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Something Is Having Sex With Me In My Bed on 2010-11-16

Hi, It happened again last night and I quickly try to see if somebody wrote about the same thing. I'm a 43 year woman and bought my house a year ago and it was built in 2006. I have woods all around my house and 2 dogs outside all the time. Now a while back when I was sleeping I felt a strange fe...

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Date: 2010-12-15
Hi, your story was so much like what is going on except for I don't play with the board, but what I think is an incubus starts slowly oon me and with the feelings being so good I (embarrasse to say0 I ask it for more and it does and with more intencity. I have posted a few incounters if you care to read them or write me to see what is the difference. Also I'm always egar to learn more about what this maybe be? Jayscameraphone [at]
Jayscameraphone Dec.14, 2010; Hi again I'm doing a little update for those wanted to know how have things been going on.
The Incubus or sexbeing is still here and you could say we made friends. I can now tell when he is around by the cracking noise coming my attic space and it doesn't matter if its in my master bedroom or if I'm sleeping in the vacant guest bedroom. I know it first started when I was sleeping a few months back, but started as I was doing my meditations in a yoga prayer position I could feel my body slowly moving back and forth as something was having sex with me from behind. I have tried a few different experiments to see if it was all in my head or for real and this is what I tried.
For the rocking of my bed I sat and glass of water and I could watch it move back and forth, I would have the heat on now that its cooler outside and the house would be nice and warm and toasty but I would have cold spots on my bed. I have started to talk to it and it seems to listen to me but yet I don't hear any voices. Now I have told it it could freely have sex with me but not to hurt or harm me and it hasn't. It seems to like when I'm in the prayer or excuse me when I say it doggy style position because it quickly moves behind me, feeling on my legs like light steps on legs and soles of my feet. Its slowly starts rocking me back and forth and if I don't say or doing anything I would hear the cracking of the rafters in the attic above my bedroom and then after I tell it I know your there come down from the attic I could feel the pressure on the bed behind me sink and coolness run up and down my hoo-ha and anus and the pumping starting to get faster and harder. Yes I got freaked at first but calmed down and went with it and it lasted about 30 minutes and suddenly stopped. I had reached orgasm and said out loud wow that was good and turned my head from my left side to my right side and I felt it start again. This second time I was very into it, (I know that sounds crazy but true) that when it began to rock me in the bed I yelled out more and harder and wow it listened and did where the bed was hitting the wall and when it was all done it left me exhausted and I went to sleep.
Now its day or night when I come home if I touch my bed I could feel a light push forward for me to get in bed. Also when its happening I do hear what sound like a stomach crawling noise and a light touch on my waist or buttocks and when into it fully like a pressure pulling and pushing on my hips. I had several friends come over one at a time to spend the night, it won't bother them even if I switch bedrooms to see knows the difference between me and another woman. I had my friend sleep in my bed with me to show her and she also got freaked out by the bed movie and seeing me being pumped. She quickly asked me to have it stop and we both sat and watched tv and talked because she couldn't sleep after that. Today while I knew it was with me I asked it to tell me its name somehow so that I may call it by its name, so I will see what happens and if somehow I get to know its name.
I would take any feed back that any one has to say or any suggestions will be considered Jayscameraphone [at] or post it here
I wanted to thank the people who wrote me with suggestions and what it could be; I also from what I read think it's an Incubus. I have been more in tune with things around me since I first posted. I'm not afraid of it but am careful of what it may have in mind. I do yoga mainly for meditation purposes and every time now when I'm in the prayer position I could feel the little bugger behind humping my rear end and which broke my meditation and I had to laugh out loud. Strangely I didn't feel anything for 2 days afterwards maybe it got offended? But last night he was back while I laid in bed reading almost like trying to tell me to go to sleep so I turned off my lights about 11:00 pm and at 11:10 I felt like something was crawling around my legs and a weighted feeling sitting on my pelvis that depressed my body down into the bed. The cool feeling quickly followed on my private and not scared but trying to figure this thing out I parted my legs and sure enough it was doing its thing. I looked down but the room was dark except from the moon light coming in through both my windows and I couldn't see anything between my legs but felt it was there. As 5, 10, and 20 minutes went on it got stronger the feelings and reached orgasm and it seemed like it did also because I felt like this rush of wavy air from my toes to my head like a blast or some kind of shock wave, that did weird me out a bit and my bedroom door that I always leave wide open creaked back and forth about 5 times. I rolled over and woke up about 3:00 am laying on my stomach feeling a coolness on my anus and light pushing I ignored it and fell back to sleep until this morning I was on my back and felt the bed bouncing with the pressure on my private and I said out loud ok it time for me to go to work and told it you're a horny little bugger aren't you.
I never been a big church goer but do believe in God and I always keep him in my heart. I'm not some kind of Satan worshiper but I do believe in ghosts from living in a very old civil war home in New Jersey. 50 Hasbrook ave. In Emerson I was 12 at the time and even my dog would get freaked out. I know there were ghost all in that house, we lived there only 6 months and we moved to Fl.
To answer some quick feed back, Yes I asked it questions never got an answer or scratches on my body. I have always kept an open mind and only hand a friend of mine stay over in the spare bedroom and she had a bad dream and woke me up and asked if she could sleep with me. She told me it was like someone was attacking her and the bed was shacking very bed and she woke. I never told her about the things that were happening and I never had a bad dream like she described to me and the bed didn't shake wildly like she told me happened to her.