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Jess Browning
Im a young chick looking to find answers to what may have happened to me in the past and now as well.
If any thinks that my stories may seem fake, but that is and always will be how I feel and how they happened.

P.S my spelling is crappy
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Possible Possession on 2010-12-14

My name is Jess and here is my story. The date was July 10, 2008 and the location was Alberta, Canada - 200 miles west of a town called Rocky Mountain House. I had been having a rough couple of months and I needed to get away from everything so I drove up to spot in the Rocky Mountains and sta...

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Date: 2011-01-16
Hi there Pjod,
I am not sure why I do not remember my session. The tharapist has no idea why either for she has never had anyone forget. I was about to post something new onto this site for I had another experience and this time my fiance lost me for two days about three weeks ago. I can faintly remember but what is in my mind would make anyone role their eyes at me and say I want attention.
Date: 2010-12-23
Hey JustCurious,
Just to straiten facts. I'm a female. Lol
not a he haha
Anyways I can't seem to find a good website or anything to check out that far down my Family line. I guess it was so far back that no one knows what happened. I'm so confused and my relationship is going off the rails because I loose so much sleep.
Date: 2010-12-22
I appreciate the help everyone. I had another nightmare last night. But this time I saw the mans face for the first time. It looked familar, as if I have met him before but I know I haven't. In my dream he reached out for me and his hand was pitch black. Suddenly things started to shake and he seemed scared of me. It was almost like he was reaching out to me for help. I woke up and saw a dark shape in my room, then by the time I turned my light on it was gone. My dogs were crazy as if something bad was in my house. I went to a hypnotis last weekend and she told me that I seem to have gone to strange place when I had blacked out up in the mountains. She said that I was telling her about a past thing that had happened way before my time. "It was almost as if your past life returned, and talked of a great deal of things that happened to you and your family. It was telling me how your family was butchered way back in the 1700's." She told me.
So this clears out the possibility of a Slender man or Tall man.
From what she told me, my family and I were not like others so we were butchered... And somehow my past self kept itself from parishing and reentered my body. I can still feel it.
What does it all mean? I do not know...
Date: 2010-12-16
Hi Shinigami0
I have had other things related happen to me. I have nightmares of the Tall man from that time.
Date: 2010-12-16
well moongrim I realized now that I miss wrote how far away from Rocky I was thank you for telling me. My grandfather has an old correl up near an area called Whirlpool point. I had been having a really bad few months with drama going threw my town and I needed to get away. And being up in the Mountains always relaxes me. I just went checked and the spot I'm not sure about miles but it is one hour and fourty minutes out of Rocky. I have never heard of the Slender Man before but I clicked onto the website on your one comment and I see how that may seem familiar. It makes sense.
Date: 2010-12-16
Hey there,
Ever since that night I have had other encounters like that one. I have gone to a few doctors and I have seen therapists and they think I am healthy. I have nightmares almost every night and when they wake me up I'm to scared to go back to sleep. If you want to know anymore about my experiences feel free to ask. I don't think it was alien considering the fact that the image of that tall man was the last thing I saw. I have been going threw many books talking to many people trying to find out what is happening to me. There are three main possibilities as to what's been visiting me. One it might be a Spirit, Two it might be a Demon, or Three it could possibly be even a Reaper... What do you think?