions, or desperatly wanting that demonic spirit to haunt you. Which trust me you do not.
Please understand that no one wants to start anything with you, this site is meant as a "safe zone" to get anwsers, share your experience without the mocking. They are simply trying to find logic to give you that support.
To jump to conclusions only makes me personally think half of what you are saying is made up. (Which of course I can't know 100% what you've been through as I am not you.)

Please do not take this the wrong way, I don't mean to disrespect you, but you seem very confrontational, just because someone gives you an opinion, which you asked for, doesn't mean you are wrong, or they are right, its in fact an opinion.

Not everything in life in life an explaination. And not every spirit, prescence is evil. I hope you research (really research) what you are experencing, and not just jump to conclusions.
i know this was posted awhile ago, and hopefully by now you both have found peace, I apologize if I'm repeating what someone else has said.

You mentioned "yellow eyes" color I think plays in part in the paranormal. Most people think yellow is cheery and sunny... However its the hardest color to take it. And is normally upsetting in nature.

This spirit may of attached itself to your fiance becasue he called out to it in the cemetary, a evil spirit may take that as a challenge, which is why people shouldn't try to deal with the unknown, unless specically trained to do so.

You said he heard "static" when it was talking, and he couldn't make out if it was english or not. Itmay not if been, if this particulat spirit was from cemetary.
Or it could of been trying to mock your fiance by sounding as if it was speaking throught a recorder, as you guys had a recorder that night and caught it on tape, upsetting the spirit...
Which definatly sounds evil.
On this site you will find many great ideas and tips on getting rid of the evil. But be careful, research what is said, a lot of people think they know what they are talking about but don't and you can end up making it worse.
Date: 2010-11-17
i find this rather interesting.
Why did you choose a yellow ball of all colors? I'm a big believer in color, and what it represents. The color yellow is an "attention grabber" MY opinion is you wanted this little girl's attention, it's also a cheerful and "sunny" color, meant to bring happiness, however studies have shown that babies and small children tend to cry more and be upset more in rooms painted yellow as it is the most difficult color to take in.
Maybe this little girl didn't like the color, even though this post is a year or so lold, id like to know if this little girl still haunts this cemetary, and if so try bringing a different colored ball... Try green, you might get a different affect.
Date: 2010-11-17
this is a very interesting story! All these years later have you experienced anything like it before?
My dad is retired military and he was PCSed in germany for a year while my mom I and brother stayed in the states, and he mentioned weird things happening.
I believe that different colors represent different things, you said they were black, well black represnts authority and power. And evilness. So it maybe a good thing you guys ran when you did.
Black can also represent submission, but I'd rather run than wait to find out.
Date: 2010-11-17
just becasue your house is brand new does not mean it can't be haunted.
It seems to me something has either attached itself to you, or to your home.
If this stuff didn't start happening until your pop died, it could maybe be him, and he has not crossed over yet. OR maybe it was a spirit that was haunting your pop and he never said anything to yu about it.

I like what timidtim has to say.

Pray that this spirit leaves you alone, and leaves your home. Be firm. It sounds dark and dangerous.

On this site you will find great information about sage, wild roses, and salt. To ward of evil.
i know you psoted this awhile ago.

Is your daughter still seeing this woman?
A good way to find out if its real or her imagination is to stop watching those type of shows all together.
It could be the influence of the show casuing her to see this woman. OR, it could be very real.
I have a 6 year that has had encounters with the paranormal, so you never know.

Hopefully all this has stopped so your daughter can get some sleep and some peace
Date: 2010-11-17
I wouldn't try to communicate with it. I do not have any experience in this, but MY opinion is this will stir up something worse.

There are a lot of stories on this site about SP, with a lot of helpful information.
People who live near cemetaries, I've found, are a little more paranoid and catious than those who don't. Not to discredit what you have experiences, your your imagination can run wild and cause you to see/hear things that may not really be there.

Zzsgranny makes a good point.

However, so does darkness. Try blessing the house, or ignoring what is happening. It doesn't seem evil or demonic.

Have you used the sage and amber yet? Has it worked?
I find this story rather interesting and would like to know how it ended.
(I promise you, this will lead to what you've described.)

My son is 6 years old. When he was a baby, barely 1 he started having what is alled "silent seizures" (His body does not thrash around, its more like the light is on but nobodys home type thing.) anyway, when he would "wake up" from a seizure, he'd be frantic, scared, refused to be alone. On occasions I had to call an ambulance and he woke up in the hospital, oh the tantrum was horrible. As he got older, the seizures got worse, and as he got older he could communicate what he was going through. His second to last "episode" was a little over a year ago, he had just turned 5, after he snapped himself out of the seizure he looked at me with wide scred eyes. He started crying and told me about these blobs that kept hoovering over him, he couldn't catch them, becasue he couldn't move.
I asked him if he's seen these before (being a beliver in the paranormal) he said "sometimes I remeber seeing them before, but sometimes I don't.) He described to me what the "blobs" looked like, and did, and its a lot like what you've been going through.

A month later he had another seizure, remembering what he told me (yes, I took the word of a 5 year old) I spoke to the "blobs" and told them to leave my son alone. And he hasnt had a seizure since.

Whitebuffalo has a lot of good insight.

Has this continued to happen?
Date: 2010-11-16
I don't think its a bad thing that sophie hasn't moved on yet.
Even though her parents have long since passed, her "ghost" is a peaceful, clam prescence, not an evil one. Maybe she's not ready to move on.
hopefully by now you've found a way to find peace. With entitys like these, most times its best to ingore what is happening, unless the spirit drives you to the point where you can't (read my story)
Evil feeds off evil, fear feeds off fear.
If you are still having these feelings, and are fearful, focus on other things. Do not engagge the dark enitiy, you can not know entirely what that could bring.

I am interested in knowing how this worked out for you!
up until this happened, I never knew spirits could actually look like someone you know.

Snowwhite, it was not soild, I could see through it, but it was never "floating"
I did tell my friend about it, and she had our pastor and staff come back over to bless the house.
The mother never changed her way of living, she's still into the same bad things as she was 7 years ago, I don't have much to do with her, and I haven't gone back into the house since that day, my friend has told me of some random things happening.