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'believe in all that is seen and unseen'
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Settling House Or Ghosts? 2 on 2011-02-08

I previously submitted a story called Settling House or Ghosts? This is a follow up about other experiences had by my auntie and other neighbors living in my auntie's housing estate. A few days ago I was speaking to my auntie about her house and if anything else had happened lately. She said that n...

Settling House Or Ghosts? on 2011-01-05

I'm recently new to this site but thought I might as well share a story about the strange happenings in my aunties house! It all started about 5years ago when she moved in. This house had no previous owners as it was newly built. Just to inform readers I don't live in this house but have witnessed s...

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About the video game thing id say you just played it too much which led to you dreaming about it, happended me before it made me sick and everything lol! I like ure storey though:PšŸ˜
This possibly was the wind, I live in ireland and are attic door is smaller than urs... At christmas we had terrible wind and the attic door blew up in to the attic...:) x
Date: 2011-02-09
Applerose: I'm new to this site, and this is the most touching story I have read so far.
It is defo a fave for me! ā¤... Your father is always with you and your son!
Your son would have been his pride and joy...

Lovely story šŸ˜ x
I don't believe this story for one second. I'm Irish and we don't have school buses that drop you right to ur, door they collect you and everybody else in the same place everyday and drop you off there also! And the bus driver... An irish bus driver wouldn't tell a story in that way or say it the way you have it written, its like something a creepy character in scooby doo would say! We also don't use the term folks for people... What part of ireland were you in cause this story is fiction
Thanks for commenting on my storey!
I like to think that this little boy if that's what it is has setteled a lot especially since my auntie had her children! Either that or he has just got the hint that she isn't going to leave...
I must also add that the somebody mentioned to my antie that these spirits, ghosts or what ever they or it may be could have been disturbed when the foundations of the houses in her estate were being layed!

Enjoy xx
I think your storey is very interesting, I had a grate uncle who was always having paranomal experiences and claims that a big black dog followed him home one night... But he said when he got to the lane of his house it was no longer a dog but something he found undescribable! He could never quite explain its apperiance because he said it was like noting hed eve seen before and obviously it wasn't very nice other wise he wouldn't have ran home! šŸ˜Ø
Date: 2011-01-03
I was just browising when I seen your story, this interest me because my mother has had this happen her twice and on 1 occasion I had a dream ther was something in her room! The first time it happened her father was only after passing and she put it down to exhaustion. On the 1st occasion she said she was woke from her sleep and couldn't move she said she couldn't see anything but she could feel a weight on top of her, my father was beside her and she said no matter how hard she screamed from the pit of her stomach, noting came out, this happened for about 15minutes and she swears she was awake the whole time... Suddenly it jus stopped!
On the second occasion the same thing happened again but this time she said what ever it was had a hand on her face and was sitting on her body and again she screamed and tried to wake my dad but he never heard a thing, she also said she was tryin to hit my dad to wake him but she couldn reach! She said what scared her the most was when it was over she could feel the heat on her face from where the hand had been! The next morning she told me and I told her about the strange dream id had about some thing that was in her room...
This happened a number of years ago but noting has happened since... I would love to know if there's any explination or anyone else who has had the same experience!?