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Yet Another Haunted House? on 2012-04-16

Some time ago my family and I moved to another house again - the third one now within two years. As I told in some other stories of mine, in each of my previous two houses we more or less had some issues with spirits and also now the "spook" doesn't seem to be all over. The whole moving process s...

My Old Spirit Friend on 2011-10-24

This will be a quite hard-to-tell story because there will not be a real "scary climax" inside it. I apologize for that in advance. Anyways I'd like to share it because it might be some kind of addendum to my previous stories - so please take your time to read it. To say the least, I am happy NOT ...

My New House And Its Spirit on 2011-08-03

First of all, this story is very long (sorry), since this happened less than a year ago in the months between September 2010 and February 2011. I (30), my wife (28) and our two kids (2 and 3 years old) moved into a house at the border of the city, in a much calmer region than downtown. The house...

The Spirit Of The Glass 2 on 2011-08-03

Using the method of "Spirit of the glass" and in company of people who are experienced and aware of that topic, I have had tons of successful and really delightful contacts to my "household-spirit" (which I mentioned in my very first story "The not so scary man at the window") during a time-span of ...

The Spirit Of The Glass on 2011-08-03

The first time when I was "playing" the spirit of the glass was when I was at the age of about 17 or 18 years, maybe 19, I cannot remember exactly because it's about 10-15 years ago. Nevertheless, I practiced this frequently for almost 5 years, more or less 1 time a week. The circumstances I appro...

The Not Too Scary Man At The Window on 2011-08-03

This was the very first paranormal experience of my life time. It happened about 25 years ago when I was still at a pre-teen age. I have been together with my grandfather, my grandmother and my aunt in their 70sqm apartment and it was quite late in the evening at about 9 or 10 PM something. All of...

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Date: 2014-05-02
this is truly a wonderful story, thanks a lot for sharing! ❤

[at] Argette:
Same here, a couple of weeks before my grand-grandmother died she said she was dreaming about her best friend (who passed away years before) and that in the dream she said to her "now you will come to me soon, i'm so happy already..."

Thanks for sharing your story!
I have the same "problem" that you stated in your question and my answer is "yes! You can almost absolutely block these things out".
But it will take a lot of practice and strong will.

I for myself call it "opening or closing my third eye" and for me it works pretty well for around 1 year already! (I "closed" my third eye, for various reasons)

In fact, you cannot shun spirits away or something like that, but you can automate directing your perception to other things immediately whenever a "spirit" approaches.

It's really hard for me to explain, but that's about what I am doing.
I can only speak for myself and it's no guarantee that this will work for others.
But certainly it will take a lot of practice and strong will!

For me it doesn't work all the time, but in let's say 90% of situations.
wow it's almost 1 year since my last visit here and as I promised I will keep you updated about the story!
Not sure if anybody will read it, but at least I can hope so...

I moved out of that place on august-18 2012 into another - really "clean" - house! 😊
That time I decided to break all sorts of contacts or "sensings" about the paranormal for a good amount of time which is also why I stopped visiting this page.

But now i'm back on here and I re-read this story and all of our comments to it.

Looking back, I now know very well about why (!) the last happenings happened (those from june-2012) - it was not because of a "threat from the spirit world" but more because of a warning of some sort.
<they> just wanted to get my attention because of some matter and the merely "sensitive" attempts of doing so (only slightly opening doors, knowingly (?) not making me that much scared) tell me now that they maybe cared more about my well-being than me being frightened!

The thing is this:
If I remember correctly, the most negative actions back then got less since the time when my wife left for another country. She went there for work for 1 or 2 months...
Looking back, as soon as she was gone those things/happenings more or less changed from aggressive to attention-seeking in their nature.

But for what purpose would "they" do that?
Well, I found out that my wife was cheating on me during that "working trip" for as long as 6 weeks and that she probably even had planned that before!
I've been very angry of course, we had tons of fights and so on, the relationship was as good as at its end...

But what the point is; now (almost 1 year later) I am sure that I just misinterpreted many things back then!
The hatred coming from upstairs, the "bad luck" coming to all of us, the overall negative vibes in the house, and so on...
They all did come for a reason. And as I said, they mostly stopped or lessend, as soon as my wife left the building (this is only my rough memory talking here!)

I do however think that many of those negative influences came indirectly frome the "spirit world".
And I would not wonder if those came as a "warning" to me to be careful rather than a purpose of harming me.
I can never be sure of course... But as I said; looking back, it makes good sense to me like this.

You still see me puzzled about that old story of mine lol, and in fact it still keeps me thinking really.

What do you think?
you're very welcome.

I was assuming that the driver probably knew about that special road because he was hesitant to take it in the first place... 😕
interesting account, thank's for sharing!

What did the driver tell about the incident?
I'm asking because he must have known 'something' due to the fact that he just sped off!?

Trying not to sound funny; maybe it would help that "red girl" to give her just that ride into the city?
a very small but decent update, just because of a happening that occured not less than 10 minutes ago here in my bedroom, and because this had happened for many nights already after my last rook-ritual.

I did the last of rook's cleansing rituals around 10 days ago (it worked fine) and also I tried to "force happiness in my home" by playing happy music, spreading good smells, and so on!
I also brought the family together a little more - we don't really have weekly game-evenings now but well hey, we're at least a little bit closer now, we really are!
I did all that and I really did it with all the positive devotion I had!

(I do take this really serious, for all of you who don't know my posts or stories...)

But just an instant ago, somebody tried - again! - to "slightly"/"very slowly" open my bedroom door-knob!

My doorknob is a typical "american" doorknob, and you can hear when somebody moves it, even before touching the point of mechanism that will actually push and open the metal-lock-piece for opening the door.

Well now this happened again and it does for almost 3 out of 7 nights a week, always when i'm still awake, around 1-3 hours before I intend to go to bed;
I hear the doorknob move, then I look there of course and I even see it move until that distinct point where it would start hitting the lock's mechanics to really pull out the lock (I hope you understand what I mean, just that "strong force" when opening a door. My english is too bad to describe in better detail, please bear with me:/)
Just the sound you hear when somebody is touching the door-knob but not really turning it yet - i'm sure you all know it.

Then, because I thought one of the kids was awake and she needs water or something, I opened the door - but nobody was there.
And also no trace of a kid who played a trick (at 4 in the morning, hello?)!
I had heard the other door, the kid's bedroom door closing of course if they just returned there after a prank.
And at 3 or 4 in morning hello... Of course my kids are sound asleep!

As I said, this happens almost every night here in my bedroom; mostly in moments when I am awake to recognize them!
But after looking there and paying real attention, it's gone.
And outside: always darkess. Or a little light but everybody sleeping...
I already tried just leaving the door slightly open, for "everyone" who wants to come inside to be able to do so!
If I do so, then nothing will happen at all.
But if I keep it closed, almost everynight somebody is "in a shy way" trying to open!

I swear, I am 100% not imagining this or something like that, and it feels not threatening to me at all - it makes me just curious and it's (to be honest) the first time that I have "physical movement" in my home, which obviously (!) wants to tell me something!
I am also perfectly positive about this not being my children, because they have their sleeping times, and this is far off their bed times!

I am more than interested right now in what "it/they" really want or need!

To me it seems like "they" might be "touching them themselves forward" or something in the way - preserving a NON-scary way, but being interested or hoping for help... Something like that!
That's what my intention is, and also that's what I "feel" about them.


Feedback and advice from all of you would be highly appreciated!
the idea of "forcing" happiness into the house sounds very good and also plausible.
I will definitely follow that plan, thanks a lot stephyw2001!

Of course I know that economy is bad, that hormones can cause mood-swings, and so on.
I didn't mean to say that I connect all these incidents directly to the paranormal.
I can only speculate that this might be caused by the influence of some spirit (s), but what makes me confused is the fact that all these (negative) things happen in such a big number and within such a small timeframe!
Of course it might all be just a streak of bad luck...

Furthermore it makes perfect sense that frustration somethimes is nothing but a breeding ground for more frustration and negative energy to come.
So to say stephyw2001's recommendation sounds like a very promising solution in the first place!

About the cleansing ritual, well yes, probably i've just not been patient enough or I had wrong expectations.
I don't believe that I did it "wrong" since it worked pretty well each time I performed it.
I will surely perform it again (and this time more often and more patiently, hehe)!

Now about the spirit (s) themselves;
I can rule out that they are attached to me in the sense of "following" me from house to house.
Their identities are entirely different to my previous encounters.
The thing that they are attached to is definitely the rooftop. It happens only rarely that I can feel them/him inside the house, but almost every time when I am upstairs.
As I mentioned in another comment before, sometimes the feeling is so intense that I literally don't dare to climb the stairs to the rooftop.
There's one other family member who also reported that eerie "go away!" feeling to me (independently) and another one who can occasionally hear sounds of moving or falling objects upstairs.

Rook is right, it doesn't necessarily mean that this entity is malevolent, but definitely angry about something (I don't believe that it's the people living here)!

Having all that said, I really have the strong opinion that it makes us (the family) feel his anger in one or another way.

Well, thank you all very much for your advice, I highly appreciate it!

i know zzsgranny, and of course I included my familiy and wife and kids aswell in the cleansing ritual!
But it didn't last for very long...

That "guy" is a very young boy (a teenager) and he still has plenty of energy to spend!
As of my understanding he is not really willing to learn or to be helped.

He "enjoys to be angry" so to say.

Shieldings failed.
Prayers (of my fellow religious friends) failed aswell.
My distinct "spoken rules" failed aswell.

So what else to do but leave?!

Frankly, I am not the "samaritarian of spirits" here - I love to accompain and help spirits, I truly do - but I also have my own life to live.
You understand?;)
hm I don't know if anybody is still reading this story's comments but I promised to keep the readers up to date - so here's a little update!

I never tried to make contact with those spirits ever since but what I did was contact my grandmother and tell her (in detail) about the whole thing; she lives around 15000km away from my home, therefore the following I have to say will sound quite astonishing to you:
She said "you are right, there is a boy there in your rooftop, but I sense that he is much older than you think - he is in his mid-teens something already and he is VERY angry about something! Like you said he also has/had a little sister, but she is not angry at all."

I don't really know "how" she does that - sensing spirits across thousands of km away - but I have trusted her for almost 20 years about that kind of thing, so I am sure that she doesn't tell me a bogus story or something like that.

I am living here for almost half a year now and I have to say that - even though the house is really beautiful and comfortable - the lifes of everybody (!) living here have really changed mostly to the negative!

The people who live here are me, my wife, our two children (5 and 4 years old), my wife's sister, and also their mother stays here around 3 out of 7 days a week.

First of all I lost a major portion of my work projects and I am struggling to find more/new work and customers right now.
My wife also lost a lot of customers in her business and she had to go abroad lately in order to find a better job to be able to pay our bills.
My wife's sister became more and more aggressive sometimes (even to my children!) and she had severe trouble with her boyfriend (she is 8 months pregnant now)!
My mother-in-law got cheated by her husband not only once but 3 times in the last 3 months!

All those things have never happened before we moved into this house.

I have always been the one to keep a "blind eye" on some "spirits" here, you know that from my previous posts, and I have never told anybody except my wife's sister about my encounters and knowledge about this particular house.

But in the past few weeks even my wife (who knows nothing about what I know about this place) keeps on saying "ever since we moved to this house our life is going bad... Please let's move to some other place..."

When talking to my wife's sister about the topic she stated that it might very well be that this was the reason for her "sometimes-aggressive" behavior (besides her pregnancy and hormones as a reason)...

And I also have to admit that this "eerie feeling" about the rooftop became MOST intense sometimes lately.
Especially when I come home late at night at around 1 or 2 PM, I sometimes have the urge to turn around to look to the stairway that leads to the rooftop, followed by a deep (!) feeling of fright, having me run inside the apartment as fast as possible!
It's quite rare for me to have feelings like this, but as I sad - since my last post here it didn't decrease but it became somehow stronger.
(not everyday, but just occasionally)

So, here's my update.
Every advice of you is more than appreciated!

In the end I think that maybe my neighbors' talks about "hounted house blabla" might be not as much blablah as I thought in the first place...

There definitely is something wrong about that place!

Ah and P.S. I tried rook's cleansing ritual twice! But the effort lasted for only 5-7 days each: (
Date: 2012-05-02
[at] RLA15: hehe nevermind, no need to apologize!:)

The incubus/succubus theory you posted sounds interesting.
This tells me that they are mainly interested in interbreeding humans with each other - hmm but why would they want to do that?
I guess i'll read some more about that topic!
Date: 2012-04-25
hmmm I can only say one thing about the 4-weeks/6-weeks thing;

When my wife and me had our latest baby last year we wanted to know the exact date of impregnation.
So we went to 2 or 3 checkups while she was in the 1st and 2nd month after realizing that her period was missing out.
At the first and second checkup the doctor told us that it was still to early to determine an exact age.

After the third checkup the doctor told us a date but he stated that this date was still around 10-12 days (!) vague due to the fact that my wife didn't know the exact dates of her menstrual cycle.

In addition, he gave us the following information about finding out the exact day of impregnation:

"Mark the first day of your last menstrual cycle on your calendar. Count fourteen days from that date and mark it on your calendar. Your most fertile days for conception are the next three days forward in front of the mark. Circle those three days. Most likely you became pregnant on those three days.
Even if you do know the exact dates of your last menstrual cycle or period, you will still never know the exact date that you conceived your baby."

(I copied this from his email which I just searched in my outlook history)

Having this said, I would like to know more about the "processes" you've gone through - did you tell the doctor your exact dates of your last period, and so on?
This is a very important fact!

In my opinion, 10-15 days off in estimation seems like no big deal if you get pregnant.
I remember the doctor saying back then: "of course I can estimate the age by the size of the fetus, but this estimation allows me to be only roughly exact, hence because we don't know the exact date of impregnation we cannot say if the fetus is developing right or not!"

I just wanted to add that in a medical point of view.
Maybe it might help you!

About all the discussions in the comments before me;
Have you all forgotten to help/advice the WRITER of the story insted of amusing us with your this-and-that religious opinions if a succubus might exist or not or even talking about (god beware how off-topic) the story of mother mary?!

In my opinion we should only post if it might be helpful for the writer - especially if he/she posted the story choosing the following expectation from the menu:

"I will participate in the discussion and I need help with what I have experienced."

Hope you all got me and I hope I could help InsertBlank a little.

Date: 2012-04-24
[at] dwyoung77:
Wow, what an astonishing story, thanks for sharing!
It captured me from the beginning because i've also had (and i'm still having) "issues" about moving from one house to another.

Please let me tell you about my opinion:
Yes, spirits can and will follow you, if they have a reason to do so.
I don't think that there is something like "demons" - in my belief there are benevolent spirits and malevolent spirits, nothing more. Both of them can follow you if they wish!
Your brother's atheism (like any other belief) is surely not the reason for all those happenings; I highly disagree that atheism - or any other belief despite maybe satanism - is purely negative or attracts spirits more or less than other beliefs do!

I personally am an agnostic (tending to atheism) and "we" have no intrinsic negativity around us or something - it's just that we have a different belief system than christians, moslems, hindus, and so on.

Having that said and calling the fact back to mind that your daughter said the red-tshirt-man stated "like I did in the old house" (killing the pets) makes me believe that he actually did follow you to the new house and he already has been there in Bentalou Street.

As I understand from your account (sorry I didn't read your previous stories yet), most of the "action" began on Fulton Avenue, am I right?
This gives me the opinion, that this "red shirt man" must have had some reason to be worried/angry/discomfortable about you all moving out - in fact it must have made him/it VERY angry because threatening with death/killing and trying to make people harm each other is not really a thing to make fun of!
Especially children are very easy to be influenced, so that "guy" surely has highly negative intentions towards you!

I would definitely see that as an unacceptable threat and I would take radical countermeasures against it!

What I also read between the lines of your story is that you never really "stood up" against that figure/entity/spirit - I have the feeling that you mostly were afraid of it or you tried blocking it out.

What really helps is standing up in a straight way and telling to the spirit in a loud an clear voice "get the f*** out of here NOW, we don't accept you here and we don't want you here!" (refer to the bible as well! It can only help for you!)

Nevertheless, you say since you moved again there were no more occurances!
That is very good and I hope for you all that it's over now!

However, if it is not over and if it will return again, may I suggest a very good cleansing ritual to you which is somehow common knowledge here on the site and which originates from rookdygin!

Hoping that rook will be okay with it, i'd like to copy-paste it for you:

"Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.) "

Rook's technique is kindof "religion free" lol, so it will work for you pretty well! (it did for me)

I hope my response was of any help for you and I wish you all the very best for your home and your family!
Date: 2012-04-24
[at] RLA15 thanks for sharing this!
I heard many stories and (local) legends about the white lady in the philippines and yours fits exactly into the pattern of reported encounters - that's why I totally believe your story, to say the least.

A brother in law of mine once had a similar encounter while he was visiting his province;
When he returned to his relatives' house at night, carrying only a flashlight to light his step, he saw a white figure standing at the entrance door.
After lifting his flashlight up from feet to torso to head, he realized that the figure had no head at all! So he just ran away to a nearby friend's house and didn't return until the next day haha.

He told me this story about 5 or 6 times already so it must have really scared him and I absolutely believe him aswell!

My general opinion about the "white ladies" (especially here in the philippines) is that they are A. Everything else than an aswang (I don't believe in aswang) so they are not necessarily evil and that B. They must in most cases be deceased ancestors of those who encounter them!

I heard that many times - if an encounter repeats itself - it will be seen only by certain members of a family (!), or really close friends!

Of course there are legends about constant hauntings and so on, but I believe that these are different stories...

Sorry for posting a quite off-topic response here, without much help!:/ 😳

All the best though and keep going with your stories! ❤
Date: 2012-04-24
[at] RLA15: I would be glad to read your story about the white lady as well!
Those encounters are quite common in the phils...

Ingat pirme og god bless mam!
i agree with louslips, your language is typical for american teens/young adults.
I couldn't find a single grammar mistake in your writing and it feels much like english was your mother-tounge.

About your story:
On the one hand my opinion is that you give the answer to your question in the story itself; sleep paralysis!

On the other hand, if you didn't believe that it actually was SP that one time, why haven't you been scared like hell?
OMG I would have been!:O

Sounds like you actually enjoyed the encounter or something?

Please don't get me wrong and please don't feel offended by what I am about to say; but since you stated that you are a virgin it might me very possible that this encounter's roots lie in some sort of "inner wish" of yours to have an actual sexual experience!?

I'm saying this because I know about psychology (especially about Freud's psychology) and it still might be a reason...

Even though I (honestly) have some kind of hickups about this story, I hope I could help a little!

All the best ❤
thanks for your comments!

[at] Cocoa:
As soon as I can find out some tangible information I will share it with you, of course.
So far it's difficult to talk to neighbors because many of them are quite afraid to discuss stuff like that (very superstitious people, as I mentioned).
The only vague thing I hear is that "something had happened there a couple of years ago", so my only clue is that it cannot be too long ago.
From official sources I could find absolutely nothing so far, but i'm keeping on reading old newspaper articles on the internet...

About visual or audible occurances; no there were none, besides the occasional tapping footsteps once in a while.

[at] Mannerizms:
That's a good advice, thanks for that.
I did set those ground rules already and I think it works well, since I don't feel threatened by it at all (except the rooftop sometimes).
I don't plan on actively talking to them for now, because as you said the family is really happy here and I don't want to start something unnecessary - don't want to make my family scared or anything.
It's okay though if we respect and don't disturb each other, I have no problem about that!:)
Date: 2012-04-16

Thanks for sharing your story!

You said "just like the woman I saw when I was in the fourth grade" - might there be a connection between those two experiences; I mean was that the very same figure that followed you?!
And was your fourth grade back in the pilipinas or in usa already?

I'm eager to read more about your other story!
[at] terminaterdon:
Thanks for that explanation, even though it was quite scientific.
I understand what you mean and you are right; even the slightest muscle-movement of your ear can produce subjectively "loud" sounds if there is cotton inside!
This makes perfect sense and i'd count this as the reason for the "gravel-like" sounds.

[at] rook:
Yup, witch-hour is at 3:14 now. This is because its 2012 (doomsday-year) already, you should know that btw! Hehe joking:P

[at] darkwolf96 and the others:
Without sending "hate-mail" I think we can close this file by saying "don't read scary bed-time stories any more!" (joking again, but in a friendly way of course 😊)

[at] darkwolf96:
Thanks a lot for sharing your story!
Please don't hesitate to share more of your experience if you had any.
And as some others already said, it would be interesting what your stepmother can say about this!

All the best!
Date: 2012-04-16
[at] Healthy_Skeptic: how can you judge all (!) the stories originating from one whole country?
Are you a racist or something?
For sure you are not a "healthy sceptic"... Lol

[at] I couldn't agree more, but don't get angry because of the troll;)
Argette wow, thanks for sharing your summary of experiences, this was really enjoyable to read!

I will not go into detail about any of those (at least not now), but I can say one thing for sure:
You seem to have what in my culture we call an "open third eye".
I mean yours seems to be wide open from time to time!

My advice is: learn/train how to "open" and "close" it, at least for the sake of not getting scared in the worst case.

Keep investigating and researching, I want to see you un-puzzled about things like these one day!:)

I'm eager to read more of your input!

All the very best ❤