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Hi everyone! Just to tell you, when I was 10, I figured out I could hear, see, and talk to ghost I got it from my dad. I have helped one spirit through out my experiences with ghost go to heaven or to a better place. Some people call it a third eye or the sixth sense. It is very hard to shut that door to the spirit world because once you get used to it you can stop
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The Night Of The Taotaomonas Ancient Spirits Of Guam on 2011-01-10

I live in and old house that is near the jungle. Many Guamanians believe that there are taotaomonas or ancient spirits there. So down to the real story. I was in my bros room with him while playing video games. I told him that I would be right back. So I went to the other house (we lived in a du...

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At surya
Since we live near the jungle my brothers and sisters always yell scream and fight. And in cross country we always run in the jungle many of my teammates scream and yell I tell them to stop some believe me others DOnt so I just keep it to myself. I got many pinches from the taotaomonas but my mom said if it turns purple they like you but if it's red they don't. I don't really if the color of the marks are true though thank you for your advice it means alot
Date: 2011-01-08
This has happened to my sister once (since I have the "gift) I saw a man a bout to choke her but I took out my cross and bible we had a priest bless our house too a week after God bless you
Whoops I meant that's why your tita was shocked god bless you guys
He just came back to take care of his family
Little kids are more likely to see ghost then adults maybe that's whTaylor tita was shocked
If you see him again say this " in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to get out of my house. You do not belong here!" repeat this saying until he goes away and the talking stops. If this happens again say this phrase.