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Hello, my real name is Brea and ever since I can remember, I was thrust into the paranormal world. I've had many experiences, and I'm happy to post them all here with people who went through similar things.
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A New Beginning on 2010-12-07

As you all should know I've been in a haunted house in my childhood, but unfortunately it doesn't stop there for me. I have been in 3 houses that I can remember which were all what I deem to be haunted. This is my third house, (I will post the second later). We moved from our house in the Poconos fo...

My Eerie Childhood on 2010-12-01

Hello, this is my second story that I'm posting, but this time it pertains to me. As a child, I was born and raised in California. Since then we kept moving around the state and eventually to Pennsylvania to live closer to my father's family in New Jersey. When I was only an infant, we had a hou...

Who Or What Is Controlling Him? on 2010-11-16

Hello, I'm new to this site and hope I did everything appropriate to the guidelines. I read a lot of people's stories and have had a lot of paranormal things happen to me. I hope you can help us. So, I have a significant other in Portugal, (it's an online relationship, and we planned to meet up this...

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Date: 2010-12-23
Jitow, (and I have no time right now to read your full comment), I am by no means an expert. JimD, of course, is, and he's helped me also. I'm just here if you need anyone to talk to because right now I'm going through issues with demons and the paranormal, (if you've read one story of mine). If anything just to relate to someone if they need it to know they're not alone. That is my goal:3
Date: 2010-12-21
Hi there Tailitus, let me say that I'm not going to tell you to welcome God into your heart or push religion on you as some people here are doing rather than real advice about your specific issue here.

Obviously the ouija board set off flags for most people reading your story, and 3 is a common number among evil things, and the pattern is always the same. (3 A.M., 3 objects, 3 scratches). I'd say it's demonic if a blessing has not worked and that it has the power to make things fly across the room and harm/push/shove you. You don't seem very bothered at all and find it amusing, or did I just get my impression incorrect? You certainly did open a world of things into your home by playing with a ouija board, and should never do so again because things like this occur. This could end up killing you for all you know, so I suggest you get very very serious about getting rid of it which requires a lot of will power and showing it you're not afraid. Going to get an exorcism as many others mentioned is the right path to go, and ridding yourself of the board and cleansing it should also close the portal. It's said that if you burn or break it the portal stays around permanently, so I wouldn't advise that.

Anyway, I hope you stay safe and understand that ouija boards are extremely volatile. Us as humans shouldn't tamper with the spiritual world with constant communication and welcome everything in our homes so openly, when you're unaware of the unknown or what you might attract. I hope you take everyone's advice and rid this demon for good, because it can progress to something even more serious than voices, banging, and scratching. If you ever need emotional support or have any questions, you can always email me also at triumphant.unity [at] Thanks.

Take care,
Date: 2010-12-10
I don't mean to push, but there is a long list of paranormal teams that you can pick by state. Most of their services are absolutely free. If you contact them and tell your story, I think they'd be enthusiastic to help you. If all else fails, hey, even ask a priest for advice. I'm sure you can find a fix to this.
Date: 2010-12-10
This is a very touching story, and I even said 'awh' a lot.

I know a lot of people are posting who question this story, but can't we just give him the benefit of the doubt and focus on the story opposed to trying to figure out how credible it is? He's explaining the entire time line of everything in the comments, and I kind of feel bad he keeps getting attacked.

Now I understand because of all of the stories he's told within the months it's hard to follow and hard to tell when he was married, etc, but I think if this is true then we shouldn't make a grieving man worse. Especially the comment about having his daughter before marriage, which is totally irrelevant and inappropriate.

Either way, true or not, I hope your wife is at peace now, and that her presence is comforting and not startling to you. I think you're very blessed to have her still visit you even though she's passed on, it'll probably help you heal faster.

-- With all due respect, be easy on him, everyone. I respect all of your opinions, but leave the speculation on his other posts, this one's a bit too emotional.
Date: 2010-12-10
Oh wow! Thanks so much Aya. I know Pennsylvania is a very haunted state, but I didn't know much history about the Poconos. I just know that it's very wooded and a lot of its houses are old. My second house was haunted and was probably one of the most eerie of all of my other houses.

I value that bit of information, and it explains very much. Also, yes, I know where Camelback is. If you mean the ski area, we lived like 10 minutes away from it. The second house was in a gated community--Pocono Country Place. Maybe you might have heard of it. 😁
Date: 2010-12-09
Oh my! That certainly is a lot of activity you've got going on. It still happens to this day? If you get physically attacked, you can see full manifestations, and your mother witnesses the same--I would do something about it immediately!

Have you tried to contact a paranormal team to see what this could be, or try to bless the house? I'm not sure if this is just a really angry spirit or not, but it has the capability of hurting you and seems quite strong. This also seems to be scaring you to death, and you shouldn't have to deal with these things, so I am terribly sorry that you do.

I pray for your safety,

~ Ika
Date: 2010-12-09
To answer your question, Darkness, I honestly think something may be attached to me specifically, because in my second house, I heard the same voice, which was the first time it ever occurred. The very first time it was frequent and right up against my ear, before my TV started turning itself on and off. It was pretty startling.

I mean, everyone agrees on the rotting scent in one room from time to time, and my mother sometimes thinks something paranormal's happening, (rarely), but I think the majority of this activity happens to me specifically. Mind you, I don't antagonize anything and ignore most of it to the fullest, but whatever it is certainly gets my immediate attention, sometimes startling sometimes nothing new to me.

Do these experiences still happen? Yes. Just last night, (though I ignore it now), I hear footsteps around my bed constantly and feel as though something's watching me sleep. My TV usually changes volume from time to time, from extremely loud to soft, and gets muted randomly too to the point where I have to turn the TV on and off a few times for it to work again. (And yes we checked the TV, it's pretty much new and nothing is wrong.)

I still wonder what it is, and what it wants. Things seem to gravitate toward me.
Thank you for supporting my point when I say to be very cautious in communication with spirits. As everyone else said, you still have much to learn when it comes to the paranormal, and because your sister's friend's mother can see them and has had more experience, yes, keep her around or ask for her advice about this ghost that's trying to contact you. Take it lightly, one step at a time, because you don't want to bring anything else into your home on accident or anything malevolent.

Please excuse me for not talking about protection earlier--I was thinking it, but I did not explain it in length.
Some people use ghost writing, which is when they write on a pad and (sometimes) can elicit a response back. Do NOT use a ouija board, please, whatever you do.

I'd say a "safe" way to communicate, the safest there is, anyway, is to get a recorder and maybe try to capture EVPs, ask it some questions, tell it to give it a sign that it's there? You might catch some voices. I wouldn't get heavily involved, just do it ghost hunter style.:D Lol. Ask it basic questions to see what it might want from you or what it is. Maybe even take some pictures you think you see activity a lot.

And ghosts can be people you don't know, for sure. No one close to you has to die for this to happen. It could be attached to the house that you're in, which could have both been haunted, (and I'm sure it's a common occurrence.)

Also, the activity is recent, right? When it happens and you're alone might be the best time, just don't be afraid. I'm sure that ghost isn't there to hurt you, just trying to talk. And if you decide you don't want it in your house anymore, try telling it that this is your home now, it's scaring you, and it needs to pass on.

Please update me if you decide to follow my advice. 😁
Hello Amanda, I would say something to the degree of what Applerose did. A lot of those things couldn't happen on their own, and I really dislike when people call others crazy if they've witnessed something paranormal. You are not crazy, and all of this was very real to you. As for your dog, I would always trust my pets when it comes to these things. They're there for your protection. If they saw something you couldn't see in your house and was barking at it, I would trust to think it is paranormal.

I think it's possibly attached to you in some way, and perhaps you're susceptible to a sixth sense, which is why it only happens when you're alone. It doesn't seem harmful, it just wants its presence to be known to you and is trying to contact you.

Apple suggested contacting it and trying to communicate with it. I would say do so, but with extreme caution. It might be like a cat--once you feed it, it never goes away, just gets more attached. And if this turns into a bother for you, it would be more complicated to get rid of it. You don't know what kind of spirit this is, so please be careful. It's better safe than sorry. 😁 and yes, please do keep us updated.
Date: 2010-12-07
Hello Elsaro. Your story was very fascinating, actually, that everything happened so coincidentally like the 10 commandments picture falling, the voices, etc.

First off I can say that many things so-called paranormal can be explained. Voices for example could be outside noise that we hear and our brains try to make sense of it in simple words. Did you try to debunk some of the things that were happening to your best ability?

Other things like the speaker being completely knocked off and the hand bag seem a bit strange, too. Usually, negative energy can be a feeding ground for certain things to come and go, as it is the same with fear. However, spirits can manifest in either environment via attachment to the place or house, or object in the house.

It seems that children can see much more detail of apparitions and witness more. It's the same with animals. I've always stuck to the theory of fear, once again. Babies are naive and just learning of the world--they are susceptible to anything. You could have very well seen something, the same with your brother. If conscious or aware, some people can close off the paranormal from their head, and others speculate the opposite--if you have a sixth sense the door to it cannot be closed. Do you believe you have one?

Lastly, the voices. I'm not sure why, but many times people like my mother heard me calling for her and that's when I was resting, which was very strange. The same happened with my mother. If it is paranormal I believe they can imitate sounds, due to it being so common, though I'm unsure of the reason why.

I think whatever is in your house is what I call a mischievious spirit, if it is haunted. They usually play jokes on people like name calling, moving things, etc. I wouldn't even consider it a poltergeist, though I'd need more detail for that.

Anyway, I hope I've enlightened you on my opinions, knowledge, and experience.
Date: 2010-12-07
Whitebuffalo, to answer your question--the woods are right up against my house aside from my back yard that was cleared for a lawn. A lot of woods still remain where we are, all around us, the house and drive way included. A lot of houses I've lived in were like that, woods untouched. About the grounds, I still have to ask. ><; I'm not so sure about what type of grounds they are. Water-wise... Hm... There's not much of a water source. I mean we're not far away from one, but it's not on the property of my house or around it as much. As I said, we live ontop of a really big mountain. A lot of these mountains can be used for rock climbing and a lot of the natural area around it is untouched. It's very beautiful.
Date: 2010-12-06
I'm still fairly new to this site, (I've been reading stories a long time before I signed up), but I think Succubussed shouldn't really get ganged up on because they stated their honest opinion. Respectfully, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt but the way Lotus typed their story and worded things, along with the comedy thrown in and "was it an alien" remark kind of threw me for a loop. The story was really confusing to me, and the same goes for all of these light-hearted comments of joking when Lotus said they got violently attacked.

I guess my main emotion is confused, and I wonder if anyone can enlighten me. I'm not really saying Lotus is a liar, or anything of the sort, I've just never seen a story get passed through with it written the way it was. Joking and good humor should be more than allowed sometimes, because a lot of cases on here can be serious and depressing, but getting attacked like that and thrown to the ground, while everyone's making jokes? I don't know, it's just a bit weird for me.

Also, no offense intended to anyone, so please don't jump on me. I'm just being honest and am very confused right now. 😊
Date: 2010-12-06
-- Also, I heavily believe Pennsylvania is one of the more 'haunted' states. So much history has gone on here. So many deaths. I would also give out the full location of the house so people could understand where it was, but the rules entail it would be wise not to. 😉

And whitebuffalo and others, you weren't disturbing my page. I always like learning something new and enjoy reading discussions--healthy ones of course.
Date: 2010-12-06
Thank you for the input, everyone. I'm just getting to reading your comments.

I'm sorry for not being clear. I forgot how my mother figured this bit of information out--I should ask her now that it was brought up.

At first we simply thought a murder was committed near that wooded area, and it wasn't just speculation--there were rumors of that. But my mother then later told me it was a burial ground. I don't think every house built on one is haunted, but because of this strange activity so frequent and angry, and that we were the only owners of the house and still are, I believe it's very likely that we could have disturbed the grounds and upset whatever spirits were there.

It's the only explanation I have at this point, and I will do more research. I no longer live in the house--my dad does, and has always ignored the activity, it's also easier for him because he lives downstairs. Not upstairs. He doesn't believe in the paranormal. An offering, as one of you pointed out, would actually be a good idea if my (previous) house is on one. I also don't know is this will matter--but I actually enjoy the native american culture. I used to have so many indian antiques my mom bought for me in the room, and dream catchers, and a lot of glass wolves, (because that's my favorite animal). Still, who knows? It would be interesting to find out.
I could probably say this is a demon because of what Number13 said, which was pretty spot-on. Is this activity constant to this day, and how up-front is it toward you? Have you ever been physically hurt by this, or had disturbing dreams, etc?

Also, mostly theorized is that religion itself, (regardless of which one it is), is more of a willpower than anything. It gives immense will to drive away whatever it is, firmly believing in whatever higher power to help and protect them.

That was irrelevant, but I just thought I'd give you a fun fact. 😁

Be safe.
Date: 2010-12-03
Yeah, all I can make of it right now is that the human remains could be linked to why something seems to be following you wherever you go, especially if you said people practiced voodoo there.

I don't advice ouija boards to anyone. That's something that just shouldn't be tampered with and could end up making the spirits worse or angry. As others said, there's also a possibility of it being a demon. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between a very, very angry spirit/poltergeist and a demon. But I would certainly get your house blessed and remove the skull immediately. Take the death threats as a warning that this isn't something that just wants to be your friend. Spirits and demons -can- lie. It could be multiple or just one.

Hope I helped, and good luck~
Thank you for your input, ParanormalPenguin. We're currently working with JimD as I've stated before, and he is taking the religious, 'this is assumed to be a demon' route. He's gotten holy water, says many prayers at night, and is in touch with his local priest.

About the 'repressed childhood' thing, I also figured this could have been possible too, but I guess that it will take a while to figure out.
Date: 2010-12-01
I'm sorry to hear that this is scaring you to the point of not even wanting to sleep in the house, button-x. Have you ever looked at the history of the house before? And has your mother had any experiences of her own that she passes off for nothing? Because I know my dad is like that, and wanted me to seek help because I believe strongly in the paranormal.

Anyway I hope you can be at ease in your house at some point. That must be discomforting. I wish you the best, and that this entity is only a mischievious spirit.
Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me and for some of the support I've been getting. JimD is currently helping the situation, as is Hoochler. Thank you.