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Hello my name is Aisha and I live in afghanistan and as u can image here there r lots of dead ppl, spirits. I hav many stories to share but sadly I'm a terriblr writter and spelling as u can see english is a second language to me.
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Little Shadows on 2011-01-04

When I was 6 I was at my uncle's house. He had a big farm and apple trees, he had a pond full of big goldfish, I loved his place. The bathroom was separate from the house and I was scared to go at night time by myself. This one time when we visited we were going to stay the night. It was about 9...

Bombed Graveyard on 2011-01-04

My brother used to work in the bomb graveyard. He dug up bones, and then he sold them. My brother and his friend Ali were a team. They were both 10 years old when this happened. They were working in the graveyard and had dug up at least 3kgs of bones. Adib (MY BROTHER) and Ali stopped to have lun...