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Ghost Taking Jewellery on 2010-11-17

I am newly married. I am the 4th wife of my current husband, and his previous wife died 5 years ago. We live in the house that he and she lived in. Recently, my wedding ring from a former marriage came up missing. It has been gone for about 3 weeks now, and I'm wondering if it will be returned. ...

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Date: 2010-12-01
I had a similar encounter with my dad's spirit. After he died, I worried about where his spirit had gone and would emphatically ask "Where did he go?". One day, I could hear his elated voice say, "You wouldn't believe where I am now!" The tone of his voice said it all. On another topic, I recently submitted the "ghost taking jewellery" story you responded to. There is still no sign of the ring 😢. Blondie
Date: 2010-11-29
I feel powerless about getting my ring back. I've looked everywhere, and have asked the spirit to please give it back. Can anyone help?
Date: 2010-11-28
I am thinking you're a very spiritual person. Do you believe in angels? If so, will they help you get back jewelry which has been taken by some other spirit? Read my story about "ghost taking jewelry" if you get a chance. Let me know what you think.