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Unknown Apparition on 2011-01-13

I have recently been photographing lots of orbs and other paranormal phenomena at my house as well as many other places. In September 2010, I attended a spiritual meditation workshop intended to raise my vibration with the universe and the instructor told me I had successfully shifted my vibration t...

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Date: 2011-01-06
Very interesting! I brought my wife and two year old twins to the waterfall in Wilton last October that is just down the road (200-300 meters) from the Vale end cemetary. I did get a "feeling" when passing by the cemetary and at the waterfall the orbs came out in the droves after I called out to them (took about five to ten minutes). I seem to have this ability after attending a meditation workshop in Nashua where the instuctor told me my vibration had shifted and predicted I could do this. It took proof for me to believe him and now I believe. If you will be in the area in the future, let me know as I live in New Boston and would like to meet someone in the area of like mind.