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Feelings Of Being Watched on 2011-05-24

You should read my last story so this story will be kind of interesting to read. From the beginning of my life I always, especially when I am alone, have feelings of being watched all along. From all the way to my home country to the place where I live now. But always I also have a feeling of being ...

Sleep Paralysis & Something Happening With My Sister on 2011-02-01

This takes place in Faisalabad, The third largest city of Pakistan. We are a family of five and we used to sleep together. Its midnight, all of us are in deep sleep. My sister used to sleep with her female friend (we called her friend to our home). They two are sleeping on the same bed, when sud...

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[at] Bloom11: Thanks, Appreciated Very Much. I hope you enjoyed my story:)
She says, that all of a sudden she was awaken because of some noise and then she saw these ghostly images under the bed she was sleeping on. I mean she was put in such a posture that she could see under the bed.
[at] ZZSGRANNY: Those projections might be of the dream state but, How did my sisters position change then?
But she was in totally awake state... When this thing happened to her.:/
Nice Story! And nicely Written.
I think maybe some spirit was attached to the kitten 😕
Keep going Simple, I really Like your stories!


Thanks Jav, I appreciate your comment and I'll be posting 2 more stories as soon as the submission page is up!.:)
My mom did believe her, And after that whenever you go to the second floor alone at night you hear things falling down but when you see them they are allright.
Maybe we called upon the same ghost in my other story.
Thnks Storm, Yes he only did this after we insisted him that much, after all we were kids... After that strange things happened only with her because the ghost was called upon by her.: 😨
he saw a man carrying his face... 😭 and he just ran like hell 😭...
Hmm,Actually Sixteenth or Seventeenth century ghosts don't know anything about pc's or itunes... Made Up?
maybe the ghost of the lady was starving and came to have some food 😳
Date: 2011-06-01
Wow! Nice Story, I really liked it. Very much Scared meeeeee! 😨 😨 😨
Date: 2011-06-01
Nice and Interesting Story you have there AndrewZ! 😁 😁 😁 //////Asad
Yes nobody wants... 😭 to have to deal with such things...
Well, iam a muslim so I will take the name of Allah. And your're right, prayer is keeping that thing at bay. 😉
Thanks for the comment trinity!😁
Thnx for your suggestions but as I am not having such experiences for eight years or something like that, I have no problem!😁
And Thnx for reading my story!😁
But I do have a strong feeling of being WATCHED whenever I am alone. Especially while bathing.
Date: 2011-02-02
Its paranormal. Nothing can keep hot water coming cold out of the shower. LOL
Date: 2011-02-02
So, it didn't have sex with you?:D I don't understand its a succubus but succubus only have sex... With real people.
Date: 2011-01-04
That means it might be a male. Its something weired. WOW!##4