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I'm a fifteen year old male who is too mature and formal for his own good. The supernatural and paranormal interests me deeply and I enjoy learning about them, and at times, from them. I guess you can call me a pansy, as I'm incredibly easy to scare. I can't even look at a picture with possible evidence of a spirit on it without having my hair stand on end. During my free time, I study Religions and armed warfare. I know my way in and out of firearms and can defend myself well with one. I can only hope the paranormal is as vulnerable to them as humans are. I'm not of faith, so please don't tell me to 'ask God fore help; rebuke them in the name of Jesus', I will only scowl at your comment and read on. There isn't much more to say, if you need anything, I can be contacted though an email.
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My Loving Succubus on 2010-11-18

In the summer of 2008, I moved to North Carolina with my family for a fresh start in life. Life was exceptional for the most part, by December; we purchased a new home and were officially settled. During the open house, one of the rooms had a strange air to it, as if something was already living the...

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Date: 2010-11-27
Are you sure you haven't been playing too many video games and taking care of too many cats? No offense, I just find this story to sound like something out of F.E.A.R. You know what you saw though. Stay safe, it doesn't sound friendly whatever it is.
Date: 2010-11-27
Thanks for all of the feedback. I'd like to clear up that this entry was not exaggerated and/or made up in any way/shape/form. I know what has happened to me, and whether you choose to believe it or not. That is up to you, and I am open to dis/respect what you believe.

I only mentioned Kim as a possible "succubus" because of the fact that she'd "done it" with me during some visits. I'm not sure if she is one, as Alice suggested, her trying to cheer me up by taking advantage of my hormones sounds like a plausible reason for her to act as a succubus. Anyways, I haven't seen her ever since the truck incident. Life is doing good to me right now. I'm enjoying myself and am back with my darling girlfriend.

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[at] Codd2712

Well, erm. You can have intercourse with an entity as you would a human I suppose... I'm sure there are more experienced folks who could help you understand, as I just went with the flow and it sort of just happened. Thanks for the question, though!

[at] Moongrim

I'm sure that you're not understanding what I meant. When I said an entity took form of a young adolescent female. I meant: "A female ghost/entity/ (insert what you want to call it here) appeared. If you refuse to believe my entry still. I respect that.

[at] Aliceleftwonderland

Thanks for your insight! I agree with most everything you said. However, I'm not courting Kim. She only appears to me when she know's that I'm severely upset/depressed. When I'm happy and satisfied with life, she doesn't appear.

[at] Rashidah

Well, I can't say it proves anything. And see the response I gave to Moongrim to maybe understand a bit better what I meant by "took form".

[at] JarMan

You can believe what you would like. You were never there so how could you know. I respect your choice in believing my entry is "fiction".


Thanks for the support.

[at] Jitow

I'm not a believer in the faith of "God and the lord Jesus" or any of the religions concerning them. I believe that everything spans from natural occurrences of science. Religions are just something man has made up to explain what they can't explain. I study Religions extensively during my free time and find them to be amusing and impossible. No offense. Thanks for your input. I'll be sure to look into this.

[at] Loganz_sis

Thanks for the input. I can't say I agree with what you suggest though, just because something isn't explainable and just because something is hidden from sight doesn't mean it's harmful.

[at] Momoge

Yes, Succubusses do suck the life out of their victims, but they never converse or reveal names, however, some are known to. Kim appears too nice, but that doesn't mean it's not possible.

Thank you again for the comments!