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Grandpa's Prayer Vigil on 2010-11-17

This Story happened on my Grandfather's 1st death anniversary which we believe he made his last visit to us. It's a Filipino tradition to put up a prayer vigil for a love one who recently past away on their 1st death anniversary. We believe that the first year after their death their soul roams free...

Coincidence Or Something More? on 2010-11-15

This happened 2 years ago when I lived in Canberra, Australia and the time difference to Philippines is only 2 hours. I was 21 working back then as an administration and relations officer on a big real estate agency training to be a Sales Executive. I was sleeping one night when I saw my Grandfa...

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If this is the building I'm thinking of then I have worked and have experience the elevator phenomenon. It was around 2:00am during our break from training from the 7th floor. Me and 4 other friends decided to take a break and go to the roof and get some fresh air. We took the elevator up and for some weird reason it stopped on the 18th floor, opened like some one is getting in. Few second after it open the light saying we exceeded the weight limit. We stood there for good thinking it might be malfunctioning but the light didn't go away until one of us got off. We didn't know about the stories on that building until we it was later brought up to us while telling scary stories while filling up the time.

There are many stories in this building. Some says the girl named Melody was raped and murdered on that floor during it's construction. Some says she got heartbroken and committed suicide on that building.

People say that at late hours they hear crying noises and footsteps on that floor. The administration employees which are stationed on that floor says that sometimes they can smell a strange scent in the air and computers coming out of sleep mode without touching it.

From then until I left that job we always stopped at the 17th floor and took the stairs up.