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From an early age I've had strange, unexplainabke experiences, and sensitivity run in my family. As of now my sons shown the same sensitivities, and he's a focal point for a few of my posts. I study crypto and mainstream zooology in my off time, but my official title is associate M.A.
I think I offer some pretty good points and references, I like to empathize from my own experiences and research but I can remain objective as well.
Ghost Stories from AndreaRC

City Lights And Strange Sights on 2012-01-23

So this is another one that I've been meaning to post and figure out, though again it seems to have more to do with parascience than the paranormal. When I was in 5th grade, we lived across from my bestfriend in a small cul-de-sac neighborhood on the outermost point of Gresham, near what locals cal...

The Beast At Lake Merril on 2012-01-23

This story isn't actually my own personal experience but is a story that I'm posting on behalf of my dad (he's not internet savvy but wanted to share this when I told him about the site). It was a few years ago, he and my uncle were driving up to a place called Lake Merrill in the mountains across ...

Adventures At Masonic on 2012-01-18

This story pertains to my New Years Eve story, which does get a lot of jeers, but its a little more in depth to the events that happened prior. I've been meaning to put this up for the LONGEST time but having a growing kid around 24/7 has made it a bit difficult. So, I've mentioned the cemetary cal...

The Real Phantom Of The Opera on 2012-01-18

This story actually has no ties to any of my other ones as they usually do, but its still pretty interesting and chills me to this day. I was in fourth grade and we were living in Salem, the Capitol of Oregon, and its a town that's pretty rich in history, especially the historic old downtown section...

Maddy And The Alley on 2012-01-11

I've submitted stories about children in my family communicating with spirits before, mainly my late uncle Dave, and this is an installment relative to that. I apologize beforehand for any and all typos/weird typing. I'm on a touch screen phone and these things are a bit too much for me.:/ It was l...

The White Wisps on 2011-02-15

Following the past holiday season that came just after my son was born, I've been filing through a lot of photographs and cell phone pictures trying to put together a scrapbook and baby book. Going through them, I've noticed something interesting about quite a few that are just of Maddox-they have w...

Uncle Dave's Still Around on 2011-02-01

I was a happy little girl at the age of 3, and quite the chatter box. I had an exceptionally large vocabulary, was an early talker, and could carry a coherent conversation around two and a half. One night the family; my three brothers, mom, dad, and myself, were gathered at the table eating. It was ...

We'll Never Sneak In Again on 2011-01-25

This story takes place in my hometown of Sandy,OR. I had just started dating my now fiance, Matt and was living with my parents, as I was still in high school. My parents would work during the day, so the house was empty. On a particularly cold day, we decided that we should go to my house to han...

Not A Happy New Year's on 2011-01-25

So, this is the story I've been waiting to post, since the submissions page has been closed for a while. I believe it may tie in with all of my previous stories but I'm not sure... Some input would be wonderful. And yeah, I should have posted this one first, it probably would've been smarter, but it...

Why Do Things Always Happen In Our Houses? on 2011-01-18

So, just a little backstory... In our old apartment in Vancouver, strange little occurrences were a norm that we become accustomed to (details in another post), and I thought they'd stop when we moved but they have not, and I find it interesting. I wonder sometimes if the thing followed us, or if it...

Did You Call Me Mom? on 2011-01-18

Before I start let me explain the layout of my parent's house- it's a split-level with a living room upstairs and a den downstairs, and down stairs there is a hallway connected to the den that is fairly short but has my old room at the end and a guest bedroom on the left side. About a year and a...

Sleep Paralysis Or Something Else? on 2011-01-12

Note: I'm new to this sight and for months I've been trying to figure out what happened to me this one night, and I'm hoping that some input from people on here will help. My fiancé' and I used to live in an apartment in Vancouver, WA, while I was pregnant with our son, and a lot of weird things ...

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Date: 2012-01-27
It's not my opinion that they're spirits, the whole idea seems more outlandish than a physical creature to me as well. There's way too much evidence like hair and footprint forensics and,videos,as you said, that point towards a physical being
I agree totally. I haven't made heads or tails of the Patterson film yet though, and I've seen it a billion and one times,ha.Odd, my uncles last name is also Patterson. 😳

Thanks I will!:)

You overthink,LOL.Its entirely possible here in the Pacific NW, considering we have places like the DD that have currently only been 1% explored and charted by humans. Only a bike trail is there, bit its extremely hard to get to, considered impassable by vehicle for some 25 miles around it, and no official report on the Flora and fauna residing in it has been done yet. Its incredible, how many nooks and crannies that we have yet to investigate, as possibly forest humanoid habitats.
Date: 2012-01-26
It is a headache! We just need to get to the bottom of this whole thing.:1
Date: 2012-01-25
Thanks!I definitely will post the story there also, every thread helps.:)
Date: 2012-01-25
I love hearing other cultures folklore as well!:) I liked your 'gorilla' story very much especially;the 'bigfoot' phenomenon has been so widely overdramatized and played put I'm not surprised you'd think it sounded like it came straight out of a movie,haha
Date: 2012-01-25
There are so many theories about their being able to hide for so long but the most common are A.,they're a spirit and not a solid, physical being. More spectral. Or B., that they. Have a den system, like caves and what not. And the ideas are always under observation and study, so advances on the subject are pretty constant.:)
Date: 2012-01-25
Hippies in Oregon? This story happened in Washington, I made a mistake on the location. What does our local scene have to do with anything anyways? Do you live here because you say a lot of things that don't make sense,Moongrim.I've never heard of Sasquatch interbreeding accounts, ever. And I've spent a lot of time on the subject. What they saw, was a Sasquatch. It doesn't fit the description of anything else, and you're being pretty unnecessarily rude, I feel.
And Gresham is NOT Oregon's largest city. That'd be Portland. Gresham's big but not the biggest, at all. Portland is four times the size of Gresham and encompasses roughly 45 districts and 2 counties. THATS our biggest city.
Gresham isn't close to PDX,actually. Its a good hour drive from this area and 45 to and hour and 15 via MAX. Planes don't even reach altitudes that are close enough to begin landing when they pass here
Date: 2012-01-25
Many people see spirits that take the form of primates; strange, considering that the 'monkey's is usually a benevolent spirit in mythology. I think it could be a demon imperfectly taking the shape of things that already live in the general area, kind of as disguise of sorts.
Date: 2012-01-25
Oh the whole Larch area is rich in Sasquatch sightings, and the phenomenon is being studied extensively by my brother and his team to discover possible explainations
I'm excited for his research to come out, its a pretty thrilling idea
Date: 2012-01-25
I couldn't open that link because I'm on an Android (not worth the cash) but I'm interested-youve been?
I know the days are always cold, were a sad, damp place, but this was a strange cold. A brief,'angry' cold as my friend put it.
Salem Mass. Would be what you're thinking about peter. Salem OR is kind of unknown though we do have quite a bit of history also. I figure most people would lean toward the prank idea but a few things rule that out that I should've mentioned;
One,the amount of tine between sightings-upper deck and lower stage-was too short for the same exact thing to be there and then there.
Two, the adults, its difficult to explain, but the reactions they had were genuine. Which is heresy but nobody was calm and joking. It was pretty serious.
Three,those art weeks were annual in the fourth grade classes, but now they aren't. They were cancelled after that day, we didn't even get to finish the rest of our art week at that place as was planned.
She attacked you like how? The way you tell the story sounds rather cheap, save for the part about your father which is awful and I'm sorry to hear. All in all I don't think that you really had a Bloody Mary experience but you probably should get some counseling or at least talk to someone.
Date: 2012-01-20
Jinmenken is what dog-human hybrids are usually called. Japanese in origin they're thought to exist in that middle-plane of reality like most other paranormal creatures, including it's cousin the also Japanese Bakeneko/Nekomata.Pretty disturbing man... I suggest, if you still feel its presence but it doesn't directly present itself then to stay very strong willed;its weaved its way into your life and this things a demon;you have to b strong and let it know that it isn't welcome and needs to leave. It seems sort of weak still so persevering over it will probably be fairly easy. Good luck
Date: 2012-01-16
Miracles;yeah I'm back,ha.I have a few other stories to post also. I would have just thought we were ordinarily creeped but I don't spook so easily, and Maddy has these kinds of deals frequently.I'm not sure what he was seeing but he's the kind of kid that would try and high a barking dog, you know what I mean? He's always friendly.
I was doing some reading and I've found a pretty consistent theory that kids who see things adults can't,
Can befriend even bad spirits even though an adult who felt the energy would tend to steer clear of it. I'm anticipating more antics from Maddy, and Ill definitely put anything that happens up
Date: 2011-02-22
Nobody has cameras that have straps on them, that would have been a thought before posting this. Read before you comment.
Date: 2011-02-17
I know that but the reason I say it's a pain is because my phone has to downsize videos and photos before sending them and it takes forever and most of the time it says the file is too big, and then you have to connect the phone to the computer which requires a connector chord I don't have.

Taz and Darkness:
Yeah,this is what I figured as well after giving it some thought, I don't know why I didn't figure out before, I feel dumb,lol.If you see some of my other stories you'll see the observation that my Uncle is the most likely cause for paranormal happenings to and around me.
This story makes me smile when I think about it or tell it too,lol.It is very sweet, my Uncle Dave was a really nice guy, and it was sad when we left us physically. But the fact that he's still watching overus made and makes the whole thing a lot better.:)

Thank you!I'm glad someone enjoys my stories,ha.:)
Maddox is only three and a half monthes old, but I can tell he's going to be a chatterbox just like his mom, lol.He's constantly babbling away and he's already starting to make consonant noises like "ma" and ba".
I have recently started a journal of sorts on my laptop, I cataloge dreams and things that happen to or around me,it's coming along pretty nicely.:) Some of the things I've typed up I'm actually going to put on here soon when I have a free moment.:)
Date: 2011-02-01
I was in a bit of a rush writing the story, it makes me nervous talking about it, so I did forget to mention how I think it ties in. See, I figured that we didn't close the door the right way like you said, and since then I've had more strange things happening to and around me then usual-enter, my other stories. All of them have happened AFTER that New Year's,and there's quite a few more stacked up that I've yet to put up on here. And while I know that the ones that happened in my mom's house can be explained by the funeral business,I've never personally experienced things at that house up and 'til New Year's happened. I don't know, it's a prety messy theory, I'm still trying to find a way to explain it better. This is all I have so far though,ha.:/
Date: 2011-02-01
I was in a bit of a rush writing the story, it makes me nervous talking about it, so I forgot to mention how I think it ties in. See, I figured that we didn't close the door the right way like you said, and since then I've had more strange things happening to and around me then usual-hence my other stories. All of them have happened AFTER that New Year's,and there's quite a few more stacked up that I've yet to put up on here. And while I know that the ones that happened in my mom's house can be explained by the fueral business,I've never personally experenced things at that house up and 'til that happened. I don't know, it's a prety messy theory, and I'm still trying to find a way to explain it better, but this is all I have so far,ha.:/