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Son's Birth Marred With Bad Occurances on 2010-12-14

It started on the first day that we brought our son Ethan home from hospital (five months ago) (winter, south africa). In Durban our winters are very mild with no snow. Our first night home I put my newborn to bed in our room. I double wrapped him in a very warm fluffy blanket plus I put another...

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Thanks so much for the response. It realy means a lot to me and has put my mind at ease a bit. Sorry I took a while to respond (I didn't recieve an e-mail informing me people had commented)
I did do a smudging ritual over the weekend. So far nothing more has happened but only time will tell. I do agree with worried brit chick. It some how does feel like a "child presence" To comment on Pjod's post. What I meant to say was I don't normally believe in Paranormal activity, because I had never gone through anything like this before, but after experiencing what I have been through, I am a firm believer now.
I just hope that what / has been happening will not affect my son in any adverse way.
Keep well guys, Have a very merry Christmas. Will keep you posted if anything more happens.