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Marti Smith
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South Africa
I am a female living in Kwazulu Natal. I am 56 years old and have just completed my first book based on my experiences and parenting. It will be published in America soon. I have been seeing and hearing Spirits for 4 years now. I have also seen some incredible things which I do not understand. I need a forum to discuss the events and I hope to find others who are also gifted like me.
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Spirits And Us on 2010-12-13

About four years ago, I read an article on automatic writing. The people involved in the article stated that their automatic writing caused them a lot of grief as Spirits (bad) took over their lives. I pondered the article and being a Christian, who also believes in us being Spiritual beings residin...

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I see many things and would like to share some of it too. Your experience could be scary, but if you start your day, by asking God for guidance and protection throughout the day and night, I am sure He will open your mind as to why you are seeing what you are seeing. I still have many questions and even more pop up but at least the fear for the unknown has left me. I have realised that more and more people are starting to see Spirit and related things. I firmly believe we (the entire Creation) belong to a God of LOVE and the fear we feel, can be eliminated by a simple request for protection. Please note that we should never forget that as we respect the living, we also need to respect those who are not in a physical body anymore. I do not have all the answers, as I say, but I also believe we are who we were when we leave this natural body. Therefore I know that whilst still in a natural body, we should at least try and learn about love and respect for one another, so that it can go well with us on the other side. Be not afraid, rather be assertive, we are living in each others space, but indoors is your space and it should be respected by Spirit people if they want us to respect their presence. Therefore be kind, unafraid, and assertive.

Kind regards