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My Angel Showed Up In This Picture on 2011-01-13

Before Christmas, my sister passed away unexpectedly. We cancelled Christmas and went through the motions of getting through the holidays. I tend to go for long walks or hikes when I'm stressed but was unable to at first. I finally got my strength back this week and went to my favorite hiking pla...

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Hi Jzinck, I may try your suggestion. I just need to work up the courage!
Thanks for your feedback moongrim and after reading your profile, I understand why you are skeptic.
There is no chance in the world it was condensation. It was a beautiful, clear day. The picture on the left was taken 1st and I instantly took the 2nd picture, both 10 ft away. (click, click) As for being out of breath, I had walked on level ground for about. 5 hours leading up to the tree stump, not running, just walking leisurely.
Something was captured in the photo, I think it was an angel but I don't mind if others think it's something else, it's what I believe that counts. (same thing would be said for your ghost stories, it's what you believe)
Thanks everyone.
The day I took this, there was no fog, no mist, nothing, it was a perfect sunny day! Both pictures were taken within seconds, one was clear and the other on the right has the shape. You can also see that it got brighter although I was in the forest, with lots of tree coverage.
The other thing I forgot to mention in my story was that I had replaced my camera batteries before heading out that day but after I took this picture, the batteries were drained?